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09 Jun 2024 23:39:31
Question for the EDS, or indeed anyone with solid knowledge. am I right in thinking we need to come up with around 30-35 million in sales before the end of the month? Or is it higher? Or is it even known outside the club the exact figure?
I'm thinking back to last year with Forrest, they could of sold johnson earlier for a lower fee and avoided punishment but they held out and got as much as they could for him, if we were to do something similar I'm wondering what our punishment might be? Didn't Forrest only get docked 2 points? Was there a fine aswel? Is it worth losing 30-40 million selling luiz on the cheap? Would we be better off chancing our arm and see how it plays out? It would really bug me to see him going for half his value, it also surprises me that our owners would find themselves in such a pickle being so successful in their business's, I'm still expecting them to come out with a plan that they had to get over this hurdle

{Ed002's Note - I don't know the exact figure but it is something like that. Aston Villa will not be selling Luiz.} on the cheap

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10 Jun 2024 13:02:17
According to Birmingham Live, the gap we need to plug is as you say circa £35 million, I think we may have already reduced that gap by £4 million through the Sanson sale, so if the rumours about Milan’s interest in Cash is true, or we can sell Carlos, or Digne before the end of June then we are almost there. I’d even be prepared to let Ramsey go albeit regrettably rather than let Luiz go for £50 million. My concern is more what happens next season if e keep spending in line with what we spent last year ie do we have to end up selling one of our stars year in year out unless we radically increase our revenue streams.

{Ed002's Note - The calcultion is not quite as simple as that as it depends on how Sanson' contract was dealt with in the accounts. Regardless, it will not have significantly reduced the figure.
Matty Cash (RB) I am aware of rumours about Milan but I think they are wide of the mark.
Diego Carlos (CB) Will be difficult to find a buyer for due to significant wages - but available.
Lucas Digne (LB) An option for the Middle East perhaps but may be difficult to sell.
Douglas Luiz (CM/DM) Juventus failed with an offer of a straight swap deal for Aston Villa's Douglas Luiz last summer and may well try again offering up McKenzie as part of the deal but I doubt that would suit Villa. Arsenal interest moved on to a another option but they are unlikely to sign him and if Partey and Jorginho move on, then interest will return - and I expect an offer from them. Spurs interest has likely moved on. Aston Villa will resist a sale. An absolute wildcard would be a return to Manchester City to replace KP, but they have a much preferred target they are already working on. Rumours of Milan interest is likely wide of the mark.}

10 Jun 2024 22:10:38
I think the sanson money was wiped out because of the extra 5 million add on that Torres cost us this year on account of us qualifying for the champions league, the money we got for archer last year will also take a hit because we had an obligation to buy him back because Sheffield got relegated

10 Jun 2024 22:15:12
I’ve seen a few figures banded about but I think there is probably a clue in the proposal that villa put forward to increase the amount of loss you could occur by 30 million, I would of thought more clubs would go for it especially with the amount of inflation over the last few years. I think 30 million is the magic number, I think if we could shift cash and either digne or Carlos we would be looking healthy. next year we will be helped by the champions league money as it does not come into effect until July

10 Jun 2024 23:14:48
Archer is not a hit for this season as the obligation is for 1st July.
I don't think the damage is as bad as being reported, contract renewals have pretty much all been at the 4-5 year mark to reduce the impact.
I think the more accurate reports are where we need to sell to buy rather than being forced to make a big sale. Barkley agreement has been deliberately delayed until July and there are no other concrete purchases on the immediate horizon for the same reason.
We will make use of some of the freed up investment from 3 years ago falling off and then it'll be funded by sales. Don't expect a £30m+ signing unless Ramsey, Doug or Watkins go (preferably Ramsey for me, only Luiz if we get £70m+) .
Smart shopping on the free transfers should be enough if the wages are right. The UEFA wage % is more of a problem than PSR.

08 Jun 2024 20:30:30
Looks like cash off to AC milan

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09 Jun 2024 23:42:28
Wonder if it would be enough to get us out of trouble

08 Jun 2024 12:26:09
Hello Ed002 could i ask if douglas luiz to juve rumors are true, are we interested in gallagher and who is interest in jhon duran, thank you and enjoy your day

