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Brentford v Liverpool - A Quick Liverpool Perspective

19 Feb 2024 07:39:26
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Brentford v Liverpool - A Quick Liverpool Perspective

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18 Feb 2024 23:30:25
We keep saying about people don't want us at the top . From what Iv heard, the commentator on he Man U game, said obviously they are now in line for 4th spot, he was reminded that Villa had won . Just how more obvious, can they get .UTV

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19 Feb 2024 11:20:56
I’m happy they don’t mention us if we can keep performing under the radar so much the better in my view.

19 Feb 2024 19:43:19
Still getting favouritism from refs also, Casemiro should of walked in that first half. even Gary Neville “villa and spurs are feeling the pressure now” to be honest I think it’s united who are under pressure, if we get champions league that would be great but if we don’t it’s not the end of the world, we will still get Europe, but united not in the champions league is a failure of a season.
See how great United are when city put 5 past them, the last few wins they got have being pure luck, luck will run out soon enough

19 Feb 2024 21:10:22
Casemiro the luckiest player in the league, how many times now should he have gone . It’s the Man U thing, Maguire, Shaw and worst of al Fernandez all get away with it . Fernandez spends half the game harassing the ref, even lots of Man U fans hate him .

20 Feb 2024 18:47:37
It’s the same with Spurs and Utd, Sky, the press, VAR are all about them, and Chelsea to some extent, Newcastle 100%, hope Villa and Brighton finish above all of ‘em, shake things up


18 Feb 2024 17:24:57
Anyone who says Watkins misses too many chances should be shown Haaland's game yesterday and Kane's miss against Bochum today.

Our fans need to remember that because they aren't watching other strikers for the full match every week that they aren't seeing all of their misses.

Ollie is 4th in the golden boot race and is up there with Salah at the top for total goal involvements.

Any fan that thinks we could sign better than that is delusional and it's not exactly going to be easy to find someone near his level that is going to be happy for 10-15 minutes per game plus cup matches considering Ollie just doesn't get injured.

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18 Feb 2024 18:03:54
100% this ☝️ Also, 2 critical points - He's not on penalties like the other "20 goal a season strikers" and he's getting better season on season. The perfect striker for Aston Villa!

18 Feb 2024 19:34:17
Hope we can hold on to him in the summer, he is a top class striker but he does need some quality backup for games like last week when it’s not going his way

18 Feb 2024 19:48:19
I guess I’m the one who goes on about Ollie and wanting him to be more clinical so the initial dig was aimed at me I guess. So you can get stats to support most arguments you want, as an example if you go to they rank the players who have missed the most convertible chances this season Ollie ranks as third! Just to be clear it’s not that I don’t rate Ollie I do he is a decent front man, however the likes of City and Liverpool have a 25 to 30 goal a season striker in the squad and they have dominated the premier league over the last few years if we aspire to going to the next level that’s what we need in my view.

In terms of Kane’s miss a question how many goals has he got in the Bundesliga this season? I think you’ll find he has scored 25 goals in 22 appearances the fewest games needed to reach a quarter of a century of goals in the league beating Erling Haaland. I’d settle for return like that

18 Feb 2024 21:53:35
It was a generalised comment regarding many fans around the Internet. I've kept to my word in not specifically discussing points you make to avoid conflict.
My opinion on missed convertible chances and xg is that there is a large degree of subjectivity in those stats. Ollie definitely misses some glaring opportunities but I feel that on the whole the number of chances and quality of chances are far less than the strikers at the very top clubs.
We aren't going to sign a Kane, Haaland or Lewandowski anytime soon, so I still stand by my original post that nobody can expect us to sign an 'upgrade' when he is up there near the best who would cost £100m+.

18 Feb 2024 22:16:41
Mings, Liverpool don't have a 25 goal a season striker. Salah plays wide right! Neither do Arsenal. So that just leaves Haaland. All the other teams share the goals amongst the team exactly like we do.

18 Feb 2024 22:52:31
Stick ollie in that arsenal, Liverpool, City team and he would 25-30 goals a season simple reason he would have better ball coming to him,

18 Feb 2024 23:17:31
Bucktooth, the point I was making was that City and Liverpool have a 25 goal a season player (admittedly I did say striker) it’s a personal view but I do think if we aspire to break into the top four regularly then that’s what we need. Re Arsenal when did they last win the premier league?

Re spreading the goals around the team ideally I agree but our midfield I don’t think are going to get enough whilst Bailey will get a few the likes of Kamara won’t

20 Feb 2024 09:15:35
Regarding Watkins, I think one of the most important aspects we need to consider is the fact he is getting better (and some players peak later in their career) - If we are judging Watkins on previous seasons then I agree, he's probably not of the standard we need to regularly compete at the top end of the table BUT this season he is ON TRACK for 20+ goals in the Premierleague, and probably 13-15 assists! He's currently second (behind Kane) for non penalty contributions in Europe's Top 5 leagues, he's 4th (behind Kane, Salah and Mbappe) if penalties are included.

In other words, Watkins in mixing it with the "elite" across Europe this season and has been doing so since Emery arrives - Yes he misses chances but I seriously do not know where we find a better striker than Ollie Watkins, IMO he is the perfect striker for Villa at the moment!

18 Feb 2024 17:16:05
Where are all the posters when we lose gone just asking for a friend?

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18 Feb 2024 18:47:56
It’s a school night daz they are probably in bed. 😛

18 Feb 2024 16:00:38
Great win by the girls, 2-1 away at Tottenham. Good result, as they are good side .

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17 Feb 2024 19:52:25
Just had another look, VAR seem to have messed up again . For the Moreneo goal, they had the Red line on Baileys boot and not Moreneo .Then add to that, the pen for Ollie and a couple of other things, and VAR have had their usual day at the office .

