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19 Jun 2024 22:28:32
Fair play to scotland they have a chance to go threw now

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19 Jun 2024 20:50:04
McGinn seems to have gone missing in terms of contribution to Scotland. Anyone got any theories why? Perhaps he's hoping to get back out onto the beach sharpish or he's just knackered after busting his (big old) ass all season 🤔

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19 Jun 2024 17:10:15
You've got to laugh at some of the stories being pushed, we're supposed to be after Maatsen at left back even though Illing Junior is part of a more advanced negotiation as a left back who wanted assurances about game time before joining 🤷🏼‍♂️


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19 Jun 2024 18:52:23
We have allegedly agreed the fee with Chelsea, so I presume one of Digne or Moreno is off, or maybe even both!

19 Jun 2024 19:04:20
Just seen that aswell

19 Jun 2024 19:28:55
Almost guaranteed one of them will leave, possible that Emery sees Iling Junior as competition for the attacking spots rather than full back?

19 Jun 2024 20:26:47
Apparently moreno homesick rumours going around

19 Jun 2024 20:45:16
@Jonny, I get that feeling when I drive north of Spaghetti 😂


19 Jun 2024 23:29:56
I’d imagine illing is coming in as a winger with defensive qualities. I can see him on the left side with rogers coming into the center possibility taking over luiz role, he showed real quality this last few months he settled in really well.
Looks like maatsen deal is ready to complete.
At least it’s not all doom and gloom about having to sell players, both luiz and Duran are pushing to leave if you believe the press so it’s better that they go if that’s true, they are both sulky players imo so the last thing we need is them upsetting the dressing room, onwards and upwards, UTV

19 Jun 2024 12:28:18
BBC reports that Everton have agreed a deal to sign Tim Iroegbunam. Doesn't say how much for 🤔

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19 Jun 2024 15:58:29
10mil MD

19 Jun 2024 23:33:07
A decent deal for us, I’d imagine there’s a sell on clause in case he comes good but from what I’ve seen of him he’s not good enough even as a squad player for a team with European aspirations, he’s meant to be defensive but he can’t tackle and he can’t pass, 10 million is a good return for him, and best of luck to him he seems like a decent kid with good attitude

19 Jun 2024 07:14:38
11 days (30th June) to raise £30-35m in transfers to avoid potential points deduction if all the media reports are true.
Crazy thing is, we could go and spend £60m the very next day!

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19 Jun 2024 12:16:02
It’s a totally messed up system, not just saying that from a Villa point of view, how about a lower league team who have a wonder kid that they’d have to sell for pennies to make the financial threshold, when as you said 74, could be sold the next day for 10x more 🤷🏼‍♂️


19 Jun 2024 18:01:12
Its a joke A72 but fingers crossed some1 and a few squad players gets sold so we don't get points deduction and also that we can sign players

19 Jun 2024 02:24:32
So for the 8th season in a row united play their opening game at home, only team to ever have 8 I believe, they also play their last game at home.
while villa start and finish on the road🤔
How does it even work? Surely you should have either your first or last game on home soil to keep things fair. we're also on the road again for Boxing Day.

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19 Jun 2024 07:13:14
For us it will be 4 in a row away and only 1 of the last 8 at home.
City congestion and policing plays a major role and it just seems like they choose consistency over fairness.
It can't actually be random and potentially have both Everton and Liverpool at home on the same day.

19 Jun 2024 12:18:43
Early last away game fancy dress idea… go dressed in waders or deep sea diving gear 😂


19 Jun 2024 12:19:25
Or as surfers if the sun’s out


18 Jun 2024 11:20:14
Great to see all those 3-00 kick offs, not for long though HaHa

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18 Jun 2024 09:28:11
Not the worst fixtures for the villa

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17 Jun 2024 11:21:41
Wot are the odds that the media will push for bellingham to named world player of the year he's the medias new play thing they proper suck up to him he's a good player but he's not wclass yet, media make out he's zidane, or gerreard

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17 Jun 2024 19:33:13
To be fair he is a very good player. Taking off your claret and blue shades for a moment, surely you can see that?

17 Jun 2024 19:44:28
He may not be in the same class as Zidane but he is the best in the world right now. A bitter pill to swallow considering he played for the enemy but to be La Liga player of the year and Madrids player of the year and a Champions League winner in his 1st season is phenomenal. Just wish he started his career with us.

17 Jun 2024 21:07:00
No doubt he's a good player just stating he's not wclass yet, let's see how he does this season now mbappe there, teams going to be built round him

17 Jun 2024 23:28:03
He’s clearly better than any of the other England muppet’s put together so why is he so problematic? Ex Bluenose perhaps?

{Ed001's Note - and how is he not world class? That is what I don't understand. I am still gutted he never signed for Liverpool last summer.}

18 Jun 2024 09:31:59
Worldclass gets thrown around for ecery player now he's had 1 good season that doesn't mean your worldclass, you need to do it season after season, he's a good player not worldclass yet in my opinion

{Ed001's Note - surely world class just means you walk into any team, and he would walk into any team. The best player in the best team. And he has had a lot more than just one good season. He was the outstanding player for Dortmund for a couple of seasons before that.}

18 Jun 2024 11:39:55
True agree there ed

{Ed001's Note - nice one. I am not sure what to do when people agree with me, it so rarely happens on the sites!}

16 Jun 2024 22:14:12
Good start, but blimy they make you sweat .
Makes you laugh, Kane hadn't had a touch, but we where being told, yes but he's doing his job for the team, never heard them say that when Ollies up there . Foden looked completely lost, just not the same for England . Time and again he was knocking the ball back and making his runs into space, not once did he get it back . All down to Southgate, unbelievable players, but he just won't let them off the leash, just not adventurous enough .

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17 Jun 2024 19:36:22
“He played selfless football” is the quote that really made me laugh.
In other words he didn’t contribute. Watkins it Toney should have come on.
Still pick him in starting XI, for now. He’d get into almost every other nation’s team.


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