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10 Jan 2023 21:55:27
I see we are being linked with Guendouzi from Marseille apparently Emery signed him while he was at Arsenal. He has also played quite a bit with Kamara so the two know each other's qualities and would work well in the heart of the midfield. Having watched quite a bit of the French League he is a definite upgrade on the likes of Dendonker and Nakamba and a more realistic target than the likes of McKennie.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 11 Jan 2023 00:29:09
Would love Guendouzi LOTI, think it would be an incredible signing - Oddly I think he's less realistic than McKennie, I'd be happy with either but if we could snag Guendouzi I'd be over the moon. Give me the following come Feb and I'll be very pleased :-)


Cash, Carlos, Mings, Moreno

Guendouzi, Luiz, Kamara, Ramsey

Danjuma, Watkins

2.) 11 Jan 2023 08:23:27
The reason I think Guendouzi is a more realistic target is because firstly to the best of my knowledge no other premiership clubs have expressed an interest that we know of, secondly Guendouzi had a really positive working relationship with Emery whilst he was at Arsenal. And thirdly and probably most tellingly Marseille are in significant financial difficulties in 2021 they owed in excess of 200 million euros.

{Ed002's Note - Matteo Guendouzi (CM) Marseille want to resist sales until the summer as they cannot sign replacements before then. However, they are currently working toward summer changes and MG maybe available then - or even in January at the right price. Aston Villa and Newcastle have apparently spoken with his agent whilst Juventus has spoken with Marseille.}

3.) 11 Jan 2023 10:44:48
Oh, wasnt aware of the financial issues at Marseille - That does give me more hope of signing Guendouzi. This one seems to have come out of nowhere, I wonder was he being eyed for the summer and maybe they feel they can, or have, to do the deal in January to get him? Surely his relationship with Emery would help massively then? What a signing that would be, and give us some many more options.

4.) 11 Jan 2023 15:41:09
All crap players. I'm done.

5.) 12 Jan 2023 10:56:09
Who would you like to see us sign Hnchlmchl85?



27 Oct 2022 10:31:27
Interesting article by Michael Antonio saying that on the football grapevine it's been said that a number of the Villa players didn't like how they were dealt with by Gerrard doesn't specify how many or who but you would imagine Mings would be one.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 27 Oct 2022 14:24:35
Not particularly bothered the main thing is for all the players to give Unai 100% backing.



24 Oct 2022 20:36:54
Emery in! Good luck Unai

Lord of the Ings

1.) 29 Oct 2022 08:46:01
Yes, Unai Emery is a top quality manager. I'm very happy with this appointment since the Martin O'Neill one. Why the Aston Villa owners didn't appoint him before is beyond me. UTV!



24 Aug 2022 13:00:55
So the rumour is we are looking for 3 additions before deadline day, as the talk is that Cameron and Tim may be allowed out on loan, therefore I am assuming I will be a central defender a centre forward and a midfielder, the question is what type of midfielder will it be.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 24 Aug 2022 13:57:47
Really worried now, always been a trust the process advocate but seeing Newcastle sign Isak and West Ham getting Paqueta has me really worried - We can't sign everybody, I get that, but these are top signings in positions we badly need addressing! I know Villa like to do things in private but I really getting concerned now, we need to address the midfield immediately and there really isn't much time left.

2.) 24 Aug 2022 16:03:15
BK, I think you need to keep your faith in the process. Paqueta is too similar to what we have so I am not unduly concerned re that one, Isak has a good reputation and would be an upgrade on what we have, but the signings we have made to date have all on paper been good additions so we have no reason to assume further additions won’t also tick the appropriate boxes.Options are out there you just need to hold your nerve.

3.) 24 Aug 2022 18:43:18
Ings, fully agree, definitely behind the overall process - The club is going in the right direction in all facets (perhaps besides the most important one, on the pitch) but we need to find a balance between the 2 IMO. Long term we are in great hands and have owners investing in infrastructure and academy but (despite a great start) this window has been somewhat underwhelming given our "competition" (I say that tongue in cheek currently) in West Ham, Wolves, Newcastle are spending big and spending on top talent. We need to at least match team or we are in trouble of becoming stagnant which could have knock on effects downstream to the overall project, if we are truly to be successful then the success off the pitch needs to be mirrored on it. I have full faith in the owners, this isn't me being critical, simply a little concerned that we may close another window with key areas in the squad undercooked.

