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See You Next Thursday 22: The 3 Amigos

26 Nov 2020 09:58:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday 22: The 3 Amigos

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Review Of The Day 26th November 2020

26 Nov 2020 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 26th November 2020

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25 Nov 2020 17:13:24
RIP Diego Maradona.

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25 Nov 2020 17:35:55
What an amazing player he was, unstoppable in his prime.
Guess he can return that hand to it’s owner now, RIP Diego.

25 Nov 2020 17:44:02
Rip Diego

The greatest to have played the game, yes he was controversial and obviously the hand of god will always blight his genius but no other player could join a mediocre team in Napoli playing in the hardest league at the time with the best players in the world there and do what he done

It would be like asking Messi in his prime to join West Ham, Everton or even villa and win the league twice and the uefa cup twice.

25 Nov 2020 18:17:06
RIP Mr Maradona.

26 Nov 2020 14:39:11
George Best a better player in my view, he had it all, and without that childish continental attitude.

26 Nov 2020 17:20:05
I would go with Pele.

26 Nov 2020 23:04:37
Sorry I don’t think whether it was cocaine or performance enhancing makes a difference the rules say you shouldn’t take drugs full stop. I don’t dispute he was a good player but I do have a problem when his faults seem to be swept under the carpet there is no getting away from the fact he cheated at one of the greatest sporting events on the planet and revelled in it and continued to revel in it throughout his life I personally don’t think that warrants the glorification of him and his career on his death I would personally rather attribute the phrase great to someone like Pele who played hard but fair and is a much better role model for the generations to come. Here endeth the sermon from Villajohn!

27 Nov 2020 09:33:03
Pele has ruined his legacy with the constant BS he’s come out with over the last few decades. Blokes an ego maniac.

Although ego maniac is a lot better than a domestic abuser.

27 Nov 2020 16:59:55
Chris, what has that got to do with Pele’s playing days?
In my mind he was a brilliant player who was one of the best footballers of all time.

27 Nov 2020 19:31:19
Nicky shorey for me.

27 Nov 2020 22:50:30
If that’s the case then surely it’s the same for maradona, judging them both purely on football?

28 Nov 2020 13:33:05
Do you know why he turned to drugs and alcohol? I don't so people shouldn't pass judgement on his life or anybody else's for that matter. Pixxes me off big time think before you write thoughtless and downright ignorance that's what some people are!

28 Nov 2020 19:32:11
Good point Daz!

I agree to a point, however the last few years the videos that come out of him on the sniff at games an stuff was ridiculous.

Review Of The Day 25th November 2020

25 Nov 2020 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 25th November 2020

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24 Nov 2020 12:19:31
Looks like Barkley out for a few games. Surely we have to start traore, he's more attacking minded than Connor! The bench looks a bit thin to me could be a worry further down the line.

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24 Nov 2020 14:27:22
Agreed in the current system it has to be Traore in for Barkley, with the three behind Watkins interchanging.
The other option is to go two up top in a 4-4-2.especially against certain opposition.
Completely off topic, but had dream the other night about Villa signing Harry Winks whilst he's not getting game time at Spurs. would be quality for us!

24 Nov 2020 16:22:42
Yeah I agree he would be a great signing, definitely need a left back in my opinion.

24 Nov 2020 16:41:17
Winks for me is just Ashley Westwood but younger, side to side, keep it moving and play it safe.

27 Nov 2020 19:32:44
Pull grealish inside wang trez on the left and traore on the right job done.

Review Of The Day 24th November 2020

24 Nov 2020 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 24th November 2020

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23 Nov 2020 21:24:22
Couldn't resist this: Jack Grealish a driving force both on and off the pitch. Too soon? 🤔.

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23 Nov 2020 22:06:40
52 years of driving and he has three more offences than I do.
Mine was speeding, over Hockley flyover.

24 Nov 2020 15:13:28
Poss got as many points as we have in the prem.
perhaps he thinks that he can give his points to a third party.

23 Nov 2020 20:27:13
Realisation is everwhere.
Mings is an icon to us but is he solid enough.
Now you know why managers et al should ignore supporters. £25m seemed a good buy but perhaps not.
Still we need a hard as nails defender who will run through a brick wall to show leadership to the team.
I would like to see Mings at left back. Not an attacking defender but a proper full back. Konsa is doing ok then another number 5 or centre half to me.
He will have to be a game reader so that he is in the right place.
In the 60's the centre half was changed into a sweeper playing along the back of a 4. He moved around the line but always ended up in the right place.
I think we need a McGrath like figure to patrol the back, then we might get a defence taht works.

