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26 May 2022 18:12:14
Twitter speculation. Could be right!
Fringe players? Our exit list should look something like this by September 1st?

➡️ Kalinic
➡️ Steer
➡️ Hause
➡️ Targett
➡️ Guilbert
➡️ Trezeguet
➡️ El Ghazi
➡️ Davis
➡️ Wesley
➡️ Luiz, Ings, Konsa,

Anyone else?



1.) 26 May 2022 18:57:05
Yes, Sanson and Hourihane,

2.) 26 May 2022 19:36:04
Hope we don’t sell Konsa, can’t see us getting decent money for him this summer and still think he’s decent especially to be demoted to back up with new arrivals.

And unless we sign a top forward to replace him, I’d keep Ings too. Proven goal scorers in the premiership aren’t easy to find and unless it’s someone who knows the league, they could take however long to bed in.

3.) 26 May 2022 19:40:25
And Chuck.

4.) 26 May 2022 19:49:24
Whack,Loti we are up to 15,how much do you think this lot would fetch?

5.) 26 May 2022 20:18:48
And Mings

6.) 26 May 2022 21:12:09
So for me with regard the sales I think if we can sell most on the list and it’s a big if we should get in around £100 million.

Luiz £20 million, Ings £20 million AEG £10 million, Targett £15 million, Trez, £8 million Sanson £10 million, Wesley Guilbert and Davis £5 million each

7.) 26 May 2022 22:10:34
I agree with most lord but trez and AEG will be on the 5 million group.

8.) 27 May 2022 11:10:46
Its pretty much ball park what i thought, i think Elghazi will struggle to get anywhere near 10 i also think with ings wages, teams likely to want him will want to pay around 10 so he can maintain his wages.Ings still has time to run on his contract so he may want to sit tight, we would have to drop our valuation to get his wages off the books.

9.) 28 May 2022 12:37:47
Absolutely no point selling him for 10m.
Who are you replacing him with that kinda money? Bare in mind we apparently was £8m for Davies…?!
Not to mention the significant loss on what we paid for him. That would be a really terrible piece of business.

10.) 02 Jun 2022 09:51:04
Can’t sell Mings. Most blocks, most headed clearances, most passes, 3 assists. Will the exception of a few mistakes earlier in the season average distribution form the back he is a quality defender



12 May 2022 19:30:37
Im sure its good news for most that Coutinho has signed for a further couple of years. He is obviously a talent, I just wonder what Emi Buendia thinks, if ever a player deserves to start week in week out its Emi, I just hope he stays, he has definitely been one of Smiths better signings, but i'm sure he doesn't want to be a bench warmer and so far he looks to have to play second fiddle to Phil.


1.) 13 May 2022 09:05:20
If we’re being totally honest Emi had a lot of chances before Smith was sacked where he did absolutely nothing and many were calling him a waste of money! I’m sure if this site let's you back far enough it would be an easy enough find.

Some players take time to adjust and adapt, you’re using the same logic to write off Coutinho that you’re using to big up Emi in fairness and there’s nothing to say the pair of them can’t play together. SG is still playing with what DS left him.
For all we know he wants to adopt a totally different formation and approach from summer onwards. It’s all just guess work.

Just be patient, from all of the interviews I’ve read since Phil joined Buendia is delighted to have him as a team mate and all the South Americans seem to be good friends off the pitch….

2.) 13 May 2022 11:18:12
To nebuchadnezzar’s point, if I remember correctly scotty, you weren’t Buendia’s biggest fan initially.
With regard to playing Buendia/Coutinho conundrum I hope we don’t end up playing players out of position because we “need to accommodate” both in the team, now more than ever it’s a squad game and therefore you pick the best players for that position or for a particular game we don’t want to end up like England did re the Gerrard/Lampard question Managers are paid big money to make difficult calls and should do so if it’s one or the other so be it. Anyway we already have a dilemma on the Watkins/Ings front I don’t think we can afford another to be honest.