{Ed002's Note - Douglas Luiz (CM/DM) Juventus failed with an offer of a straight swap deal for Aston Villa's Douglas Luiz last summer and will try again offering up McKenzie. Arsenal interest has moved on to a preferred option but if they are unable to sign him and if Partey and Jorginho move on, then interest may return. Spurs may offer an option. Aston Villa will resist a sale. Wildcard would be a return to Manchester City to replace KP.
Conor Gallagher (CM) Borussia Dortmund, Spurs, West Ham, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace have declared an interest - possible departure for the summer - but the player has told the club he wishes to stay but has not signed a new contract. An offer from West Ham was turned down last summer. Chelsea are aware that Spurs are likely to look to an offer and they have asked for talks - but the asking price is high. Spurs will likely try an early low-ball offer knowing that Chelsea need assured funds by June 30 - but they pretty much have what they need already. Aston Villa offer another option to the player. Newcastle offer a wildcard option but the player has no interest in moving there. Al-Ettifaq have made amends to Chelsea after they complained of an illegal approach to Conor Gallgher by Steven Gerrard. Perhaps Spurs or Aston Villa will be able to strike a deal in the Summer.
Jhon Duran (F) Young left-sided Columbian forward discussed between Chelsea and Chicago Fire when negotiating another transfer. Everton, Benfica, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester United all had scouts watch him in the United States. Has been scouted by Torino and Celta Vigo. The member of staff who advocated the Chelsea interest originally is still at the club and has proposed that Chelsea should look to him again after being contacted directly by his agent - but the club has far preferred targets. West Ham asked for a loan in January.}

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08 Jun 2024 19:48:24
Good info ED👍
I read online that Chelsea are saying they are under no pressure to balance the books until next June but that could just be them trying to protect themselves from the vultures thinking they can low ball them this year 🤔

{Ed002's Note - You have misunderstood then.}

09 Jun 2024 03:49:24
Im not say it’s true just that I read it on an article.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea have already secured most of the funds they need for June 30 through sales, but will need to do the same next year.}

04 Jun 2024 19:39:19
Villa open talks with connor gallagher would be a quality signing

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04 Jun 2024 20:12:21
100% agree 👍🏻


07 Jun 2024 16:18:05
He doesn’t want to move

04 Jun 2024 10:13:43
Luiz/McKennie swap being touted.
Really not sure about this one. Seems we lose more than we gain unless there is a significant cash adjustment in our favour.
What sort of value are we looking at? £15m, £20m, £25m, £30m or more?
Latest valuations online suggest €25m for McKennie and €60m for Luiz so £25-30m would seem to be cash value.

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03 Jun 2024 20:25:55
I see we are being linked with Eze and Neto, be great if both these deals came off although Neto is a bit injury prone, but Eze would be a real statement signing.

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03 Jun 2024 20:56:27
If both have good Euros then their price goes up to £80m each. Considering how much time both have spent on the physio table, is it worth spending £160m for them to play 40% of the time?

03 Jun 2024 21:14:33
Eze 11 goals from midfield I’d take that, even if he has had a few injuries. If Luiz goes we need to replace his returns both in terms of goals and assists Eze would go a long way to plugging that gap.

03 Jun 2024 22:05:52
It’s annoying the amount of players we are linked with it just means you can’t believe 95% of it.
If it were true I’d take Eze in a heartbeat.

04 Jun 2024 00:45:11
I think any significant deals will already have been done or at least put in place some time ago. So I don’t think anyone should be too overly shocked or disappointed by any signings (or lack of) . Que Sera as they might say in Barcelona 🤔

01 Jun 2024 18:35:50
I see rumours are beginning to circulate around Luiz wanting to move. Perhaps the rumour which circulated around Feb/March time that NSWE were prepared to give Emery a £200 million transfer kitty providing we qualified for CL and that Luiz was sold were true. It also might explain why we are allegedly interested in so many midfielders.

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01 Jun 2024 20:55:41
Watching the final here and I’m thinking boy do Madrid need someone like luiz, kroos looks past it and I don’t rate camavinga whatsoever, I know the won the league pretty easily and I can’t say I seen any matches but I have watched them a lot on the champions league and really lack creativity

29 May 2024 21:49:35
Heard a rumour from someone in the hierarchy that the conference league actually cost us money. the only benefit was raising the club’s profile

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29 May 2024 11:29:22
I see we are being linked with Guendouzi and McKennie again, I wonder if it's a credible link, or another example of lazy journalism just re hashing an old story?

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29 May 2024 23:32:57
Rubbish I’m guessing, whatever about Guendouzi he’s a decent player but McKennie is absolute muck he’s not fit for the championship

27 May 2024 16:09:49
Brilliant news about unai new 5yr contract

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28 May 2024 15:45:08
Can’t beat having the stability of a good contract it takes away any doubt with all the big jobs out there


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