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Review Of The Day 23rd January 2022

25 Jan 2022 07:39:10
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 23rd January 2022

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24 Jan 2022 13:13:24
With Archer gone to the Lillywhites we need another backup striker if Ings or Watkins gets injured let's hope Stevie lined someone up

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24 Jan 2022 17:18:45
Have you got anyone ( or 50) in mind fella?


24 Jan 2022 22:41:42
I wouldn't mind someone like mitrovic or someone similar, big strong CF good in the air

25 Jan 2022 08:30:30
Always been a fan of Mitrovic, I know his record in the premiership isn’t great but he has played for struggling sides who didn’t create much I think with our full backs providing quality crosses he would score plenty and provide us with a different option

25 Jan 2022 14:43:29
Bert can play as a striker too

25 Jan 2022 23:34:47
He too much of a miss for me not guaranteed what u going to get every week

Review Of The Day 23rd January 2022

24 Jan 2022 07:39:09
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 23rd January 2022

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23 Jan 2022 20:27:32
I know Yves is good but his not worth £50 million fee plus wages I rather buy Kamara of Marsallies and a decent CB maybe Nat Phillips plus Eddie from Arsenal because we need a decent backup if Watkins or Ings gets injured and send Archer on loan to the Championship

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24 Jan 2022 00:07:00
53 and counting

24 Jan 2022 11:21:14
Raj do you ever wonder why nobody responds to your posts??

24 Jan 2022 13:21:37

23 Jan 2022 19:24:05
Interesting to hear Danny Murphy talking about how we set up with both Coutinho and Buendia playing just behind Watkins in between him and the midfield with both fullbacks bombing on, if that is the way we are going to continue to play which seems likely as when we have played Buendia out wide it just hasn't worked, then all our wide players including Bailey won't have a future with . The rest of this transfer window and the next are going to be really interesting to see how Gerrard re moulds the squad.

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23 Jan 2022 19:42:15
Bailey looks like he has no future in this league, to injury prone so far, personally I think we need some options as in wingers, not every game or team is going to suit that formation, we got to be able to change things up if we have notions of getting into Europe

23 Jan 2022 20:14:21
Bailey is in the same mould as Traore, Elghazi Trezz, all absolutely light weights, counting out injuries Bailey will never be a regular starter.

24 Jan 2022 10:32:51
I think your thoughts are right about Gerards preferred starting set up Lord, but I'd imagine (and hope) that he would want options to be able to set up differently for certain games and in certain scenarios within games.
I think most people are in agreement that players such as Trez have had a fair chance to impress now and have demonstrated clear limitations, so I can see Gérard thinning out the squad in terms of wide players, but would hope he wouldn't be as quick to write off Bailey as some seem to be.
This site has had plenty of people writing off Buendia in the last few months, we just need to have a little patience and give players a fair chance to prove themselves and settle in.imagine if we'd written off Martin Lauraen as a sick note with his initial injury problems for Villa.

Review Of The Day 21st January 2022

23 Jan 2022 07:39:36
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 21st January 2022

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22 Jan 2022 23:24:58
Good hard fought win,we knew with Big Dunc in control,Everton where going to be a different team today,Buendia as we have said,gets better with every game,he has nearly as much fight in him as Maggin .Once again crap ref,how on earth did he find,what was it 9 yellow cards in that game .
Another enforced rest for 16 days,at least it give SG time for improvement, in fitness and working on his system.Then we have a good run of winnable games .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever

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22 Jan 2022 14:37:09
We certainly need a quality striker, otherwise we are always going to be under the cosh,. if you outplay teams you have to turn that in to multiple goals otherwise we will see more like the second half. I fully appreciate its work in progress and there are lots of positives.

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22 Jan 2022 18:36:15
I actually think suarez could be the missing link scot. For me Watkins isn't a box player and therefore won't be a regular scorer. I like Watkins but not sure where he sits in the team the way we play. We need a 20 goal a season striker

22 Jan 2022 20:10:47
It's how i see it sv

22 Jan 2022 21:02:11
Patrick Shick from Bayer Leverkusen is the man in my opinion

23 Jan 2022 19:39:41
I agree about Watkins, I think his work rate is second to nine, but that doesn’t buy you 20+ goals a season does it!? I don’t realy think ings has done anything wrong, he hasn’t realy had the service, not sure he’ll fit in with Gerrard’s style either, it wouldn’t be an easy task getting him but Dominic Calvert lewynn from the toffees would be great for us!

22 Jan 2022 13:25:26
Irrespective of the final result, i will repeat again, Buendia is one if the best recent signings we have made, we have to thank Deano for the purchase, however ironically he didn't get the best out of him.

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22 Jan 2022 13:29:04
I’m seeing it now scotty I have gave him abit of stick this season I won’t like but under stevie I think he is showing his class. More importantly he is doing it for most of not all of the game now instead of the odd 20 mins here and there. UTV

22 Jan 2022 14:45:31
I’d also say Digne has been a spectacularly good signing so far. By far the most touches on the ball today by a country mile. Glad to see Targett looking happy at the end- perhaps he’ll stay on after all ?

22 Jan 2022 11:44:27
Its got to be one of the strongest teams we have put out for a long time, let's just hope with all this quality we get the right result. Obviously Everton are going to give it everything and it won't be easy but we should have enough class.

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