3.) 13 May 2022 14:10:29
Best part of the whole deal is the timing, at least we don’t spend half the window trying to get a deal done, I agree lord, I wasn’t Emi’s biggest fan at the start of the season but he has improved a lot, I’m also wondering if gerrard is going to divide their time on the pitch more evenly now that Phil has signed permanently, if he hadn’t being given more preferential treatment thus far I wonder would he of had second thoughts about signing permanently, I’d like to know what wages he’s on also. I wonder will this encourage Doug to sign an extension or is he on his way out the door.
Center back and defensive midfielder next in the door, I’m happy enough to stick with Ollie and Danny up front they are starting to click in my opinion, I’d like to keep archer for the bench next season, buy sarr and sell traore, depending on who the third relegated team is there might be a few more guys worth a punt

4.) 13 May 2022 16:14:49
I agree re timing the more business we can get done early the better, personally I would like to see 2 defensive midfielders through the door a centre half, cover at left back and a 15 to 20 goal a season striker.
Re Dougie I think he will be gone come the start of the new season, he prefers to play further forward than he is with us and with Buendia and Coutinho I don’t see that happening.



31 Jan 2022 18:06:58
Accirding to skys reliable source no more last minute incomings, Bissouma was never coming either now or in the summer. We obviously need a strong defensive midfielder and i think it should have been a priority.


1.) 31 Jan 2022 20:22:09
The manager said he wouldn’t buy for the sake of buying! I’m assuming he couldn’t get the targets he wanted. I think that will be the 1st position addressed in the summer

2.) 31 Jan 2022 20:23:45
It's the biggest mistake Dean Smith made in the summer, now Steve has done the exact same thing. there are lots of alternatives out there I don't know why it wasn't the first position on the list, we have done good business but we are still short in a crucial position. unless he's going to play Chambers in that role.

3.) 31 Jan 2022 20:55:47
What are the alternatives out there now then? I’d rather hold out until the summer and get a big player like kalvin Philips, isn’t it all about the bigger picture?

4.) 31 Jan 2022 21:09:34
Kalvin Philips is never coming to Villa mate, bissoma or bentancur are not the only DM players out there, I honestly can't see us getting bissouma at any time.

5.) 31 Jan 2022 21:39:30
Zakaria was available, Kamara Rangers, Kamara Marseille too, could I trot out my old picks Hayden from Newcastle or Dier from Spurs, now that both them teams have bought a player in that position?




31 Oct 2021 21:43:50
Does smith need to be ridiculed, absolutely not, the man gives everything to the team he loves. Should he be questioned and challenged on tactics and team selection absolutely. He was under pressure and he made changes through pressure from fans and press alike. So who chose and sanctioned bench warmers to the value of Jack's sale. Bailey today showed he is not good enough, Ings has already gone missing, Buendia is championship quality. So we are a lot weaker than season and yet expectations were higher. Our midfield is weak, Mcginn tries to the job of three, not fair, Ollie does his best but can't do it on his own. So no sugar coating we don't have the players or manager to get to either the fans or owners expectations. So where to we go from here, i honestly don't have a clue, what i do know is this current crop of players are obviously not good enough and the honest fans will know this.


1.) 02 Nov 2021 08:24:56
I have to agree with your sentiment. Spending 33m on Emi Buendia was a gamble, one that hasn't paid off. If things don't improve I think it is curtains for Dean Smith. I'm beginning to think last season was a fluke. I really thought we'd kick on but the same problems exist as of two seasons ago.
I really doubt Mings is a PL quality player, too inconsistent. Selling Jack Grealish was a good move but the money from his sale wasn't very well invested. I don't think we'll get relegated, but we won't be setting the league on fire either.

2.) 02 Nov 2021 16:19:35
So we're writing off two of our biggest signings after having played barely 10 games between them?
Maybe I'm too patient at times, but this is so far off the other end of the spectrum it's basically a reach around

3.) 02 Nov 2021 21:13:39
@ DBS1983 - In your opinion so far has Emi Buendia looked like a PL player? because what I have seen he hasn't. Don't let price tags deceive you.

4.) 03 Nov 2021 13:21:58
He certainly hasn't set the world on fire yet, but my point is writing him off completely after only a handful of games seems a bit short sighted.

5.) 04 Nov 2021 15:31:16
I agree DB we wrote Veretout off after a couple of games and look at him now, you have to give players time to adjust.



20 Dec 2020 18:20:12
Some of you taking the pee owe walkies an apology, strong reliable sources suggest that Konsa was tested positive last week.


