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18 Feb 2023 19:58:59
In terms of incomings for next season I would like to see a mixture of premiership experience plus players who fit the Emery style of play. It looks to me like a number of the current starting XI don't fit the bill so indulging in a bit of fantasy football the types of player we should be looking at in my opinion are the likes of Wan Bissaka, Tierney and Pau Torres at the back. In the middle of the park given his obvious liking for the player Guendouzi, out wide Armine Gouiri from Rennes and either Schick or Toney upfront. That lot would cost the thick end of £300 million, but to be honest I can't see us spending anywhere near that kind of money sadly.

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18 Feb 2023 20:55:32
Wan Bissaka is only playing at the moment because of injury, he definitely isn't the quality we need.

18 Feb 2023 21:10:00
I think you’ll find over the last few games he has been one of Utd best performers, he was first class at Palace and just because he hasn’t had the best of times at Utd that doesn’t make you a bad player you only have look at the change is Rashford this year to see what can be achieved playing for a good coach who gives you a chance and the stage to perform on.

18 Feb 2023 21:32:59
I think in the summer we will get a max of 3 new outfield first team players, I can see Martinez going and getting someone like Henderson or Pickford, I see mings still starting beside Carlos and a RB coming in to challenge cash, other positions I see a CM and a winger, maybe guendozi and Williams or Henrique, any other players incoming in I think will be young with potential and for the bench, gnonto would be another winger I wouldn’t mind if Leeds go down. I can’t I’m a million years see 5 or 6 top class players coming in. I think .
Cash Carlos mings Moreno
Kamara guendozhi
Bailey Buendia new winger
Subs: konsa, young, maginn, Doug, Ramsey archer Duran

Digne, couthinho and any others I haven’t mentioned will be out the door

18 Feb 2023 22:44:27
I have to say Whack initially I was of the same view as you, only my positions to fill were centre back centre midfield striker and winger, but over the last few games it’s become clear that it’s not only here where we have problems, Emery isn’t convinced by Cash Young isn’t a long term solution so envisage a right back being on the cards. Martinez in all probability will be gone apart, from wanting to play in the Champions League his relationship with Emery seems strained at best, so regrettably it’s probably best he goes while we can get top dollar for him. Most recognise the need for a winger striker and central midfielder that takes our business up to 6 players if you include a centre back in the mix but like you I don’t think that’s what we will get but if we want to play the Emery way then the last few performances have changed my initial view on the business that needs to be done. If however we do get the players in that Emery wants then I think the outlay will require the club to generate part of it through player sales I don’t think we can expect NSWE to fund it all.

18 Feb 2023 23:52:00
I think it will be a busy summer but I think the average fans obsession with expenditure will need to be checked. Read between the lines of Purslow's comments, the more reliable sources and factor in the often spoken about context of sustainability and I think it's fair to assume that Villa will box clever in the market, making the most of players on expired or expiring contracts and probably bringing in a combination of bargain signings (eg Kamara) and 2/3 marquee signings to show intent.
The process of thinning the squad has already begun, so expect a handful more to go and maybe add in 5/6 players who are genuine quality/upgrades and we'll be on a par with most outside the top 4/5. From there it will all be down to building momentum and our coaching team to push for a top 8 finish.
Fully expect one of those marquee signings to happen nice and early in the summer to set the tone and put a marker down as we compete for other players.
Today was a great example of how we have the ability to compete to a point on our day, but the quality isn't quite there.
On separate note, as much as I love Villa and want them to do well, if I were looking at the game today objectively I'd say it was karma when the ball went in off Martinez off the bar after the embarrassing time wasting, even in the first half. Not that it was just him, but the game was there and as soon as we went a goal up it was like a light switch was flicked and we collectively just thought 'we're lucky to be a goal up, let's immediately try to time waste, defend our box and hope Arsenal don't score.' Just shows a week mentality and encourages opposition. Frustrating on that hand but on the other it was encouraging to see that when we wanted to, we could play some decent stuff and score some good goals.
Would've also been karma for Nketieh to injure himself diving mind!
I get it, we're a mid table squad and so should expect inconsistency, but today's game was just as much about mentality and tactical approach as it was about the quality of our players.
And I've got to say it, Duran looks like he could be a big player for us. Love the attitude and clearly has ability. Has the potential to do very well.
Next 6 games will determine our season as either a write off or a final push.



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