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05 Apr 2023 22:21:35
I wonder if Spurs and Chelsea don't appoint a manager until the summer, and if we finish strongly whether either might make an approach for Emery!?

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05 Apr 2023 23:06:00
LOTM, London didn't go down too well last time out, let's hope he never wants anything to do with cockneys again. Unfortunately money talks, who knows what happens in the crazy football world, where there is millions and millions flying around in the premier league.

05 Apr 2023 23:38:42
He's going nowhere, he's the keys to the kingdom at Villa, full control end to end, he won't get that at either of those clubs.

06 Apr 2023 08:15:58
Hope your right guys, in Emery we have the chance of having our best manager since Ron Saunders. I have to say though given his overall track record and what he has done with us in the short time he has been here I am really surprised he isn’t being linked with big club jobs when they become available.

06 Apr 2023 12:56:29
I think we need to start looking at Villa as a "top club / job" though LotM - We now have an elite manager, top class ownership, above average transfer budgets, a strong academy and could be playing European football next season - I don't see Emery being tempted by Spurs and Chelsea is as mad and unstable as a bag of cats currently so don't see that appealing to him either. He has end to end control at Villa, something he won't get at the elite clubs. I'm not remotely worried about losing Emery any time soon, the owners will be building the club around him, I expect a massive summer in terms of signings and incoming director of football all of which will be driven by Emery.

06 Apr 2023 13:16:18
I also hope everyone is right, money does talk unfortunately. Potter became a multi millionaire twice, so he and his family are made for life, when i was at work i wouldn't have hesitated for an offer that would have secured my family for life, sadly loyalty doesn't seem to count anymore.

06 Apr 2023 14:31:21
Villa would match any offer Emery would recieve elsewhere Caffu, if he leaves it won't be because of money! We will be adding to the club in the summer, not losing key assets!

06 Apr 2023 16:20:05
Jeez, talk about glass half empty. Make the most of what we’ve got now guys. Enjoy the moment. Don’t start stressing about what could happen.
If we qualify for Europe, and it is avert big if, I don’t believe Emery will go anywhere. Even if we don’t he knows he’s created a powerful position for himself at one of the biggest clubs in the EPL and there’s a real opportunity for him at Villa. He’s only 51 and his stock will keep rising. If/when he does go we’ll have achieved some success and that will do for me.

06 Apr 2023 16:48:51
100% agree AvFc, let's enjoy the moment, we are on great hands and when Emery leaves we'll be in a much better position to attract another top manager.



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