4.) 24 Aug 2022 20:41:29
I take your point re Newcastle but in fairness that was always likely to be the case, given the wealth and the stated intentions of the club, but if you look at the other two sides man for man I would argue we are better, the difference is at managerial level where both Moyes and Lage are experienced there teams have a pattern of play that the players are comfortable with and tactically at the moment they are ahead of where Gerrard is but he needs to be given time to adapt and we will see whether he can step up.

5.) 24 Aug 2022 23:06:41
If you are talking about starting 11s then yes, I think there's argument that ours is stronger (on paper) than both West Ham and Wolves but they have both strenghtened significantly this summer whereas (due to Carlos injury) we have only added Kamara. Fully agree though,the difference is the management, style of play, identify etc, all of which is lacking in this current set up at the moment. I'd love to see us bring in 3 players, like if we brought in Sarr (or an equivalent as that looks dead now), Diallo / Szalai and say Conor Gallagher (loan with an option) then all of a sudden we have a squad ready to genuinely compete. It can change so quickly, we just need to bring in some additional talent to complement an already decent squad and if we can do that the mood around the club will change dramatically.

6.) 25 Aug 2022 00:29:43
I’m sorry guys but I think your dreaming, be it on paper or on grass we are not better than wolves, Newcastle, West Ham Crystal Palace etc, I’m confused as to why you think it when these teams are more consistent and finishing ahead of us in recent seasons, Crystal Palace destroyed us at the weekend, did ye see Newcastle play city? West Ham have spanked us the last 2 seasons, wolves made us look like fools last year and finished well ahead of us. results are what define players and teams and these teams are all playing better than us so why exactly are we stronger on paper, just because they are ours don’t make them better.
Also all these teams are adding quality players, we added a couple early on, gerrard wanted his players bought in early for preseason, already lost 1 of them, our first team has 1 new face added to a team who struggled all last year and finished 14th, we’re going down the table not up, I hate to say it but it’s looking like a crap season ahead of us, anyone who thinks Gallagher will come in on loan must be on drugs, he will stay at Chelsea he’s getting game time there and if he don’t he will have way better options than us.
I’m really disappointed with this window, even before Carlos got injured it was looking poor compared to other clubs. seems like there’s money there to spend but players obviously don’t want to come to us of it would of being done early like the others and they would of had preseason with us, turning into a shambles.

7.) 25 Aug 2022 04:54:20
I don't agree Whack, player for player Villa are as strong as any of the sides you mention above - You don't think a better manager could come in and get a tune out of our players and have them firing more effectively? The issue isn't the quality of player, it's our set up and lack of any genuine philosophy and style of play.

West Ham have an elite player in Declan Rice and a top PL player in Bowen but beyond that I would make the argument that the likes of Martinez, Digne, Carlos, Cash, Kamara, Buendia, Watkins etc would all find a home in the West Ham 11 (or very close to it)? Newcastle are on a different trajectory to Villa long term but again (currently) player for player there isn't a massive difference, the issue is Howe has found a system that works for his players, Villa (Gerrard) is insisting on playing a certain way regardless of whether we have the players to perform it effectively.Same for Crystal Palace! Also, yes Wolves beat us twice last year but let's be honest we only have ourselves to blame for both those results, I wouldn't rewatch those matches and say we lost because (to a man) Wolves are much better. And I guess that's my big worry for the season, I've said it plenty, we aren't miles away from having a very good side, my worry is can our management team get a tune out of them because I'm 100% convinced another manger would, and will, if they can't.

I've faith we'll get some bodies in the door between now and end of window - Bar a last minute moving of the goalposts we'd have Sarr concluded already, a player who wasn't a priority but would have added additional quality to our forward line. I assume there is a Plan B, we know we need (and will get a CB) and I'd be absolutely astounded if the Club isn't aware we need additional quality in midfield. I'm as worried as the next fan about this season, I just don't agree it's down to a lack of quality which makes it even more frustrating when we lose in the manner we have been recently.

