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15 May 2020 05:55:01
To all the people leaving the site can I just say football is all about differnt views. You will get negative comments when the team is near the bottom of the league what do you want me an others to say wow what a team we are great if your down the bottom its because your crap. As 4 the eds i think they do a good job but again they have a view. People Fought for free speecb I would say come on boys you can't run away because you don't like a comment that's like villa going 1 nill down an saying ient playing anymore.

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15 May 2020 10:41:56
Fair comment wtw. Everyone has their own opinion and that is the whole idea of a forum and banter site. No point sulking because others don’t agree.

15 May 2020 14:18:36
Traore, it’s like the Chinese water torture, constant non stop doom and gloom and scathing attacks on, the supposed club he loves . over time he has attacked other supporters, because they can’t afford to go home and away like him . saying that obviously they can’t be as good supporters as him.

Because of previous arguments, he stopped posting and then returned under a different alias . Different name, but you could tell who it was as soon as the posts started again . Have you got any on you site, like this?
Onwards & Upwards Villaforever.

15 May 2020 14:27:07
How do you think your seadons going mate? I am gutted when i watch you because in my view Traore is 1 of the best in the world and he left us for peanuts. As a fan you get fed up of selling your best players you have good players and you get to keep them shows you are a big club again now.

14 May 2020 21:26:43
If I may be allowed to pose a question? To all you posters out there who have left this site, if you still check in to see what's happening, could I impose on you to perhaps post 1 more time to give your reasons for leaving? This would be greatly appreciated and see if there's a recurring theme. Thank you.

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14 May 2020 22:47:46
Yes Moose, its a good site, I have been on here for 10 years, and enjoyed it very much.
But I don`t like Editors, talking to me or other posters as if we are idiots, telling me I don`t know what I am talking about.
That triggers a response, and that response does not get posted, so effectively you get blanked out.
It was mentioned I posted nothing of worth, and that I might be abusive.

14 May 2020 22:53:25
My time on this site has been relatively short compared to the years some people have been posting and I have to say I have, at times, really enjoyed the exchanges I’ve had with people I’ve never even met. I now consider some of those people friends.

Much has been mentioned about the negativity element which exists on the Villa site, and whilst I do at times find that irritating, I’ve always said, everybody has a right to express their point of view, as long as it doesn’t involve racism and it’s not abusive.

I wouldn’t go as far to say I’ve welcomed the “doom and gloom” factor but I’ve been able to deal with that.
The thing I do find difficult to stomach though is being talked down to, and I detest it even more when I see other people on the receiving end of it, especially when it’s people I like and respect.

There is no need to mention any individual, all posters on this site will know who I am referring to, as will the individual himself.
Could it be then, that people have left this site for this very reason, it wouldn’t surprise me as nobody enjoys being belittled.

Will posts such as this one make any difference to the attitude, policy, call it as you will, I very much doubt that.
Ultimately though, this will probably mean numbers will dwindle to the point where sadly the site barely exists.

15 May 2020 06:36:51
Left for a short time due to the same negativity being thrown around daily from that poster with multiple accounts (ironically all left at the same time) .
Came back and then had the same issue as Dave. Talked down to and then posts which I felt were valid debates found their way into the bin.
I've also found posts paraphrased to the point that they are not remotely linked to what I was saying. This is worse than deleting and stopped me even opening this site since "my last post".
At most I may browse once a week but no desire to contribute again.

15 May 2020 10:46:12
I hope no one's referring to I'm just not bothering because I have more important things going on in my life than footy, hope everyones well and safe.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe this site could limit who the Eds are?

15 May 2020 19:41:41
Get rid of 002 and you will get people back, 001 and 033 good guys.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks

15 May 2020 21:15:59
You been in touch with Villadave scotcaffu? If not drop him an email.

15 May 2020 21:23:45
Do it Scotty mate 👍.

14 May 2020 14:43:58
I agree Dave, it goes a bit deeper for me mate, the posters with an agenda of disruption and despondency, negativity and I told you so, are annoying, agreed.
I read their posts, then I will either ignore it, or I will respond as I see fit.
But on top of that, any thoughts you have, that are contrary to what has been said by anyone on here, gets ridiculed or worse.

If I am wrong, so be it, anyone should be able to tell me, they think I am wrong.
I am not going to go and suck my thumb in the corner, I am an adult, so I accept it.
They know who they are, and will unfortunately realise the decisions they made were the wrong ones.
Stay safe guys
🙉🙈🙊 😁😁😁.

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14 May 2020 16:41:26
I am not a prolific poster like some of you guys however I really enjoy or maybe it now should be enjoyed the banter and the input on the site I will definitely miss the input of the guys who are leaving and I do wonder whether going forward I will get the same sense of fun and enjoyment as I have previously.

