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18 Feb 2023 15:01:57
I normally don't respond immediately at the end of a game as I like to digest what I have seen but today has left me really annoyed.Any good work we do offensively is being undone by our ridiculous insistence on playing out from the back when none of the current back four are capable of doing it. When other teams like Arsenal play out, they move the ball quickly which gives the opposition less time to close the receiver down we dwell on the ball and are all to often either caught in possession as Konsa was or we play aimless balls and turn possession over in our half immediately putting us under pressure. If we continue to play this way as Emery wants to, then we will need to score at least 2 goals to win a game.

In terms of today i know it is early days but I am not convinced by Moreno whilst he looks decent going forward his primary purpose is to defend and when I see the opposition winger in possession I expect to see my left back in the same shot, too often Saka was given the run of Villa Park and consequently caused us problems all day long. We had a couple of warnings from corners re Arsenal midfielders being given space around the edge of the box, didn't heed the warnings and consequently paid the penalty. McGinn isn't suited to the position he is being asked to play I think it's something like 44 games since he last scored and I can't say I am surprised. His influence on games has significantly reduced this season. The other thing is some our players first touch are shocking for professional footballers, all to often it bounced a couple of feet away and resulted in us turning possession over yet again. A lot of work is required to improve the squad and new faces are definitely required if we are to even challenge for the top 10 let alone the top 6.

Rant over.

The one positive thing I saw today was Christian Purslow interview in which he said the plans for the summer were developed and we would have a busy summer.

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18 Feb 2023 15:28:52
I hope Purslow didn’t just mean that we’d have a busy summer rebuilding the North Stand ? ?. Just saw the 30 second post match interview with Emery where pretty much his only point regarding mistakes made (to paraphrase) was ‘I’ve never told my goalkeeper to go up and score a goal the 92nd minute because you might score one in a hundred’.

18 Feb 2023 15:49:16
1 thing that disappointed me was the crowd and being able to hear the arsenal fans for the most part, I thought we were better today playing out from the back than other games, set pieces remain a problem and allowing to much space around the edge of the box.

Mixed bag from mings, super clearance off the line then nods it straight into the danger area and saka buries it, mings usually good at the organising end of things but someone needs to step up and boss the defence for corners.

We played some lovely stuff, some silly mistakes, I’m not even thinking about the 4th goal it never happens if the third one didn’t happen, pure luck on arsenals behalf but I can’t see them winning the league they can’t keep getting lucky wins at the death

{Ed014's Note - lucky wins ???

18 Feb 2023 15:55:47
The playing out drives everybody mad,the main one is Martinez. His kicking today was rubbish, didn’t like him trying to blame everyone else . Also there is a time and a place for his time wasting,not every time he gets the ball .Honestly believe the World Cup has gone to his head,he’s become to arrogant . Can’t agree with Lord on McGinn, I thought he had a good game, the amount of ball he wins,passes he cuts out is brilliant.
Overall I thought it was a great game, we just ran out of luck .Bailey hits the underside of the goal, comes out,they hit underside of bar goes in . If that one of Baileys had gone in,I think we would of held out .
Moreneo far better than Digna, not just going forward,but defending as well .Cash was playing for his place today, if only he could cross the ball, he would be much better .
Next 3/4 games will be the teller, we need those wins . Onwards&Upwards Villaforever

18 Feb 2023 16:05:08
Whack we did play some nice stuff but your having a laugh if you think the win was lucky they looked dangerous whenever they attacked us we gave Saka too much space and weren’t switched on at set pieces particularly corners, and whilst we could have scored another with Bailey at the end, by then Arsenal should have had at least two more goals with the one Odegaard put wide and Nketiah’s scoop over the bar. I agree with you that they won’t win the title but we could certainly learn a lot from how they play in terms of how they close opponents down, the speed with which they move the ball and if you are going to play out from the back how to do it.

18 Feb 2023 16:18:40
If we don't play out then we don't get our second goal. Konsa needs to find a way to get his brain working quicker as that Odegaard chance was unnecessary. Other than that I didn't see a problem with what we were doing.
In regards to Moreno it only looked like that it the second half once Ramsey replaced Coutinho. JJ never pushed above a light jog and unlike Coutinho was always out of position and didn't even try to get the ball off an opponent.
Maybe if Bailey or Duran had come on for Coutinho instead we might not have had that lull where we barely competed and they played through our left at will.

18 Feb 2023 16:48:58
Think Konsa will be the one to drop out if Carlos regains his form.

18 Feb 2023 16:57:05
If we continue to play out from the back with our current back four we will concede far more than they help create.

18 Feb 2023 18:03:15
Lord we were playing the team that’s sitting at the top of the league of coarse they are going to have chances, first goal mings put it on a plate for saka, yeh they were coming into the game but they didn’t score cause they carved us open it was an individual error, second goal no organisation for the set piece and we went asleep, again it wasnt cause they carved us open, 3rd goal pure fluke it might happen once in 100 times a ball hits the bar, they missed easier chances than the ones they scored so yes I think luck was on their side, do I think we need work?

Coarse I do but I thought it was our best performance in quiet a few games, second half press was non existent and we need to root out those errors. agree on Martinez about kicking, ego and time wasting it’s getting annoying. saka is 1 of the best forwards in the league I thought Moreno done well on him it was a very good battle, I like mings but he frustrates me he does great things and stupid things I think he loses concentration to easily, Ramsey not at the races, all our subs weakened us and changing shape didn’t help it just invited pressure,

18 Feb 2023 18:57:06
Lads we were a inch away from winning the game today, we conceded 2 goals after the 94th minute and lost the game but I seriously can't believe there are people genuinely criticizing that performance or worse, Emery!

We are a work in progress but it's obvious that Emery has had a positive impact, we'll win plenty of games between now and the end of the season and come August will be in a much better position to push towards those European places. Please be patient and trust the process, we are in good hands!



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