8.) 25 Aug 2022 07:52:13
Whack, the only West Ham players who would get anywhere near the first team would be Rice and Bowen, with Wolves, Neves. And if as we all are judging teams on the season so far then where are West Ham? I do think that you may very well be right though that the season may be bumpy as Gerrard tries to instil a way of playing but as I have said before we need to give the guy time and then judge him

9.) 25 Aug 2022 10:03:46
Ok guys so what makes our players better than theirs on paper? I’m being a realist here, our players bar 2 or 3 haven’t performed consistently in the past 3 seasons, last year Deano got docked cause they were so bad, we had a bit of a bounce when gerrard came first and then back to being poor, the season before we played well till Xmas then crap and worse then when grealish got injured, and the season before we escaped on the last day of the season by the skin of our teeth. so I’m at a loss as to why our players are being rated so highly compared to players doing it well for a few years now, we can talk about systems but effectively players need talent and great attitude to do well in the premier league

10.) 25 Aug 2022 10:20:41
Most of ours are either full internationals or part of an international squad most of West Ham and Wolves aren’t

11.) 25 Aug 2022 10:51:19
To add to Ings point, we know that our players can produce a high standard - Cash last season, Digne under Ancelotti, McGinn for Scotland, Mings for England, Konsa under Smith, Coutinho at Liverpool, Buendia for Norwich, Watkins under Smith, Ings at Southampton, Bailey in the Bundesliga - The list goes on! We know these players can perform much better than they currently are, the issue isn't the players, it's the tactics and if it's not addressed we'll struggle. Whether we agree our players are as good as the next team is irrelevant but anybody who says there isn't talent in that squad needs to give their head a wobble.

12.) 25 Aug 2022 14:16:25
Agree on cash I like him a lot and gives his all, digne gives us more going forward but weaker defensively that targett, also injury prone and has had plenty of howlers in the last 12 months, mings is not a regular starter for England plus when he plays for England he has more quality around him, konsa under smith when the stadium’s were empty and less pressure but crap since the start of last season, couthinho at Liverpool? Come on mate was that 5 years ago? Buendia in the championship very good, I rate him a lot to be fair and he’s really improved since Christmas so he would be 1 of the few I’m happy with, Watkins I like but he walks into maybe 5 premier league teams tops, ings I fear may be past his best, good finisher but is he an upgrade on the likes of Wilson or Antonio I wouldn’t put my house on it. Bailey good stats in Germany but in 1 of the stronger teams over there, he’s good but he’s a passenger for huge parts of games he plays.

13.) 25 Aug 2022 17:40:34
We'll have to agree to disagree Whack - For me, if players have performed at a good level in the past they can deliver again in a more suitable system, none are past their prime so Gerrard needs to find a way to get the best out of them, none are playing anywhere near their best.



19 Jul 2022 17:58:49
Apparently after signing Lewandowski Barcelona are looking to offload Memphis Depay and an offer of circa 23 million euros is on the table from a 'mid table' premiership team. I wonder ?

Lord of the Ings

1.) 19 Jul 2022 18:24:25
I'd just love a rumour at this stage mate :-) Doesn't even have to be true! LOL




Lord of the Ings's banter posts with other poster's replies to Lord of the Ings's banter posts


17 Jan 2023 14:03:19
I do love the transfer window when all the jounalistic bull gets aired. As an example the first article I read stated McKennie has turned down ourselves and Bournemouth as he is waiting for bids from either Spurs or Chelsea before deciding who to join. The next article we are apparently in the box seat to sign him?

Lord of the Ings

1.) 17 Jan 2023 14:59:21
and you get his agent laugh when asked by a repoeter if he would join villa,personally we don't need players like that who think there bigger than what they are,hes a good a player but not wclass,hope we move on from him

2.) 17 Jan 2023 16:14:27
Didn't look that good at the World Cup, and can't get in the team currently. When he did they lost 5-1. Chelsea or Spuds are welcome to him.



