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13 Apr 2023 08:48:30
It seems we are looking to extend Watkins contract and that he will be our number one striker next season, therefore any striker coming in during the window will have to accept playing second fiddle to him. That being the case I can't see us breaking our transfer record for someone who isn't guaranteed a place in the starting XI. It seems to me that our big money purchase will be on someone who plays out wide.

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13 Apr 2023 11:47:22
I think we will be looking for a partner for Watkins LotM, and I expect us to go big on one.Think we will look for a wide player as well! Personally I think we will sign 5 players, a Striker, Winger, Midfielder, Right Back and Centre Back with other incomings dependant on who we let go. If Digne leaves we will absolutely sign a new LB for example.

13 Apr 2023 13:22:16
we could break our record on a winger striker nico williams from athletic bilbauo would be class
and the brazilan winger from betis forgot his name they would be my picks from abroad in our league zaha on free,jonson from forrest
philips from city,

13 Apr 2023 14:33:57
Given the noises coming out of VP now, I don't expect us to spend big on an out and out striker if Watkins is going to be the our no 1. I think the big money will be invested out wide, whether we play 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 it doesn’t really matter as when we play the 4-2-2-2 Emery likes the second forward to come from the wide positions anyway. If I was a gambling man I think he will try to get Goncalves from Sporting Lisbon or Chukwuzeke from Villarreal or maybe even Zaha. I think we will probably sign a striker but most likely someone like Dembele who will be relatively cheap and is more likely to accept playing second fiddle I can’t see a top quality centre forward accepting that type of role to be honest.

13 Apr 2023 16:34:41
good shouts they are lord all would improve us

13 Apr 2023 18:24:43
Could it be that Jhon Duran gets the nod as number 2 to Olly?
Not seen much of him but the odd glimpse suggests that he could be something to talk about.
A wide man with speed and intelligence. Harvey-Barnes every time. if Leicester fail to stay up he would welcome a move for not a huge fee. Zaha could cost nothing but his wage demands would be massive.
At the back I would like to see someone with leadership qualities. Observation, willingness, attitude and demanding of those around him.
Many successful clubs have had such a player. We had one. Mcgrath.
Could we find another?

13 Apr 2023 20:51:15
TOV, i wouldn't be surprised if Duran goes out on loan to one of the promoted clubs, i can't see him ever being a starter at the moment. I think we will buy an expensive quality left footed striker, you have to build a serious injury to Ollie in the equation.

14 Apr 2023 09:26:56
I take your point LotM but for me we are an Ollie Watkins injury away from having no genuine goal threat - I would be amazed if we don't bring a striker in during the summer and go big in terms of transfer fee. I think Watkins is clearly the main man so it needs to be a player that will compliment him and provide a "Plan B" if needed. While I'm unsure of him, at the right price, Tammy Abraham is the obvious candidate. Would provide healthy competition to Watkins, a Plan B, would be pushing for starts but not screaming the place down if he doesn't start every game etc. If we could pick him up for 30M then I think he'd be a good option for us. Add Guendouzi and Gonçalves as well, a few free transfers (like Dembele, Zaha or Reiss Nelson), replace any outgoings and bring in Tim I to the first team and you've got a very decent squad next season.

14 Apr 2023 09:53:27
So if your Tammy you are willing to go from a place on the bench in Rome to a place on the bench in Aston? I don’t think that’s likely to happen

14 Apr 2023 12:05:40
I don't think Tammy is premier quality, he really didn't do a lot at Chelsea and currently isn't impressing in Italy, i don't think there is any chance we will sign him. A second strker is an absolute must, a top quality striker/ winger would be my choice.

14 Apr 2023 15:02:50
I don't think it would be a place on the bench LotM, but I think a player like Tammy wouldn't be disruptive if he didn't start 1 in 4 for example if the game called for more bodies in midfield.

14 Apr 2023 15:13:21
I think it’s likely to be a winger Scotty, I can’t see a top quality striker coming to play second fiddle to Watkins, why would you? I think we will sign a striker but not a top notch one, one that is either free or doesn’t cost much Dembele may be,or god forbid Morelos. I think our heaviest investment is likely to be out wide.

14 Apr 2023 16:43:21
But if you get to play 1 in 4 for a side like Roma, as I sit here with it p****** down with rain, if I can get the same amount of game time in Rome what am I likely to do? In all seriousness, Abraham is going to want to challenge for a place in the England squad he isn’t going to do that playing one game in every four. Chelsea need an out and out no 9 and they have an option to buy him back, depending on who gets the job in the summer it wouldn’t surprise me to see him back there.

14 Apr 2023 19:11:58
tammy would cost loads aswell 50/60mil no thanks decent player but he's not better than olli

14 Apr 2023 20:01:26
I'm saying he would play 3 in 4 LotM, not 1 in 4 - My point is, Watkins is clearly our main man, but we are an injury away from having no recognized striker bar Duran who Emery openly admits needs time. We will absolutely strengthen in the summer and I would be amazed if we don't bring in an out and out striker. I think, as a club and a fan base, we need to move away from the "who does he replace in our 11" or "will he be happy sitting on the bench" mentality, if we get Europe and intend to challange for trophies next season there will be an insane amount of games and we will need a squad to cope with the volume. That means rotation and flexibility in both selection and formation throughout the season, there will be more than enough games to keep the squad motivated. I'm not saying Tammy is the answer or a player we will sign but he's the calibre of player that makes the squad stronger,offers another dimension to our play, would provide healthy competition to Watkins and, in my opinion, not be a discriptive force if he doesn't start every single game. Just an opinion, I would out Dembele etc in the exact same bracket, unless we are going absolutely massive on a striker we'll need to find a player that accepts the need for rotation occasionally.

14 Apr 2023 22:32:16
Watkins and Abraham are way too similar to be starting in the same 11.
Emery has been saying from day 1 that we will continue to play 'our way'. Although there may be adjustments depending on the opposition it almost definitely won't be in formation.
Ollie isn't going back to being a support striker or wide forward and Abraham wouldn't work there.
Emery wants the second striker to be rapid and/or tricky so the likes of Williams, Zaha and Dembele are all likely options. We might go all out for Goncalves but potentially he goes for a CL team.

14 Apr 2023 23:09:58
I think we are getting fixated on the name rather than the general point, Abraham for me is the calibre of player I think we will go for in the summer - I think we will go big on a signing, to partner Watkins, who will offer us a plan B if needed and who won't kick up a fuss if he doesn't start every single game. I absolutely think we will also sign a winger, who can player as a second forward as well (Zaha,Williams-esque), we'll sign 2 forward players (minimum) in my opinion, one being an out and out striker. Not suggesting it will, or should be Tammy, he just feels like the obvious name when trying to describe who I feel we will target.

15 Apr 2023 07:31:51
I agree rk, we will spend big but it will most likely be on someone who naturally plays out wide but cuts in to support the centre forward not an out and out goal scorer. It seems that’s how Emery likes to play, and given our results who can argue with him.



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