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22 May 2022 19:50:27
Whilst the performance was good for 70 minutes unfortunately the game lasts 90 and we weren't up to the task, if Martinez was in goal I think he would have possibly saved Gundogan's header or at least made an attempt, I agree with rk substitutions we're poor and didn't help. I am also getting increasingly worried about Watkins he works hard runs the channels well but centre forwards are paid to score, he is not clinical enough if he stays then to my mind he is a squad player at best, we need an upgrade.

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22 May 2022 20:36:53
The art of the number 9 is dying. Coutinho showed with his goal that if you make the right movement off Watkins then his hard work comes good.
If we're going to stick with 2 number 10s then they need to be allowed to stick with him, one running behind for the flick, one waiting deeper for the second ball. Too often they are 20 yards away from him leaving him isolated.
Without a Grealish feeding him in the area multiple times a game its going to be difficult to have consistently good scoring opportunities leaving him short of that killer instinct. The same has happened for Ings who we all know is a natural finisher normally and its happened for Lukaku with the way Chelsea rely on the 3 10s doing the business.

22 May 2022 21:11:08
Dave D, i agree with loti for once and you are wrong, i was disappointed with the 90 minute performance. Our defence has looked vulnerable for most of the season and we rode our luck until the 75th minute. We didn't pass well and how many chances does Watkins need. The goalkeeper was woeful and whilst i have defended Mings in the past, i now agree with many on here andthink he is a liability and would be surprised if he is a regular starter next year. So end of school report, very average for one of the biggest premier league spenders. Take a good look at the league table, our owners must be extremely disappointed on the return on their investment. Just a couple of places above the relegated teams. So any of you guys with claret tinted glasses that are happy that we avoided relegation must be delighted tonight, my take, yet another disappointing season and a team of very average players. In order for us to push on towards Europe next season who would i not want to see in my starting eleven next season? Mings, Chambers, Konsa, Luiz, Ings, Watkins. So Who would i like to be moved on as not even bench warmers. Bailey, Traore, Trezz, Elghazi Young. Of course we all hope for something different next season and hopefully with a few quality additions Gerrard can move us forward,however come January if there are no significant improvements, many on here me included will be making noises,that's how football works.

22 May 2022 21:41:19
Whether we play one or two up front we need someone to score between 15 and 20 goals a season if we are to challenge the top 6 and I don’t think that’s Watkins, against the best sides you get few chances you need to take them he had 2 or 3 opportunities but didn’t work the keeper whilst his work rate is great his first touch is poor and he won’t score the goals we need to take us to the next level which is why I think Gerrard is looking at Suarez

22 May 2022 23:17:06
I really hope we don't sign Saurez Ings, his legs are gone, I get you don't lose that ability to stick the ball in the net but for me we should be avoiding this transfer.

23 May 2022 00:09:58
Everyone I know agrees with all of you about Watkins but I really rate him the work he dose off the ball is fantastic 11 goals in a very poor underachieved villa side is not bad at all put him in city or Liverpools squad with the chances he makes the doubles that tally in my eyes. Anyway onto next season mings for me has to go shame really was my favourite player in the championship. Many of my work pals are wolves fans and have slagged mings off while I have defended him for the last 2 season but this season I have seen the light and he needs to go. I would keep a lot of the players. In the starting line up from the current squad I would have.
Cash konsa XXX dignae
XXX XXX (maybe nakamba/ mcguin)
Couthino buendia XXX

23 May 2022 07:05:46
Watkins scored 15+ last season and started this season injured and then forced out wide to accommodate Ings.
Most of his goals this season came when the team as a whole found the tiniest bit of form. A full season where the players behind him are better and more consistent i'm sure he'll get back to 15, if not 20.

23 May 2022 07:51:00
UTV don’t get me wrong I also like Watkins as you say he works hard runs the channels brilliantly and if we are going to play 2 up front then we need to find a striker who compliments him, however if we are only going to play with one up top then I am sorry he is not prolific enough. My point re Suarez was not that he was the answer it was to reflect the fact that Gerrard appears to be looking for a striker I have long pinned my colours to the mast for me Schick is the front man we should push the boat out for.



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