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18 Apr 2021 18:21:29
Widespread condemnation of the news of a proposed breakaway super league. Gary Neville, a Utd player and fan of 40 years extremely vocal on the subject and fair play to him speaking from the heart of how fans up and down the country are feeling at this news. It will serve them right, if it goes ahead, if major punishments, both financially and domestically are dealt out by the sports governing bodies.

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18 Apr 2021 18:41:02
It's a joke moose, greed that's what is, and if it's true like neville said Dock them points, that's the way footie ball is now greedy foreign owners thank god ours are good.

18 Apr 2021 19:17:07
Greedy bas tards

Big 6.what right have Spurs or arsenal got to think they should be in it?

Villa and forest have more rights. at lease both teams have won the bloody thing.

18 Apr 2021 19:32:10
It would be interesting to hear what their own supporters have to say on it. I can’t imagine the prospect of having to watch their teams on PPV all the time has too much appeal. If I was a Liverpool fan for example, I would be seriously considering becoming an Everton fan.

{Ed002's Note - You should look perhaps at the Liverpool page Mark. I have provided a length explanation on the European pages.

18 Apr 2021 19:32:19
When it was a proper competition with no 2nd chances 👍.

18 Apr 2021 19:45:03
Correct moose. and it was genuine champions v champions .

18 Apr 2021 19:55:55
Yes, don't remember anyone at the Olympics getting a gold medal for finishing 2nd.

18 Apr 2021 20:37:30
4eva, why Dock points when you an kick them out altogether? If they want their own league it should cost them the right to compete in any FIFA affiliated competition.
It would go away pretty quickly if players were banned from World Cups for not being registered.

18 Apr 2021 21:18:21
I agree rk but if the governing body won’t act and let’s face it it’s likely they won’t if how they deal with the racism issue is anything to go by then surely the FA can instruct the England manager that he cannot pick any player who plays for a team in this European super league players then have a choice to make.

18 Apr 2021 21:52:29
The English FA wouldn't risk the competitiveness of the national team as a sole voice. The most they would do as a standalone action would be kick them out of the cups.
I personally would be of the position of remove them from the football pyramid and if they ever want to come back they have to start from the bottom. The big rewards they are after have to come with big risks in my opinion.
I do, however, realise it would be a risky move for English football in general. Big sponsors may be less inclined to offer up as much if 3 of the biggest worldwide fanbases (Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal) weren't around as massively reduces their exposure.

{Ed002's Note - If teams join a breakaway league they will be removed from all FIFA, UEFA, FA and Premier League competitions completely.}

18 Apr 2021 22:05:28
Ed, I think the problem is that they've rebranded it as an alternative European competition rather than a breakaway league (hence the reduction to 12 teams from 20).
FIFA/ UEFA could just see this as an alternative to their 3rd European competition idea and make a deal so the current Champions League and Europe league rebrand to be the 2nd and 3rd level (although Arsenal and Spurs being in the top level with their current teams would be a joke)

{Ed002's Note - Well there may be attempts to use the leverage to get other benefits from UEFA but FIFA and UEFA will look to expel the clubs from all competition and seek compensation from them.}

18 Apr 2021 22:24:58
Sorry but England hasn’t been competitive since 1966 so I don’t see that as a particularly big issue. Somethings are actually bigger than the immediate needs of the national team, cricket took a stand when Kerry Packer came on the scene in the late 70’s early 80’s when established internationals had a choice between playing for England or for Packer’s cricket circus some opted for the circus others didn’t English cricket survived so would the England football team.

18 Apr 2021 23:45:40
Would love to see a premier league statement in the morning saying the “big 6” will now be the bottom six and put them all on zero points and let them fight for safety lol 😂 would leave us sitting pretty in 5th with games in hand. I personally can’t see fifa or uefa standing for it, they can’t, if they do they can say goodbye to any control in football going forward, the clubs will be the shot callers and they will do as they please. I’m hoping it’s going to unsettle some players in those 6 squads it might make them more willing to move to teams like ourselves and others. it also could have the opposite effect I suppose. They should put a complete ban on any players moving to or from those teams to teams outside the “super league” if they go ahead with it.

19 Apr 2021 06:08:32
There would have to be enough of a pre-warning and/ or amnesty period. Would not be fair to players stuck in contracts not being able to escape that league if they wanted to.

19 Apr 2021 06:12:02
Let them do it, on the basis they can’t rejoin the domestic leagues for the next 25 years.

Give them a deadline of say the end of the month, whatever they decide is final. Dortmund and Bayern have already said firm no, can’t see Juventus joining. It would end up being a wish wash greedy league, with some of the best clubs in Europe, but by no means all.

Give it a year and they’ll be begging to come back. Would be hilarious.

19 Apr 2021 06:55:18
That would get messy John if you start including the national team, as players have existing contracts. The club accepting to join a super league is fa to do with the players.

19 Apr 2021 18:03:31
Messy it might be Chris but associations are talking about this as a possible sanction and rightly so in my opinion. Players have time between now and when the league starts to take the money join the gravy train but forfeit there international career or seek a move to a different club quite simple really. It happened before in cricket and the game survived the same will happen in football.

19 Apr 2021 19:09:41
What happens if the clubs aren't willing to sell?
Players are under contract and you can't reasonably expect them to have to pay millions to buy out their contracts because of a decision that wasn't theirs.

19 Apr 2021 20:03:55
As we all know the players wield the power are we really saying that the club will hold on to an unhappy player? If I am the player and I want to play for my country I want a move and I would expect the club to respect my wishes as when I signed I didn’t realise I was wrecking my international prospects if I had I wouldn’t have signed. If I believe the club won’t respect my wishes then I will simply say I’m injured and sit and wait until my contract expires and I go on a free. Job done. No business is going to let that happen.

20 Apr 2021 06:18:23
I think you'd be surprised. Most of those stories come from "smaller" clubs.
The richest clubs often do hold on to players and just relegate them to the bench. Those players eventually have to start contributing after a while to save their reputation.
Players feigning injuries for long periods of time that doctors can prove don't exist would very much be in contravention of their contracts (there would 100% be clauses covering those situations) . The players would then not be getting paid a penny due to forfeiting their wages for not fulfilling their responsibilities.

20 Apr 2021 06:19:27
Read up on the cricket thing and seems like it might be the sort of extreme idea that stops this John!



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