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19 Feb 2023 13:56:20
Morning guys,
Lots of points being made about Emery's rigid style which does not suit the current players.
The defence is worse than it has been for some time and 12 goals given away in the last 3 games stinks of relegation.
Occasionally we look excellent but when we concede we go to pieces and the door opens.
The front line are scoring goals but this is no good if the opposition score more.
Emery may well be a top manager with above average players but with average to below average players he must adapt to what he has got.
Old adage, You can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Lots of players making a pigs ear on the pitch and the man who is picking the team is doing the same.
If the foundations are weak the team is in danger of falling down.
Must we wait for Carlos to come back?
Poor bloke will wonder what he is in for.
Lots of teams below us but some are improving while we are slipping away.

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19 Feb 2023 16:30:38
It's his rigid style and philosophy that has made him one of the best managers in Europe OV - It's not Emery that needs to change, it's the players, his squad at Villareal on paper was on par with this Villa side (possibly more balanced) and he brought them to a CL semi final. We weren't a position to realistically attract Emery but we did it, let's allow him some time (certainly more than 4 months!) to access the squad before we call for him to change his incredibly successful managerial approach.

19 Feb 2023 16:36:07
About sums it up TOV, most can see it,some just won't accept it.

19 Feb 2023 17:03:48
We haven't got below average players though

19 Feb 2023 17:30:26
Old adage, if it ain't broke and working don't fix it, what about if its not working,then adapt, modify, change until it works otherwise it stops broke.

A quality coach adapts to what he has to work with until he can get the quality to impose his style and philosophy, we can't change the players until next season, so there is absolutely no point being stubborn, work with what you have until such time you can deliver exactly what you did in the past.

19 Feb 2023 17:34:54
BK, respect your opinion but it doesn't change the fact that at present his rigid style is not working.

If you want to paint the wall blue but you only have green then you have to do something different. Common sense.

Our defence has more holes in it than my leaking hose pipe.
Emery has to use what he has got and that ain't much.
If playing out from the back is not proving to work then an alternative must be found, no choice.

Play out when it’s the best option, but if you are being over run what is the point of fiddling about?

Seem to remember that recently Mings hammered a long ball and we scored from it. Everybody enjoyed it.

More of this and less farting around. Defenders must own the ball, don't let it go past you for the next man, he may well be in a different colour shirt.

19 Feb 2023 20:15:39
I actually thought we were much better at it yesterday and their goals didn’t come from it but ours did, emi kicked ball after ball in the second half but we weren’t winning them his distribution was poor but I thought we mixed it up quiet well in terms of kicking and playing out, how many times did emi time waste in the second half, quiet a bit and each of those times it was him kicking it so I’m not sure we can blame Emery’s style on yesterday’s results, poor bench cost us imo plus some silly mistakes

19 Feb 2023 20:42:53
Pretty, sexy, football playing from the back is definitely the way to play, we saw it yesterday from Arsenal, we saw it from Man City. You only get in the side at these clubs if you are totally comfortable on the ball,apart from Kamara we haven't got a single player that would be in the squad let alone a starter in either side. So the points TOV raises are common sense. We may have a top quality coach who has a proven track record and when he has the players to prove this fine, however at this point in time he has to set up the team to get points on the board with the quality (or lack of) at his disposal.

19 Feb 2023 23:05:53
He has got points on the board though scotty. Don't know why we're all moaning. We've lost to man city and arsenal. Let's see what happens in the next few games before we hang them all out.

19 Feb 2023 23:13:29
I don't buy that only City or Arsenal or the elite sides can play out from the back Lads - I think it's much easier if you have an elite squad but Villa aren't a Sunday League side who sank 9 pints the previous night, we have a squad predominantly made up of international quality players who can adapt to new playing styles. While they adapt there will be inconsistent performances and errors but the time will come when Villa are very adept at playing out of defence. Emery will not adapt a winning philosophy, we (the fans) need to accept this and get behind the team.

19 Feb 2023 23:18:37
How many clear cut chances did arsenal have by playing pretty sexy football from the back Scot? They scored from a corner, a stupid clearance played straight into the danger area onto the boot of saka, which would of come to nothing if mings had of left it to emi or put it out for a corner, and 3rd was a pot shot from 25 yards cause they weren’t breaking us down and they were desperate in 94th min, I’m not saying it’s not the best way to play but it was us who carved them open for our 2 goals, our defence could of defended better for the first 2 goals but they were exposed when our midfielders clicked and I think had the midfield being better when in possession we could of scored a few more, I think it’s a bit unfair that everyone is blaming the defenders for the inability to play out from the back I think our midfield players need to be stronger on the ball, show for it more and give the defenders more options to pass, improve first touch and get up the field faster when we have possession, I only see us getting 1 new defender I think midfield and attacking midfielders/forwards is where we will strengthen most.

20 Feb 2023 11:24:14
Whack, what arsenal did almost on every occasion, when we pinned them in, almost on the goal line, which we to be fair we did well,they simply and comfortably passed their way out and were ready to attack, beating the press. They did this because of quality players with the ability to do this, we do not have the quality to do this. That's what a mean by sexy football, they make it look easy. I don't know which game some were watching, they were so comfortable on the ball and but from poor finishing they should have scored more in a second half.

20 Feb 2023 12:57:33
Your missing my point Scot,



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