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02 Mar 2023 21:42:25
What a great attitude from Emi Martinez. He recognises that going to a 'top' club to win trophies is easy. Winning something with us is a real challenge and makes it all the more worthwhile. Pity the mainstream media have pretty much ignored it because it doesn't fit the narrative for Man Utd. Shame Jack didn't have that same recognition.

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03 Mar 2023 09:42:49
I get what you are saying 56 but it’s easier Emi to say that with FA, Copa America, and World Cup winners medals in his trophy cabinet Let’s be honest Jack was never going to get anything like that with us, and let’s see what the summer brings if someone like Bayern Munich comes along with a bid will he want to stay then?

03 Mar 2023 14:06:16
Maybe Emi could be used by Emery getting a deal that significantly benefits us by letting Emi go. If there is a deal that suits all parties he will go in the Summer, if not he may stay with us for the foreseeable, providing we show signs of significant improvement that matches his ambitions.

03 Mar 2023 18:14:25
I think he will do at least one more year. Of course if we don't get near to the top four spots I would expect his agent to start making noises, and I wouldn't blame him moving on.

03 Mar 2023 18:34:31
Ian Ladyman from the Dmail reckons that Emi is at best the 6th in the premiership.
He puts Ederson, Allison, De Gea, Pickford as the top 4.
What planet are these reporters living on?
Do you rate any of these above Emi?

03 Mar 2023 20:48:57
Well I think you have answered your own question TOV. The guys from the Daily Fail, if he told me Tuesday followed. Monday I wouldn’t believe him until I checked the calendar?.

03 Mar 2023 21:43:01
i rate all 4 emi better than pickford thou

04 Mar 2023 00:43:25
Can't see Emi leaving, I just don't know where he goes - Linked with Spurs tonight, can't see him pushing for that move or them stumping up with Villa would demand. I think it would take a 60M bid for Villa to even consider selling him and I don't know where a bid like that will come from in the summer. Chelsea potentially if they sell Kepa, but beyond that where does he go?

04 Mar 2023 08:30:19
The only English club who I could see bidding for Martinez is Utd, but that all depends on De Gea’s future, I know his contract expires at the end of the season and he is on something like £375k a week, if you could sign Emi on £200k a week say over 4- 5 years the transfer fee virtually pays for itself, and Martinez is a better keeper in my opinion. If he does go I think it will be abroad rather than to a club in this country.



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