1.) 20 Dec 2020 19:03:47
The joke was the “doubt” comment, if he does have C.V. simple thought process from when he last played tells you he isn’t a doubt, he’s out. 😂

Who are these “strong reliable sources”? Why would the club attempt to hide it?

2.) 20 Dec 2020 20:14:25
I would think there would be repercussions if they did try and hide it.

3.) 20 Dec 2020 21:04:47
Definitely Mark!

4.) 20 Dec 2020 21:33:05
He was out simples, never in doubt.

5.) 20 Dec 2020 22:55:18
Its players discretion and if his been training with other players we prob didn't want the game call off because his been around them. House told me himself with his brother so everybody elses view doesn't bother me! So if you have genuine info maybe we shouldn't put it up because u just get called a liar well he didn't play i and hause was right!

6.) 21 Dec 2020 09:31:52
I don’t know if you struggle to read scottcaffu or you missed the post everyone was referring to. Fortunately as much as he tries WTW can’t change what he already posted, so I’ll c&p for you:

“ Konsa wasnt ill he had Cov19 he is a major doubt 4 tomz game because 10 day isolation. ”

Now if I need to break down to you why people would take the pee, I can, but surely you can work out on your own that if Konsa played against Wolves, he must have passed a CV test, if in the mean time he failed one, that would incur a minimum of 10 day isolation period, as the wolves game was less than 10 days ago, he is not a doubt, he is out completely.

So there was no ‘doubt’ in it, it’s a banter site, if someone says something silly people will have some light hearted fun with it. There’s no need to cry.

7.) 21 Dec 2020 17:53:51
No answer yet?

8.) 21 Dec 2020 18:46:47
Nope Daz. Smith said again this morning Ezri is ill but on the mend, and they didn’t want the cold weather last night to slow his recovery.

9.) 21 Dec 2020 20:54:52
I agree i don't mind the banter but I was definitely not lying about him having C.V. luckly 4 us our chip shop is in a rich area and many footy players come in not all Villa. Hutton was in last week as well with his very fit mrs. The info i get is correct.

Maybe doubt is a wrong word i just no he had C.V. hause didn't say when he tested positive just that he did his brother is a very funny chap. 1 thing i will say is the closeness between seems to be very gud the way they all talk about each other.

10.) 21 Dec 2020 23:34:03
Seems a bit odd that the club would be trying to keep something quiet but the players are down in the chippy blabbing about it, for me the believability is zero on that 1 walkies.

11.) 22 Dec 2020 15:52:59
You no nothing.

12.) 22 Dec 2020 18:09:03
*know 😂.




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23 Jun 2022 18:34:11
So Luiz doesn't want to be at villa, good news and good riddance, he brings absolutely nothing to the party, his passing is woeful and all round game very average, he will not be missed.


1.) 23 Jun 2022 21:29:52
I have to agree scotty. said it last week, if we could get 20+ million it would be great business



14 Jun 2022 21:42:37
So Boregate. now knows, Stirling, Phillips shouldn't be anywhere near the England starting eleven.,of course you can't judge anything on tonight's performance, however the trend of his tactics and team selection have been woeful.


1.) 14 Jun 2022 21:58:56
He’s rubbish mate most boring football I have ever watched even the euros was boring



01 Jun 2022 00:32:03
Im struggling to understand the hype around the departure of Michael Beale, if as suggested he is the brains in terms of coaching, i'm sorry but i didn't see that much to think he will be missed. I didn't see a lot of difference between the Deano regime and Gerrard,of course time will tell.


1.) 01 Jun 2022 06:04:07
The other way to look at it scot is that if he really was the brains of the operation like people say, where does that actually leave us if we get worse?

2.) 01 Jun 2022 17:49:30
Even if there is some truth to Beale being the more tactical of the two for example I think the stories referring to him as the brains are not just offensive to SG and the other members of his staff, but it’s just the typical any excuse to s*** on Villa and spread doom and gloom.
I have noticed it countless times over the years, but even more so since we were back in the premiership.
We are constantly linked to players but yet every single supposed knock back or bit of bad news is highlighted and exaggerated.
The amount of times for example I’ve read “such and such rejects Villa” when there wasn’t even ever a genius link to them to begin with!