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23 Nov 2020 21:27:25
Said it before &say it again, Mings big problem is he’s to casual, to laid back . He strolls round, chewing his gum, as if he’s playing in the park . When he first came, he was a no nonsense CH, no messing clear the ball . His England call up, didn’t help, he was suddenly a ball player . He needs a switch, so when it’s game day, they switch his game face on HaHa . He has to realise, what got him his England call up and stop being the big time Charlie .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

24 Nov 2020 00:27:35
I'd be happy to see him at lb and I agree with some of the points you guys have raised, but I think in general there's a little too much negativity here about a very good player. I am also an Engels fan. I think we have a good defence. I still miss freddy and I don't understand his exclusion.

24 Nov 2020 08:54:20
£25 million for what is now an England international, is brilliant value in today’s market.

24 Nov 2020 08:55:26
Who would you rather have Guilbert or Cash? Or go full Southgate and play both.

24 Nov 2020 18:18:06
Dave vtid, what is negative about an observation, or an opinion about a players performances.
The vast majority of people I have listened to, or spoken to have said exactly the same, and that his game has changed, and he is far more cavalier.
Just wish he would revert to being a C/ B, and do the job we got him in for, in my view he cost us the game against Brighton.

25 Nov 2020 00:53:44
Dave, I do agree he's not at his best, but we've all seen how good he can be. You're absolutely right re opinions. I think we should keep faith in him though.

25 Nov 2020 17:30:21
He only looks more cavalier because people are closing down and nicking it. The forward runs are a new thing but one point of having a DM is so a CB can do that on rare occasions to throw off the opposition.
He got away with it in the championship due to teams sitting in their own half but we got exactly what we paid for. If Maguire can do it, why can't Mings?

25 Nov 2020 20:05:54
He might well have got away with it in the Championship, but that`s just it we are not in the Championship.

25 Nov 2020 21:19:44
Not saying you can, just saying he's not a different player, it's just more noticeable when people are taking advantage of it.

23 Nov 2020 18:30:23
If anyone is interested stoke u23 v Villa u23 is being shown live on YouTube tonight KO 7pm.

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23 Nov 2020 21:00:31
After watching the u23 game its shows we have some very good youngsters coming through. This season may be too early to start introducing them but next season, with our out of contract players sure to leave, it would be nice to see a sprinkling of them at least making the bench.

23 Nov 2020 21:31:41
I watched it Moose, as you say some tasty footballers, amongst the team tonight . Things looking bright, if we can get some of the through .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

23 Nov 2020 17:05:52
Great to see fans will be allowed back into grounds next week thoughts?

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23 Nov 2020 17:39:03
I'll still only go if I decide I will feel safe doing so. I'm desperate to get back but not if I catch the virus because some clowns in the crowd can't behave themselves.

23 Nov 2020 20:11:08
Agree entirely.
There are many people who tell lies. They may have symptons but they don't tell anyone.
If these ars. les don't behave, vaccine or not, we will never get rid of the virus.
There is a group of people who think they are invincible and until a member of their family dies they will take no notice.
They walk among us in silence.
The girl in the bar, the bloke who pushes you in the supermarket, these are the guilty who should be punished for the good of all of us acting responsibly.
The goverment are pushing water uphill trying to resolve the problem. They get criticised retrospectively for what they are asking us to do to keep safe.
The quicker sense is shown the less it will cost our grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Obey for them rather than me!
Rant done.

24 Nov 2020 08:53:31
What do you mean can’t behave themselves Dave? What are you expecting to happen?

25 Nov 2020 00:56:14
Where I sit there is usually a beautiful chaos when we score! I love it normally but I fear in the C.V. fans will still jump all over each other. I can't predict what would happen and I'm not saying it would, but my fear is it could happen, and I'm not sure I want to risk that.

25 Nov 2020 10:25:47
With a limit of 4000, imagine 9% of what you are used to.

It’s probably not a linear relationship but you’d expect without people shoulder to shoulder, people will lose control a lot less.

Add the fact someone will have to run along about 10 seats to get to you, you have to imagine it will be safe for the most part.

26 Nov 2020 11:21:13
Even if so there's still the alcohol-fuelled busy concourse, the queue to leave the ground etc. I'd still be having far more contact with people than I've had for 8 months. Personally I don't trust people and I don't think I'd feel safe.


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