15 Jan 2023 14:09:04
As we know we are looking to recruit at least one winger this window and the focus seems to be on recruiting from abroad, the likes of Danjuma, Delafeou,Jackson and Chukwuemeka, I wonder why we don't look at the likes of Barnes from Leicester and Johnson from Forest, both young players prepared to put a shift in and familiar with the league. Trying to get them out of there clubs now probably isn't realistic but I think it might be a different story come the summer.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 15 Jan 2023 16:15:15
barnes would be class,and tielimens they would make our starting 11 much better

2.) 15 Jan 2023 21:36:49
I'd have Barnes all day long

3.) 15 Jan 2023 21:37:12
You have to ask why they are not doing it at Leicester anymore, I think both have reached their peak to be honest, similar to McNeil, brennan Johnston maybe. I think we are better off looking abroad tbh.

4.) 15 Jan 2023 22:52:04
We looked abroad with Bailey and although I like him he is taking time to adjust. I think Barnes has proved himself in the premiership he is pacy and direct, as for not doing it anymore I think he is suffering because Leicester are struggling what I like about him is he is one of the few wingers who does the defensive side and helps protect his left back so he ticks a number of boxes for me.

5.) 16 Jan 2023 00:12:19
Im not going to argue this 1 to much I’ve seen very little of Leicester this season, they are not a team I like to watch. but your right about a winger who also has a defensive side to his game

6.) 16 Jan 2023 10:22:39
Barnes is a great call, I juys wonder if he is too much of an orthodox winger and that Emery might be looking at somebody who can play winger and up front?



14 Jan 2023 11:31:02
I know it's only a few games into the Emery regime but I think you can see the type of football he is going to play, and consequently the type of player he wants. So it appears to me he is looking for technically gifted players with a good work ethic which is why I think we are being linked with the likes of Guendouzi/McKennie. Assuming we land one of these I think he will start with Kamara plus Guendouzi/McKennie which leaves us significantly overstocked for the other midfield berths and it will be interesting to see what he does to sort this out as I don't see these players being happy to be bench warmers. In terms of up front if he is going to play the 4 2 2 2 it looks like one of the 2 will have the capacity to play wide, at the moment it looks like Bailey fills that role who undoubtedly has the technical ability but lacks a little in the work ethic department so again it's no surprise we are being linked with wide players. I also think how Emery wants to play is not going to suit Ings so better to sell now and get a decent price for him. Watkins has the workrate and movement but lacks the technical ability so whilst I think Emery may persevere in the short term I think long term he will be replaced. At the back it's no surprise we are looking at centre backs particularly if we are going to play out from the back, whilst I like Mings he doesn't have the ability to play out in tight situations and neither does Konsa so again I understand the link with Pau Torres who is technically gifted but a bit one paced for me but you have to trust the manager. Interestingly we have identified a potential replacement for Digne in Moreno far to early to judge him on what we have seen so far but we are now being linked with a replacement at right back in Denzel Dumfries who is quite athletic and very good going forward personally I don't see much wrong with Cash but I think you can see how the manager wants the team to play but I think it's going to take a few transfer windows and a lot of cash to get us to where we all want us to be.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 14 Jan 2023 14:52:10
I think Guendouzi (if he signs) will take McGinns spot LOTI - Whether that means McGinn shifting to the opposite side and replacing Ramsey who knows. Guendouzi's heat map from last season saw him predominantly take up positions on the right so makes sense (to me at least LOL) that he would slot in there. Also gives Emery options to play a midfield 3 if required. Agree we are overstocked so expect Sanson and Marvelous to leave in January/ Summer leaving us with Kamara, Guendouzi, Luiz, Ramsey, McGinn and Iroegbunam fighting for 4 spots (assuming he keeps this fluid 4-4-2 formation). Think we will look to add a ball playing CB in the summer, Torres the obvious one, big ask to get him - Also think we will bring in another RB in the summer. Priority in January has to be a forward, somebody to partner Watkins, it's gone quiet but I wouldn't rule out Muriqi, I think last night was crying out for a big man to hold up play.Oh and get Guendouzi in of course! Exciting times for Villa!

2.) 14 Jan 2023 16:21:21
I think whether we sign Guendouzi or McKennie I think it’s likely to be one or the other then they will both start, working on the assumption that Nakamba and Sanson leave then we still have Ramsey,McGinn,Luiz, Buendia, Coutinho and if he continues to progress Ireogbunam competing for 2 places we might keep some of them but not all of them.