3.) 01 Jun 2022 18:56:13
Lads, we are at the beginning of probably the most exciting window in the club's history but we lose our coach and some fans are worrying about relegation - We love an overreaction as a fan base! He's a good coach, he'll be replaced, end of story. Let's have some perspective.

4.) 01 Jun 2022 19:34:22
I don't believe that he's the only person who makes anything work but to be fair Gerrard himself has been quoted that in terms of getting ideas across in training and making the plan actually work that it was all Beale and he leaves him to it because he doesn't have the knowledge or experience to do it better. That in itself suggests there will be a drop off, even if by only a small margin.

5.) 01 Jun 2022 21:31:06
I'd recommend staying off Twitter BK, most of those are probably rival fans trying it on.
It's reasonable to discuss whether we'll achieve what we've been promised if we're missing a potentially key cog. If we're underachieving by that much then the owners would act long before relegation was a genuine worry especially when Fulham, Bournemouth and Forest are very unlikely to be a big threat to most teams, one of the weakest sets of promoted teams in recent history.

6.) 01 Jun 2022 22:48:47
I guess my point is we don't know what we'll be missing RK, or if we'll even be missing anything at all - Beale is a good coach by all accounts but good coaches come and go, I don't recall a club losing a coach and it having a massive impact on the their trajectory and I don't expect that to happen at Villa.

Agree that it's sometimes best to stay off Twitter but it's hard to ignore the extreme highs and extreme lows you witness these days - It's a really exciting time to be a Villa fan, there's a genuine chance to bring in some high calibre players, let's enjoy the summer and trust the Club, and Gerrard, will have the players ready for August. That's my 2 cents anyway!



26 May 2022 17:41:37
Reading the posts below, i agree we are paying lots in wages and i think the latest Brazilian signing will top the lot, if we don't pay the going rate for top quality players we will never compete. Yet again our owners are willing to invest, its just to be hoped the new crop deliver the success the owners deserve, our previous colossal spend didn't get the return we all expected. New manager, new quality players and massive investment let's look forward to the future with renewed optimism.




22 May 2022 15:17:42
Good to see Buendia in the starting line up again, interesting if we have a go, we obviously aren't going to park the bus, without Nakamba starting.


1.) 22 May 2022 17:03:40
I was worried defensively with that midfield but all 5 have pressed and got stuck in at the right times, even JJ getting a couple of tackles in. Dougie probably should have taken out KDB for the counter but it worked out with the slip.
If we're still leading around 60 I imagine Coutinho comes off for Nakamba and we switch Ollie for Ings around 70.




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27 May 2022 11:10:46
Its pretty much ball park what i thought, i think Elghazi will struggle to get anywhere near 10 i also think with ings wages, teams likely to want him will want to pay around 10 so he can maintain his wages.Ings still has time to run on his contract so he may want to sit tight, we would have to drop our valuation to get his wages off the books.




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26 May 2022 19:49:24
Whack,Loti we are up to 15,how much do you think this lot would fetch?




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20 Dec 2020 21:33:05
He was out simples, never in doubt.




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18 Sep 2020 14:19:17
Ed where you bin, kingy is infamous on here, if kingy makes a prediction it never happens or its already in the public domain.




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03 Sep 2020 11:59:24
So Watkins not coming then, unless kingy finally gets one right at last.





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28 Jun 2022 12:22:49
Most footballers are still on holiday, (especially jack) i think things will start to move again in the next couple of weeks ahead of the start of the pre season games. I don't think Phillips or Bissouma were ever going to join us, so we need to focus on players that will.




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23 Jun 2022 18:27:29
Loti, i don't have the answer like you, just know we need to find someone to push ollie and support him, i agree who?




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22 Jun 2022 21:56:41
I don't think Arsenal will be interested in Ollie, for the simple reason he is not a top six striker, there were spells towards the end of the season where he would have been on the bench if we had a striker good enough to challenge him, Ings is not that player to keep him out. I just hope we sign a quality striker, otherwise i think our season will be similar to last. Just remember how we dominated Spurs and fired blanks for 45. minutes with our current strike force.




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15 Jun 2022 17:45:41
Dave bang on, Mings with all of issues always does good than bad




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11 Jun 2022 19:07:15
Bk, my money is on you being right.