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17 Feb 2024 21:54:04
Dave, really poor and these guys are the best we have, really concerning

18 Feb 2024 11:19:07
I might be wrong, but the lines the public get to see aren't the lines they actually base their decision on. They can go down to basically pixel level detail, we just get to see a more basic visual representation.

18 Feb 2024 19:31:04
It’s the first time I’ve noticed it dbs, it wasn’t even on the right player, it’s a total cockup if you ask me.

17 Feb 2024 18:24:32
A much needed, but well deserved win . We controlled good parts of the game . Ollie took his goals well, Iv watched it a couple of times now and still can't understand, how Ollie didn't get a pen .
Lenglet and Torrres did well as a makeshift back two, Lenglet especially switching over to the right . Cash I thought did better, having to be a bit deeper, to cover Lenglet, especially as he didn't get a lot of help off Bailey.
Wanted to see Rogers got 20mins, thought he could of replaced Ramsey .
Back up to forth, and even better news Spurs getting beat .UTV

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17 Feb 2024 17:16:39
Another good win on the road, I'll be glad to have konsa back, lenglet not the most comfortable on that side and really should of cleared that ball they scored from, definite penalty aswel I'm not sure what the ref and var seen but 100% got it wrong there, did anyone else think the lines didn't look right for the Moreno offside goal? The commentators mentioned the line being on the wrong player but I didn't quiet catch what he said?
Not as comfortable as it should of being but a great 3 points with some other results going our way aswel, Luton win tomorrow would be great👌

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17 Feb 2024 21:56:25
Whack I could have drawn straighter lines and I was 100 miles away and three sheets in the wind😂

17 Feb 2024 02:45:20
I can't claim to know a huge amount about him but what is Rogers best and preferred position?

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16 Feb 2024 14:40:50
Should Tim get a start on Saturday?, obviously people will say it's a gamble, however, fortune favours the brave. Our current form and injury crisis is crying out for a review of our current style, having been found out we must adapt or the results of the early season will be extremely difficult to replicate.

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16 Feb 2024 16:08:56
I personally would love to see him given the opportunity but Emery will look at training performscnes and do what he thinks is right for the team still with so much to play for. To your point around changing style though, I'm not sure playing him would fundamentally change our current style given he's the closest thing we've got to a like for like replacement for Kamara. I suspect he'll either change the system to one holding midfielder or drop McGinn into a more traditional central role and bring in another more advanced midfielder. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Better finishing last weekend and we probably wouldn't be talking about being found out. Let's just hope our finishing and overall form picks up quickly.

16 Feb 2024 17:45:20
DBS, agree on your first point, however my point about style of play doesn't relate to Tim but recent performances going back to Sheffield at home.You are absolutely right regarding the finishing on Sunday but the warnings were there for the last half a dozen games.

16 Feb 2024 18:32:23
I’m with dbs it’s not our style is the problem it’s our finishing, we created enough against Chelsea in the first fa game to score but we didn’t and we put 5 past Sheffield, then look at the amount of chances we missed against United we should of had at least 3 goals. Emery is not going to change his style which has won him so much in the last number of years, if we want a new style we will need to change manager and that’s something we don’t want.

16 Feb 2024 23:59:43
Whack, balanced as usual, however perhaps adapt is more appropriate, however if, as is happening at the moment, things aren't happening as we all would like, things have to change.You mentioned the sheffield and Chelsea games, highlighting the positives.I would rather look at the two home games against these clubs, which tell a completely different story and a worrying trend.This is along side the performances against Newcastle, Burnley, Man U away. Middlesbrough.All teams go through sticky patches, it happened to Man City, Arsenal and Spurs and looked how things changed, this doesn't appear to be happening to us.Obviously we could turn things around but unfortunately injuries will be a major factor in this happening

17 Feb 2024 02:37:09
I hear what your saying Scot, I agree those teams you mentioned had their sticky patch’s this season but they didn’t change their style, getting players back from injury had a big effect for them, I’m hoping we will have a similar reaction when our defence is back to the personnel we had up until Christmas, having only 1 striker at the minute is also hindering us changing to much in games where we need to switch things up, like yourself I want to be winning consistently but I also take into account our position, our spend compared to the current top 6, we really have over performed this season, with our current squad and growing injuries I think champions league might just be a step to far, Diaby hasn’t really worked out, as much as it pains me to say it but selling Doug for 100 million in the summer is probably our best option and bring in 3 quality players in his stead, RB, LW and ST. with the money that city, Liverpool, spurs, arsenal and united have spent and can continue to spend I think europa league qualification would be a very successful season, if we can win the conference aswel I have to say I’d be very happy, I know it might be an opportunity missed not getting champions league with Chelsea having such a bad season but we also have to remain realistic, our squad is getting stretched to the last with injuries I honestly think we will be lucky if we can finish in the top 6, maybe rogers Ramsey and Tim will be all the better for it by the end of the season.
if I’m honest I think Emery has made a few mistakes since Christmas, Bailey not coming on till 90th min v Chelsea in the first game, same v Newcastle he should of started and when he took him off against united I think was our downfall, maybe he was trying to manage a knock or something but emery definitely has to take some blame lately, not for style but for decision making. next 3 games will tell us a lot about how our season will end up.

17 Feb 2024 13:59:37
Whack agree with much of what you say and your are absolutely right the next three games could well define our season. Sixth or seventh would now be a reasonably successful outcome and one thing I agree with almost everyone one on here (unusual I know) is that we are work in progress and our expectations being nearly top at Christmas were far too high


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