As an aside I have a friend who is a Manc he tells me that the rumours up his way are that Utd are planning a summer move for Martinez offering us Henderson plus either Wan Bissaka or Maguire if it’s Wan Bissaka they will bung us a few quid as well if it’s Maguire that’s it no cash. If it’s true then I hope firstly Emi tells them he’s not interested end of story or even if he is we tell them bugger off.

3.) 14 Jan 2023 20:21:41
Funny I was chatting to my brother in law yesterday during the match - He's a United fan and I was saying I'm confident that Martinez will be at Villa next season as there are very few clubs that A. Are elite B. Could afford what we want for Martinez and C. Are in the market for a keeper but we did land on United as a potential suiter. I could see only United or Chelsea being interested from the Prem. Personally I wouldn't entertain a swap deal, if you want Martinez you pay our price and given his trajectory I'd imagine that price would be north of 80M. If a club offers that and Emi wants to go then fine but I just can't see it happening. Perhaps a bit niave on my part! Who would you replace him with? Raya from Brentford perhaps?

4.) 14 Jan 2023 21:42:23
I’d go for either Pickford or Sanchez failing that the Croat keeper Livakovic, I definitely would not go for Bounou



13 Jan 2023 23:09:50
Not a good performance but we won and that's important it shows the strength of character of a team if they can grind results out like this. In terms of the positives, Martinez was first class but for him we may well have lost. For 70 minutes Young was first rate but he ran out of legs late on. Kamara great in front of the back four, receiving the ball in the tightest of positions and linking up with the forward players. Bailey showed what he is capable of and we need to see much more of performances like that from him

On the downside the overall performance was poor. We gave the ball away to easily particularly in the middle of the park. I don't understand why we insist on trying to play out from the back even when the out ball is effectively being closed down by the opposition we nearly got caught out several times trying this. If we insist that this is the way we are going to play then I think we need 2 new centre backs as both Mings and Konsa look particularly uncomfortable with the ball at there feet when being closed down. I have always maintained at times you need to put the ball into row z but we seem reluctant to do that irrespective of the situation. I think the game also highlighted the need for a out and out goalscorer if we had one the ball that Bailey put across the six yard box would have been a tap in instead Watkins was back on his heels, and Ings when he came on was virtually anonymous.

The one thing that we should learn from Leeds is how to close an opposition down they were very good throughout the 90 minutes and if we are going to be a pressing team then they showed us the way you should do it.

Still a wins a win. UTV.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 13 Jan 2023 23:58:56
Agreed with most of that mate apart from Bailey. If that's what he's capable of we should sell now. Him getting man of the match was ridiculous. Absolutely woeful for 89 minutes other than two shots.
I'll take the points and in the grand scheme of things it's nice to walk away from Villa Park having ground out a win - how many times do we bemoan a top 6 team walking away with three points when we think we've been the better team.
For me tonight was a great illustration of why we need much more quality in the final third. Our defensive players aren't perfect by any stretch but you need your offensive players to show for the ball and retain it, which we rarely did. You could put the two best centre backs in the world in that team and they'd still struggle at times.
Still, when you don't play well you need to fight and show some craft which we did and although it might not be pretty, the points are ticking over and we're slowly turning into a tough team to beat. That's phase one, the next phase will be to try and dominate opposition and create, which will take time. Suspect Emery will be a tad like Conte in his approach at first, which will mean some tense times ahead. Just got to trust the process.
Enjoy your weekend all!

2.) 14 Jan 2023 00:02:43
Did i miss something i thought we were outstanding tonite scored early weathered the storm played some tidy stuff and some superb individual performances tonite some of the work on the ball was at times world class kamara mainly. Wasnt perfectly shiny but what game is tbf. Very happy with the way things are going for us utv.

3.) 14 Jan 2023 00:09:29
You have to find the balance though lord, yes Leeds closed us down very well but left open several times, their keeper also lucky he didn’t see red cause they kept getting caught, I understand what your saying but I don’t think a team 2 points off relegation is something we should aspire to. Watkins speed was a big loss, ings just didn’t have the pace to affect the game, if we had another pacy winger on opposite flank to Bailey I think we win that game by 3 or 4 goals.