I hope you all stay safe and maybe Dave Flackie and others might comeback at some point UTV.

14 May 2020 17:03:21
John mate, you come across as an intelligent guy and for that reason I strongly advise you contact Dave, I don’t think there’s any need to put his e-mail address on here again. I don’t think you’ll regret it if you take my advise John, 👍.

14 May 2020 00:39:14
Flackie isn't the only one on here, who feels that certain posters on here, have an agenda to spread misery . The Ed's have said before, about free speech, but they are loosing good posters, because the attitude of a few . The Ed's know who they are, but would rather block others who who become frustrated with all the gloom . If it keeps on like this, I'm sorry Ed's but you will end up with a very one sided bitter site . But there again, when they have driven everybody away, they will most likely stop posting .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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13 May 2020 20:48:44
Hello everyone, I wanted to come back for one last post as I wanted to say my farewells, my thanks and clear the air.

Firstly, to ‘most’ members, and I hope you people know who I mean, even back when mendax was still here, I’d like to say thank you, we had good chats, debates, disagreements and laughs.

Secondly, to the editors, (especially ed01) I think the majority of you do a great job, I’m assuming this is a free service you provide, in your spare time, so although we have had many arguments, I’m in awe, and appreciate what you give, and do. Thank you.

Ok. I’d like to leave, explaining why I, like in my opinion most, are leaving, in a hope you could stop the flood. there is an undercurrent on this page from posters, that feeds on doom, gloom, and misery. That swallows every thread, every post and all discussions and becomes boring, exhausting, and extremely frustrating. Say something, give your opinion, once you’ve given, stop beating the drum.
There is also a feeling from a certain editor, to totally belittle people’s thoughts, to talk at them, and to shut threads down. The way this Ed speaks to people is embarrassing, and if I heard my children talk this way they would be reprimanded and taught how to talk to people. Most, if not all members on here, are grown ups. We should be spoken with, not at, and with respect.

I doubt this will be posted. but I hope so.
I’m truly sorry to be leaving, and wish everyone a happy future.

{Ed001's Note - take care mate, sorry to see you go. Unfortunately when a club is in trouble at the foot of the table it does tend to lead to a lot of doom and gloom! Hopefully see you back some day.}

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12 May 2020 15:37:29
Well there you have it the prem big wigs and fa have got there way by not caring enough to what's going in the world people don't even care about football now at this point, it's all about money and sponsors and it disgraceful in my view, I for one doesn't care what league villa are in it doesn't bother footballs the least of my problems, and to be honest iam going off football aswell, it's all about money and greed now, it's perfectic, when sport does start and its safe my main focus will be on rugby league, villa will always be in my blood but I've just lost passion for football now, il still read on here thou, so cheers for many of good hours on here every 1 stay safe 👍👍.

{Ed002's Note - I am actually not sure what you are referring to.}

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12 May 2020 22:35:54
Tell you what Villa4eva you are right its about money but 1 I have had to go to work while its been at its peak getting on an off buses there getting tested before an after the game and its now past its peak. 2 yes its about money but if Villa go down and we get parsuite payment while all the other clubs get next to nothing will you moan about fairness an money then?

Footballs not fair but that's just the way it is. It started with blackburn years ago buying the prem then chelsea then city now newcastle if it makes money it makes sense football is about money if you are stupidly rich and need to hide some money buy a football club.

Truth is when doug Ellis owned it he was Villa through and through these owners the Fa they don't care owners want to hide money and FA want to sell a product. Ask yourself this people have we really missed football? The Newcastle owner killed his wife apparently the FA don't care they just see all the money he can bring in and make the premiership!

13 May 2020 05:08:22
Walkies I agree it is all about money, Iv always said, the two worst things in football, are Sky and agents.

But as usual, your thoughts on Villa and it’s owners, are very bitter . As you have told us time and again, you appear to have some sort of connection down there . You certainly appear to know, that these new owners, that as far as I know, have put millions into the club, are in it for the wrong reasons .

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but anybody prepared to put that kind of money in, aren't doing it out of charity, but because they can make money . As far as I’m concerned they can make all they want, because they need the Villa to succeed, for them to do it .

As you say Doug was Villa through and through, but also because the the Euro side wasn’t his, he destroyed a great side, when he should of been building on it . What he did, put us back years, with investment we could of been massive .
The owners now, who you don’t appear very enamoured with, pulled us out of hole, dug by Dr Tony . A hole that could of destroyed us, it just a shame, that it never happened earlier.

