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10 Nov 2019 20:02:44
Certainly didn't look the same team that played Liverpool. We looked jaded and just not up for it, reasons why? Who knows . Wether some are carrying knocks, but just not at the races . Never won 50-50 balls, never pressed enough . FairPlay to Wolves, they made us look like the team, who had played mid week . We certainly missed Jack, nobody to hold the ball midfield . McGinn certainly missed him, Jack creates the space for John to play in .
Two weeks to get everybody fit and to reset and get us firing again .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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10 Nov 2019 17:31:55
Oh no lads, dammit, we can't blame var this week, oh it's okay, we've got some injuries, that'll cover it? -come on boys, we play too open, have no plan b and aren't fit enough STILL! -and as for the injuries, any team worth its salt would have a system in place so players coming in would slot in, not look like they've been shoe-horned in, we're in a relegation battle now for sure, third of the season gone and I can't see deano being able to instill some steel in that team because apart from mings and mcginn, there isn't any, so now we'll buy in January, and have to pay well over the odds for mercenaries, it's nice to so many luxury players in our team, and I'm sure they'll try their hardest, when they can be arsed, if not, they'll just move on somewhere else, maybe deano should stop trying to be their mate and take a leaf out of Chris wilders' book, buy players who have a team ethos and play for each other, and not a bunch of individuals in a system that's more like a sieve that a water-tight ship, and Deano needs to put his hands up too, oh no, it's alright he'll probably blame minds again.

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10 Nov 2019 18:15:49
Sounds like you could not wait for that result 82.
I am not going to try and explain or reason with people with that attitude and belief.
Patience is a virtue mate, you obviously have none.

10 Nov 2019 18:26:36
You have literally 0 clue what your talking about.

10 Nov 2019 17:05:53
Not to worry lads
At least you won the cup in ‘82.

Mind that gap 😂😂.

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10 Nov 2019 17:51:36
See it was a full house, out in force now fair play. Shame you lot abandoned them when they needed you the most.

10 Nov 2019 17:00:13
After an awful first half, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong, 5 of the first of 11 out, you need them to step up and show some fight second half and to be honest they gave it a good go. But the one you think yes with McGinn we've got a chance, he was awful, he disappeared, from throw ins he stood behind players, technically poor, ran into the opposition time and time again, miss placed passes over and over. You can forgive all that and dismiss it as a bad game, but his defending for their second was unforgivable, if he shows an ounce of effort there he just cuts the passing lane to Jimenez with ease, he barely even jogged back, wasn't even in the box by the time the ball hit the back of the net, criminal, didn't think he had that in his game and hope it's the last we see of it.

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10 Nov 2019 17:19:59
Just watch the game back and see why we got hit on the break for the second goal and struggled to get men back, the worst of our two poor full backs didn't know what to do with the ball on the edge of their box and gave it away when we were in a strong attacking position with lots of players, including McGinn, well forward.

10 Nov 2019 19:02:16
Mcginn played a poor pass overhitting it onto his wrong foot. Selective nonsense yet again.

10 Nov 2019 14:42:07
Great to watch hoof ball, must take a lot of coaching to play like this.

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10 Nov 2019 15:00:33
I'd rather go down 3 0 fighting than the limp first half performance and lose 2 0.

10 Nov 2019 15:54:35
What can I say that was dreadful no fight in any of them everyone keeps saying it will come o don’t see it to many player are simply not good enough, luiz is was to casual he needs to go. Gives the ball away to much and why didn’t he bring adama down for wolves second? Stupid! Having to bring on Taylor is always a worry he is useless, el gazi what dose he offer can anyone tell me? He’s not good at shooting not good at passing and he’s not fast he offers nothing, trez and nakamba were the only decent player on the pitch today! Rant over.

10 Nov 2019 16:23:13
I like Marvelous but that was easily his worst game for us, aimlessly kicking the ball hoping a Villa player was there.
More complaining about Taylor when he handled Doherty and Traore far better than Targett who did absolutely nothing to stop either of them and if he'd stayed on the pitch would easily have been Wolves MOTM.
What does Luiz actually bring to the team? I'd be fuming if I were Hourihane or Lansbury.
Mcginn clearly misses Jack, felt like he had to do too much when he should just give and go.
I won't say anything bad about the front 3, they did what they could with absolutely no service or support.
An all around bad day where we needed to change the system to compete but Deano was too stubborn. The fitness has improved so hopefully we pump in the passing drills over the break as a fair few of the lads need to know how to find their own teammates.

10 Nov 2019 16:24:12
We lost 2-1.

10 Nov 2019 16:56:02
And had majority of of the ball second half, gave it a good go with 5 of the first 11 out.

10 Nov 2019 18:05:53
Waste of time talking to them chris.
These are the people that get Villa fans that label of being grumpy and moaners.
Plant a seed and want a tree next day.

10 Nov 2019 21:52:41
Dave might be a waste of timers, but come may if nobody listens they might just be right. The owners need to listen, as I am sure they will, after all these are successful people and things have to change before it's too late. At the moment we just ain't good enough, please don't watch everything through claret and blue tinted glasses. We need to send the message to manager and owners things need to change before it's too late.