4.) 14 Jan 2023 00:53:19
I think 'outstanding' is a bit of a push mate. Battled well but other than a few players, Kamara and Young in particular, it was a game that most neutrals would say Leeds deserved something from.
Agree there are some positive signs though and happy with the overall direction, but plenty of work to do.

5.) 14 Jan 2023 06:40:27
I thought Leeds looked bright and pressed well but bar a 10 minute period at the end of the first half we never looked under immense pressure IMO. Thought we handled the game in a professional manner, yes we lost possession more than I'd like but Emery is trying to instill a philosophy and style of play and the reality is this doesn't happen overnight.

Kamara was exceptional (as always) and special mention to Young who did a fantastic job on Gnonto who (according to Sky) is the combination of prime Messi and Ronaldinho (the commentary was shocking).

6.) 14 Jan 2023 08:08:42
There are times especially in his own half where Bailey needs to release the ball even if there's not an easy pass on.
Other than that though he was excellent and was again one of the only ones regularly pushing us up the pitch.
We still drift left too much as a team leaving Bailey isolated.
I'm not sure what people expect him to do when he has 2 or 3 players around him and no support other than try get through them.
In every team the wide forward players lose possession more ppthan anyone else.

7.) 14 Jan 2023 10:47:45
100% agree RK, I thought Bailey was excellent last night. His role and style of play inevitably means he will lose the ball occasionally but he was very good last night. What last night demonstrated to me is how important Watkins is, we need a partner for him this window as sadly Ings is not the answer.



10 Jan 2023 14:32:13
Given the amount of dissatisfaction around our current squad who would you get rid of and why? So I have had a go as a starter for 10! and to provoke some debate here's my list.

Olsen - Not a premiership standard goalkeeper.
Hause - Similar to Olsen.
Guilbert - I feel a bit sorry for Freddy by and large he was ok but a number of managers haven't liked what he has to offer so better to let him go I think.
Young - Too old.
Bednarek - One paced and if he can't command a regular start at Southampton then that says it all to me.
Nakamba - Distribution poor can't pass to someone in the same coloured shirt.
Coutinho - Doesn't want to be with us
Sanson - Isn't fancied by a number of managers better to cut our losses.
Davis - Doesn't fit in to our style of play and not prolific enough.
Ings - We don't play to his strengths regrettably and therefore better to cash in now and get someone who fits the managers style.

I have one player where I think the jury is out and that's Bailey I think he is a decent player but frustratingly inconsistent personally I would like to give him until the end of the season and evaluate him then but I understand why some may want to rush to judgment now.

Lord of the Ings

1.) 10 Jan 2023 16:04:01
I'd say your list is mostly spot on.
We should keep Young for his experience and links to the club if nothing else to help keep the squad in check. He's also been one of our best players this season.
I'd prefer to keep Sanson ahead of Ramsey and Luiz to be honest but if Emery doesn't fancy him then it's best to let go.
I think Davis is useful for when we need that plan B but it wouldn't be fair to keep for 15 minutes here and there.

2.) 10 Jan 2023 16:09:27
id keep martinez,mings,carlos,digne,cash,
bouba,luis,ramsey, get rid of the rest not good enough,we need we need a lot of quality players in 1st team and squad,its going too take unai atleast 3 windows too sort 1st team and squad out

3.) 10 Jan 2023 16:42:20
I agree with most of that lord, I’d still keep ings though, good impact sub and lots of experience, and I think young is a useful squad player and brings experience aswel as ings, I don’t agree with your reason for selling couthinho I honestly think he wants it to work at villa but he’s just past his sell by date he’s not even championship standard.
agree about Bailey I think he has a place in our squad, he looks dangerous a lot of the time he just needs more composure and confidence back, if he was the lvl of the players we had on the bench we would be in a decent position squad wise.
Dendonker is another I’d shift.

4.) 10 Jan 2023 18:08:50
Bloody hell I forgot Dendonker he definitely needs to go.?

5.) 10 Jan 2023 19:32:54
I think the starting point is players you need as back up, who are willing to be on the bench and in a future quality team are just not good enough, if we need to push on to the next level. Konsa, Cash, Dinge, Luiz, Bailey (at an absolute push), Watkins, Ings, in my opinion are in this category.