Now I’m not the only one to say this, but it’s very rare that you ever put a positive, post on about the club you reckon you love, The mind boggles.
Onwards & Upwards Villaforever.

13 May 2020 09:57:21
Newcastles owners and city even villa its away of cleaning money that's all. If you think they love the club your mad.

13 May 2020 16:51:12
WTW what on earth are you on? Having rich owners now don't mean squidly Jack you can only spend what your revenue allows you too we have been through all this before. You have no idea at all how football works and you certainly have no idea about the ins and outs of owners and their thoughts of buying clubs. To be honest and I think I speak for the majority on here you have nothing good to say at all about our club this will be the last time I comment on any of your posts as you really do boil my wee!

13 May 2020 18:01:55
Seriously, It’s definitely worth getting in touch Daz, you won’t regret it, I can assure you mate 👍.

13 May 2020 18:41:38
Cheers mate we meet up 4 a beer soon. UTV.

13 May 2020 19:55:35
Cheers Moose and Mark I will drop him a email.

10 May 2020 23:59:33
5 Spanish players tested positive,
Cases in Germany increased, since restrictions relaxed .
Every day it goes to prove that it's not worth the risk .

The Premier League can threaten all they want, but I think at the end of the day, it will be down to the players . We know they receive fantastic wages, but will they think it's worth the risk, not just to themselves, but to their families.
Onwards & Upwards Villaforever.

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11 May 2020 12:20:45
Agree Dave, if the likes of Germany and Spain are already running into problems, it’s more than likely we will as well mate.
By the way, a few of us have been in touch with Villadave, so why not drop him an e-mail mate, I know he would be glad to hear from you mate.

11 May 2020 22:17:38
It’s gone too far. Cancel the season and start a brand new season in August. This season is over. Lucky for some unlucky for WBA.

10 May 2020 13:06:25
Hey mainbob did you have chance to contact Villadave via email?

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10 May 2020 13:55:53
Not got his email address yet.

10 May 2020 13:59:58
It was posted a few days back mate you might have to scroll back through to find it 👍.

10 May 2020 14:26:57
Moose sent him a email now.

10 May 2020 14:42:53
Nice 1 mate he's got the relevant contract details 👍.

10 May 2020 08:13:50
Just a few observations to kick things off this morning
1. Noel Whelan is spouting off again

2. Some clubs will have to fly players back from abroad, will they be quarantined for 14 days?

3. After his loss yesterday will there be a chorus of "Davis out"?

4. The name of the Bundesliga 2 coach who's team have confirmed cases of the virus within the squad is Ralf Minge, funny or unfortunate?

Discuss 👍.

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10 May 2020 12:26:51
I heard Ralf’s wife’s a Redhead and her name is Ruby 😂.

10 May 2020 12:22:26
Whelan is a dickhead as usual where villa are concerned.
As for the name of the coach both funny and very unfortunate.
But there are many people with unfortunate names to carry on through life.
My mate at school many many years ago had a surname of gotobed! .
He was always sleeping in the class?
Wonder why.?
Also heard today 1 brighton player tested positive with virus.
Come the right time with meeting tomorrow talking about the premiership starting time!

10 May 2020 13:41:23
Keinan was unlucky to lose, still as long as he didn’t get injured, lol.

10 May 2020 13:52:13
He's out for 3 weeks with a thumb injury 👍.

10 May 2020 14:20:31
As for Whelan, every time he spouts off, everybody realizes that he’s an even bigger dickhead than they thought he was 😁.

09 May 2020 22:18:49
Tonight's news .
German football in more trouble, new cases of the virus .
Let's hope premier league watching .

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09 May 2020 22:26:10
We can but hope davedean but I wouldn't hold your breath mate.

10 May 2020 07:42:02
You would think any sensible people would take a seriously close look on what is happening in Germany and think that we just can not start our game till 100% safe.

But as moose quite rightly said don't hold your breath on our actions.
Money is far more important to them unfortunately.
Very sad but very true.

10 May 2020 11:51:53
I'm reading Brighton have 3 players test positive for the virus it seems to be unravelling before its even begun. If every team has a similar figure it wouldn't exactly decimate squads but would leave them certainly weaker. A level playing field? Definitely not. If the go ahead is given and teams start revealing new cases and have to isolate it will just cause chaos to what would already be a tricky and risky situation.

10 May 2020 14:24:31
The quarantine thing is bothering me though, because I was thinking of coming to England for a couple or weeks 😟.

10 May 2020 15:20:30
That's going to bugger up a lot of travel plans mate when they decide it's safe enough to do so and I presume the same will apply to any returning foreign footballers if it doesn't its another example of 1 rule for 1 and not the other.


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