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07 Mar 2023 21:26:22
DBS we need refs to start using the powers they have start booking the ones needed .Everyone knows who the main offenders are,problem starts with the fact that most of the worst offenders, come from big clubs . This would mean refs putting all their big team bias behind them . When you get Gary and Roy saying what an embarrassment Fernandez was,now he is addicted to cheating . Now in that last game, with his consistent in your face moaning and simulated diving, the ref could of booked him numerous times .
Now the lads at VAR, they must see it happening every game, now why can't they get involved. Now after games they have retrospective punishments for bad fouls,or off the ball incidents, why not for this rubbish . Retrospective is for incidents they think the ref hasn't seen or didn't want to see.
So we are back the the point we started,with the League and the refs . Every fan complains about it, the pundits complain about it, so it's about time something was done .

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07 Mar 2023 22:21:04
Another thing which might help is ensuring coaches behave appropriately and not get up to what the likes of Arteta gets away with week in week out. I might dislike Utd with a passion but Ten Hag displays a degree of professionalism, which others don’t, he doesn’t get overly excited win lose or draw if he can do it why can’t the others.

07 Mar 2023 22:45:46
Isn’t this a continuation of the thread down below regarding cheating and aggressive behaviour ?

08 Mar 2023 07:42:35
Can’t have too many threads ?

08 Mar 2023 16:00:52
The original question was aimed at getting a concensus between two distinct options, but that quickly fell apart haha



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