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24 Apr 2022 15:19:27
Reading the sports pages in the sunday papers, talk of a summer clear out is the theme. How much would be the combined valuation of Ings, Bailey, Traore, Elghazi Trezz, Luiz be. My figure would be 50 million if we are lucky,. To replace these with quality would probably be 150 million minimum, let's just hope our next round of spending is better than the previous disappointing efforts.

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24 Apr 2022 17:10:17
That’s like 8m a player?! :/ not even worth selling most for that

24 Apr 2022 20:35:44
We need to sell in order to buy mate

24 Apr 2022 20:43:42
Scotty I don’t know why you think the valuation of these players has fallen through the floor I think you are allowing your doom and gloom to cloud your judgement. The fee being suggested for Luiz is between £30-35 million alone, I don’t think we will sell Bailey but if we were to do so I would expect us to get our money back, Ings would get us between £15 and £20 million that’s £70 million for those 3 alone add Trez, Traore and AEG to the mix that will net us in excess of £100 million and that’s before you add Sanson, Targett, Wesley and Davis into the equation.

24 Apr 2022 20:50:52
Bailey isn't going anywhere, Ings and Bissouma swap, get 25m for the others at least. 10 for Traore. 15 for Dougie.

24 Apr 2022 23:15:01
Closer to 80-100M would be my guess Caffu.Leon Bailey, Danny Ings and Douglas Luiz would have a long list of interested clubs if available, I'm sure of it.

25 Apr 2022 16:13:25
BK, i deliberately underestimated to see what others thought, however i can't see us getting more than ten-15 million for Ings, based on his age, wage demands and this seasons performances. I honestly think we were stupid enough to pay what we did for Bailey, I think he is championship quality and again based on wages and performances (or lack off) we would be lucky to get 8-10 million. We might at a push get 15-20 for Dougie. Elghazi and Trez if they don't go on a free which is possible, we might get 4-5 Mill each. So based on this, it is why i think 100 is way off the mark, interesting times ahead mate.

25 Apr 2022 17:08:59
Ings 15
Doug 20-25
Trez 0
Wesley 0
El ghazi 5
Traore 10-15
Bailey 25-30 or we'll keep
Davis 5-10

80 Mill is definitely achievable, 100 isn't.

25 Apr 2022 23:42:01
The values you've put there yourself add up to £100m mate (at the high end of your valuations), suggesting £100m is achievable.but sale value is only half of the equation anyway.
I think a few people seem to have the glass half empty at the moment, just be patient and enjoy the summer, it looks like it's going to be an exciting one.

26 Apr 2022 06:21:24
I gave a rough range and it doesn't take a genius to know that getting 1 top end valuation isn't guaranteed. all 4 won't happen because Davis and Bailey almost definitely won't hit their top figures.
You can't count wages in your "half an equation". Any players coming in will be on as much or more if they are supposed to be improvements.
Where in a list of realistic valuation estimates am I being negative? I actually think I'm being fairly generous with a couple of them.

26 Apr 2022 08:11:03
I disagree about you being generous and your quotes. They’re about bog standard. And for Davies are way lower than the valuation we’ve apparently given forest? (12m) So why would we suddenly sell him for £5m?

26 Apr 2022 09:57:26
Paper values are just that. Bissouma was being touted at 50 yet we apparently went in at 25 and it was a similar story with JWP the previous window.
Davis is injured again so I don't see how anyone pays over £10mill for him and its probably closer to 5-8.
El ghazi is technically worth more and I'd prefer to keep him but there's a good chance after his lack of game time for Everton that we even release him just for the wages.
There's also a chance the club cut their losses on Bailey at 20-25 which further lowers the figure. Again, I think he needs a chance but the lack of game time, injuries and not fitting Gerrards system means the club might not play hardball on him.

26 Apr 2022 10:11:35
RK - I was just commenting that it seems strange to state £100m definitely isn't achievable only to demonstrate that it is with your own figures. As mentioned by neb above, I think you've been a bit negative with Davis, maybe Doug and i'd expect a fee for Trez too. Not to mention the likes of Target, Sanson and even Chuk who didn't even make your list. There will be a clear our of several senior players and we'll be aiming to replace them with fewer but better - that's where the transfer fee's do become only half of the equation as we'll have more wiggle room financially to aim for higher calibre players. Like you say, it doesn't take a genius.

Anyway, mainly just opinions and rumours at this stage so like a few have said, let's just get to the end of the season and see what happens.but I think we'll have an exciting summer and some swift business!

26 Apr 2022 11:55:55
I'd happily bet that Luiz won't go for more, Roma would have paid the 30 last summer when he had an extra year on his contract if that was the case.



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