So the team should be built, around Martinez, Mings, Moreno, Kamara, Ramsey and six signings over the next three transfer windows. In the mean time, Cash, Luiz Watkins Konsa, Ings and the new proven striker, attacking winger and creative midfield will be in a starting eleven . Players to move on, Freddie, Sansome, Dendonka, Davis, Coutinho and any loan signings. And of course we need a new back up keeper.

6.) 10 Jan 2023 21:46:17
id build my team around the 5 you said but i'd keep cash and luis,they are good players but if some1 puts a big bid in i'd sell both,like we both said its going to take atleast 3 windows to bring players in and get players out,6players needed in starting 11,and then overhaul of squad




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12 Jan 2023 16:42:12
Interesting take by John Cross on Talksport who seems to think we will land Guendouzi if we are prepared to pay the asking price, but that we will also listen to offers for Digne as Moreno is likely to be first choice and Digne won’t be prepared to warm the bench. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Lord of the Ings



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12 Jan 2023 07:24:38
In fairness to Jonny I have seen the Dembele rumour too. Apparently a couple of Turkish sides were interested I think one was Galatasary but they have withdrawn interest because a premiership side has entered the race, the assumption was that Villa were that team on what basis they were assuming it was us wasn’t made clear.

Lord of the Ings



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11 Jan 2023 08:23:27
The reason I think Guendouzi is a more realistic target is because firstly to the best of my knowledge no other premiership clubs have expressed an interest that we know of, secondly Guendouzi had a really positive working relationship with Emery whilst he was at Arsenal. And thirdly and probably most tellingly Marseille are in significant financial difficulties in 2021 they owed in excess of 200 million euros.

Lord of the Ings

{Ed002's Note - Matteo Guendouzi (CM) Marseille want to resist sales until the summer as they cannot sign replacements before then. However, they are currently working toward summer changes and MG maybe available then - or even in January at the right price. Aston Villa and Newcastle have apparently spoken with his agent whilst Juventus has spoken with Marseille.}



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10 Jan 2023 08:55:21
Apparently Moreno can play anywhere down the left hand side so perhaps he will play both I don’t know, but I agree if it’s to replace Digne then I would have thought other areas need addressing before this one.

Lord of the Ings



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06 Jan 2023 13:45:49
I don’t know too much about Moreno but what I have seen of McKennie he looks a good player. For me the interesting thing will be how we use him so if he’s going to play as a box to box midfielder then I think Emery will have to move away from the 4 2 3 1 system because I don’t see McKennie starting in the middle of a three with Coutinho Buendia McGinn available as I would imagine Luiz and Kamara being the holding midfielders, but If we play a straight 4 3 3 I am not sure he how he fits in there either as Kamara is a must Emery seems to like Luiz so that leaves McKennie competing with the ones I mentioned above not forgetting we have Ramsey to come back in. I know we need a squad but I would rather see a winger,out and out striker come in before a central midfielder to be honest

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03 Jul 2023 20:42:01
Yes, but after the ‘pay off’ he’ll be able to buy his own club to manage!

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19 Jan 2023 07:52:44
Ings doesn’t suit the system we play Whack, he won’t get in ahead of Watkins even if we spend £40 million on a decent winger

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17 Jan 2023 08:27:45
I agree BK, Ings isn’t suited to how we are playing currently and I would argue wasn’t suited to how Gerrard or Smith wanted to play I think he was signed to cushion the blow of losing Grealish. He is a decent striker and a side that plays to his strengths will get 15 goals plus a season injuries permitting out of him.

If he does go though I might have to change my nom de plume ?

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16 Jan 2023 15:21:20
We were tenuously linked with him end of November early December so this hasn’t come completely left field.

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15 Jan 2023 22:52:04
We looked abroad with Bailey and although I like him he is taking time to adjust. I think Barnes has proved himself in the premiership he is pacy and direct, as for not doing it anymore I think he is suffering because Leicester are struggling what I like about him is he is one of the few wingers who does the defensive side and helps protect his left back so he ticks a number of boxes for me.

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