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19 Feb 2023 20:23:40
Guys can I ask a question, almost every team is playing out from the back these days, my question is what's the alternative? Kicking long ball up the field to a midfield who don't have and 6ft players in it and how many times we done it yesterday and couldn't win the ball in the air? Yes we can play over the top for Bailey and Watkins to run onto but you can only do that so many times in a game, couthinho and Buendia want ball at their feet as neither have much height so keeping it on the floor seems the more sensible option?

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19 Feb 2023 22:55:50
So Whack for me if you have the players by all means play out from the back but I think like anything else if you do it all the time you become more predictable and potentially easier to play against. Re you point on losing the ball, quite often in Rugby Union teams under pressure kick long into the opponents half as they would rather reset and deal with an opponent in possession of the ball in there half rather than risk losing it in your own half I’m not suggesting you do this all the time but again every now and again wouldn’t hurt particularly as our back four aren’t comfortable enough in possession of the ball to play out from the back.

19 Feb 2023 23:08:15
mix it up abit especially if your in trouble on ball doesn't hurt booting ball into row z whack, i know every1 plays out from the bck but it makes me cringe when we do it because were not good at it

20 Feb 2023 08:50:36
The current goal kick where the players hang back for the keeper to tap it out has created the ridiculous situation. Attackers charge the defenders who fart about back and forth, sometimes being caught out and end up bladdering the ball anywhere or even conceding a goal.
Man utd ( hate using them as an example) in the 50's realised that many goal clearances went anywhere and got Ray Wood to throw the ball when clearing as it went were he wanted.
Hence McParlands shoulder charge in the 57 final.
The instruction was to make Wood use the ball quicker and not be so accurate.
We now have the modern equivelate when forwards charge down the defenders. They tap the ball around till an opportunity arises to play a safe ball.
A good quick tactical brain is required to play from the back with some ability to dribble the ball. Our defenders don't get into this catergory.
By the way, Who changed the goal kick rule?
Until Emery gets ball playing defenders as opposed to runners we will fail.
LOTM has got the idea spot on.

20 Feb 2023 12:47:03
Part of my point is that on Saturday we kicked lots of long balls especially in the second half so in fact it was quiet well mixed up but still guys are talking about not having the players to play out from the back.
Emery is not going to change his Philosophy he’s going to try get players to adapt and those who can will be kept and those who can’t will be sold in the summer, he can’t just go buy 11 players in the summer he needs to find out which he can work with and the only way to do that is to persist with his style instead of having to find out next season, is now not the time to find out who can adapt and who can’t?
Also if these players can’t do it and it’s so obvious to everyone then who’s going to want to buy them?

20 Feb 2023 19:15:10
I think he pretty much made his mind up on who he will persevere with at the back I think he will keep Carlos, Moreno,Mings and Young as back-up I think he will let the rest go.
I think you are right that Emery will continue to play out from the back and we will remain inconsistent and struggle against sides who play the high press.



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