11 Nov 2019 08:48:21
Did not turn up first half does not matter what system you play if you don't battle to win the ball and especially second ball miss placing simple passes manger can't be blamed players got take responsibility.
Nakamba luis McGinn were awful. McGinn trying to carry the ball drive team forward but that's not his game does not see a pass quick enough dwelling on the ball to much he not a creator that's why we miss jack so much even in other games McGinn chooses the wrong option now and then but that said he bring so much other attributes to his game carrying the ball is not one of them he can do it now and then. El Ghazi starting really piss me off he just does not want to do his defensive work i think he better coming off the bench. We definitely will come good its a marathon not a sprint UTV.

Top 10 Goalkeepers

10 Nov 2019 13:09:15
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Top 10 Goalkeepers

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10 Nov 2019 07:06:44
Papers quoting chavski want 5 million for giroud, I think he's worth a punt, and maybe along the way Wesley and the other strikers might learn a thing or 2 from him in training, what do you fellas think?

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10 Nov 2019 12:37:40
Sorry mate not for me, too old and is looking for a pay day.

10 Nov 2019 00:37:59
Congratulations to Wes, on his international call up .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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09 Nov 2019 18:33:21
After Newcastle an watford wining we must win tomz because coming up is chelsea leicester an man utd I can't see anything from them 3 thars not being negative its just a tough games. We can't keep saying we are unlucky everyweek we must start getting points!

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09 Nov 2019 19:12:32
If that is not negative I don`t know what is.
There is 6 points between us and 6th place and we have a game in hand, what's the matter with you.
Wake up and read what's in front of you, the table says below the top 6 anyone can go down.
On our day we can beat anyone, and I am certain we are growing into this division.
A decent striker and a couple more additions and we will surprise a few.

09 Nov 2019 19:39:43
If we play hoof ball against wolves we will be in trouble. They are a good footballing side who will have more than enough possession without us making it easy for them by kicking the ball to Wes only for their defence to mop up. We have to accept that with the upcoming fixtures we are not likely to be far from the bottom by Christmas, with a couple of signings in January I think we have enough to survive, however our tactics have to change, people are not going to like what I am saying, however deep down I think common sense will realise we are not in the pack to end up mid table. We have spent an awful lot of money and the league position doesn't lie. We need more creativity and a goal scorer or I am sad to say I can't see the season ending well. Forget claret tinted glasses things have to change and change soon.

09 Nov 2019 19:51:25
I look at the league an sheff utd burnley Tottenham everton ManUtd West Ham Wolves Newcastle Bournmouth who out of that lot do you think will take the 3rd relegation place then if not Villa? They all win every week there's a excuse we was great but we can't keep saying that other teams are getting points around us. We got 3 nasty games where we will get nothing Leicester Chelsea and Man Utd!

09 Nov 2019 20:01:37
Sorry scotty you need too look at the table as well mate.
there is nothing between top six and bottom three.
As I have said above a striker and a couple more additions, we are growing into life in the prem.
The main thing we need to do is keep the ball longer, and not give it away cheaply.
With a more savvy striker it will allow us to do that.
Don`t be so down an negative about it, we are a half decent side mate.

09 Nov 2019 20:19:33
WTW, how can they all win every week, up to the top five most teams have won only one game more than us, and we have a game in hand.
How close do you want it, we are well in with a shout.
Another negative post, we are 11 games in for pete`s sake.
Give it a rest mate.

09 Nov 2019 20:19:56
Dave we are a decent side I agree, however there is something missing, I am not negative mate I am a claret and blue realist, like you I have invested so much emotion and money in to following our team, I just want the best, however I really worry about the future with what we are currently serving up, I can't stand the thought of playing, small heath, Luton Barnsley Blackburn etc,

09 Nov 2019 20:41:39
That`s rubbish mate and you know it is.
We all know there is something missing, a quality striker.
If your worried that much about the future, you are going to take a lot of pleasing.

09 Nov 2019 22:53:17
Bottom 3 will be Norwich, Watford and Southampton save for a miracle turnaround from them. I also don't think Newcastle will consistently pick up points. Everton have expensive players but absolutely no playing identity and West Ham are full of overrated money grabbers. Wolves have a settled side who aren't bad but they've blown their budget on a first 11 which could bite them on the backside fighting on 2 fronts.

As long as we continue to work hard and try to be a little more savvy in the final third then I don't see any reason we can't be mid table come the end of the season. We have very good back up options in most areas of the pitch and I still think we could sneak in around 13th.

10 Nov 2019 13:51:29
Dave mate your fighting a losing battle, I worked Scott out a long time ago, he goes too heavy on the cliches other fans throw at us, gives the game away. WTW sways with the wind from day to day, changes his mind more times than a woman.

Not expecting anything here today, injuries have killed us. Just hope the club aren’t lying to us about Grealish’s injury like last year.

09 Nov 2019 14:13:04
Just having a look at, Jarrod Bowen's Stats .45 goals, in 110 games . Now for a 22year old winger, I would say, those are stats worth, taking a chance on .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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09 Nov 2019 16:46:46
Dave I think you will find most posters on here have voiced their approval of Jarrod Bowen at some point.


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