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19 Feb 2023 11:44:00
Obviously with all fans expectations after the great start under Emery, questions will be asked when results don't go our way. For me its not just the results its our poor decision making and that includes players and coaches. Emery has fallen in to exactly the same trap as Gerrard and Smith. Yesterdays team changes smacked of the previous incumbents. Everyone knows my consistent views over the last few seasons regarding qualty, Emery is trying to impose his style of football on the squad, which has clearly worked at his previous clubs, however after enough games to assess who can adapt to his style of play, it should be obvious to him he hasn't got the quality needed to play the way he wants to. Surely he should, in the short term play to the strengths and limitations of what he has, otherwise there is a good chance poor results and performances will follow. Fans, no matter how loyal will become impatient if result don't improve. Next season results and quality football is imperative, this season its about points, especially when other teams below us pick up points. We are only three defeats away from being dragged in and anyone who thinks Everton will turn our run around may be disappointed, Dyche is no push over.

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19 Feb 2023 12:19:04
I agree with you up to a point Scotty, so I see no point I playing a style of football that the senior players at his disposal aren’t equipped to deliver so for me we need to get enough points to be safe and then for me I would look to integrate some of our talented youngsters to see if they can play how Emery wants them to. I also agree we need to sign quality but where I differ is that if we are expecting us to be pushing the top six next season then I think that’s a bit of a stretch, yes we want to see an improvement in results but also a consistency In performance and players looking comfortable in how the coach wants them to play.

19 Feb 2023 12:47:58
LOTM, we are definitely on the same page, top six is not a priority next season for me, quality football with much better player's than we have will eventually get to where we want to be. Anyone who thinks we are not in a fight is kidding themselves.

19 Feb 2023 13:03:26
Don't agree with the above points, sorry guys, not trying to be argumentative but we have a top manager who has a very specific style of play - The players either adapt or they get replaced - Since Emery has arrived we've beaten United, Brighton, Spurs, Leeds and Southampton, we've drawn with Wolves and lost to Liverpool, Leicester, City and Arsenal - That to me doesn't scream crisis, it doesn't scream "the manager must change his style", what jumps off the page to me from those results is that we are an inconsistent mid table side and to move away from that requires some time. Pre Emery we were a team devoid of a philosophy or style, that is no longer the case, I think it's very clear what Emery wants to do so we (as a fan base) need to be patient and allow him time to get it right. There'll be ups and downs throughout the process but let's try and look at the big picture here.

19 Feb 2023 14:10:37
BK just to be clear I am not screaming crisis or anything like it, Emery is a top coach his results speak for themselves but I cannot see the point of trying to get players to play in a way that they quite simply don’t have the skills to do you are just setting them up to fail and will ultimately undermine confidence. By all means ship out those who don’t suit how you want to play and replace them with those who do but in the meantime I would expect a coach of Emery’s undoubted ability to be able to adapt his approach in the short term.

19 Feb 2023 14:24:06
Agree BK. Under the previous regime we would've also lost to United and Spurs and probably drew with Brighton and Leeds. In short under Emery we have got more points than most of us would've realistically expected. We'll beat Everton and Palace and things will look good again. I get that Dyche is no mug.but neither is Emery.

19 Feb 2023 16:20:24
Wasnt having a go LotM, hope it didn't come across like that - My view is, if the manager has a clear philosophy and style of play which has delivered trophies throughout his career he should stick to it and if players can't adapt then they are replaced. I get your point, it potentially means square pegs in round holes in the short term but he'll want assess the squad fully before making a decision on their future. I'm fully in support of this even if it means some bumps along the way this season.

Agree BT, I think there's a bit of a hammering to be dished out soon by this Villa side - Results recently haven't been fantastic but the performances in general (bar the first 45 against City) have been good IMO - Yes, there are issues, but we absolutely gifted Leicester 3 points and did more than enough to take a point from Arsenal - We could easily have another 4 points on the board, if not more, now is not the time for panic IMO, we'll be fine this season and next season we'll be in a much better position, exciting times.

19 Feb 2023 16:41:52
Didn’t for one minute think you were BK, it’s all about opinions everyone’s entitled to one and life would be terribly dull if we all agreed with one another. We all have the best interests of Villa at heart we only disagree on the best way of achieving those interests. UTV.

19 Feb 2023 17:15:15
Agree mate UTV!

19 Feb 2023 23:31:23
I kinda agree with BK, the only thing that makes sense to me as to why we didn’t strengthen more in January and him sticking to his philosophies is that Emery wants to see which players can adapt to his style and the only way to find out is to play the way he wants to going forward, maybe he’s thinking we are safe so let’s get a few months playing like this under their belts and be more ready to hit the ground running in august after he adds a few players.
Everton is going to be more of a gauge as to where we are in terms of progress they will be more defensive than city and arsenal and possibly we will have a bigger share of possession so let’s see what we can create with it i'm hoping for more end product than say the Southampton game or even Stevenage



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