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05 Jun 2021 18:19:00
Sky sports - we've agreed a deal to sign Beundia, medical already completed, get in.


1.) 05 Jun 2021 20:18:42
Brilliant news, our club is on the up guys, great day for our clubs future if we are not at a point where we are as big a pull as a club like arsenal, thank god for NSWE, immediately need to build 2 statues at VP for them, breathed life back into our club, look at city and where they were 15 years ago. I know he’s a championship player but this is a massive statement and I don’t think it ends here.

2.) 05 Jun 2021 20:35:29
Nicely put Whaky, I think most on here wanted him, I know I did, so I am a happy man tonight.
Another 2 maybe 3 additions, and we will be putting some welcome pressure on the players we already have, to keep performing.
Great news, and certainly a bit earlier than I thought it would be 👍👍👍.

3.) 05 Jun 2021 22:02:14
Upon reading it back there’s a rouge word in first sentence “not” it shouldn’t be in there but u all get what I was saying I’m sure. I didn’t think it would happen until a few days ago, then it was everywhere so I started to get excited, as I thought this looks like it’s a genuine move by the club, and all that talk of not spending big this year obviously just a smoke screen, looks like a lot had being going on behind the scenes if he’s already had his medical, ownership seems to mean business, really good to get him in early and settle him with a good pre-season. arsenal fans will be proper upset with us for the second season running, can’t blame buendia for picking us either, looking from the outside arsenal look very unstable at the moment and if they don’t hit the ground running I can see arteta getting the bullet pretty quickly, add in uncertainty about ownership in the near future and it looks a tricky place to go in the near future.

4.) 05 Jun 2021 22:46:13
Licking some butt on the other site ain`t yow Whacky. 😁.

5.) 05 Jun 2021 22:49:42
We’re AstonVilla, we kick Arse ‘n all that. 😁.



23 Jan 2021 11:13:52
Dare say you've all seen it, but just in case you haven't-fee of 14m, rising to 15.5m agreed with Marseille for Sanson. Cracking business and welcome to the club 👍👏👏.


1.) 23 Jan 2021 12:55:22
He was named in their match day squad today but guess he won't feature now.
Good business.
Where does that leave Ramsey? Send him out on loan to Championship?
We've got 8 or 9 players ahead of him in now so can't see much point keeping him for rest of this season. Pity I rate the kid.

2.) 23 Jan 2021 13:11:20
Well played Lange and/ or whoever was behind the negotiations for this. We’ve seen what reckless spending can do first hand, not only under Xia but in the MON era, where by the owner had serious funds which were wasted with players on 70k a week on the bench. Thus contributing to the owners change of stance.

We are only just undoing the mess done by previous regimes with regards to transfer fees and wages, the safety of this club has to be paramount from here on our. So whomever managed to save us between 2 and 4 million, just by being patient and tactful, well done and thank you.

I understand fans want everything done two days ago so to speak, but we have to learn from the not so recent past, otherwise we are doomed to repeat history over and over.

3.) 23 Jan 2021 14:41:36
Leaves Ramsey in the same position, Sanson takes Hourihanes position. I expect Ramsey will start today.

4.) 23 Jan 2021 14:43:22
Sorry Johnny just read your comment fully, who are these nine players ahead of Ramsey?

McGinn, Dougie, Sanson, Barkley, after that it’s a toss up of Nakamba or Ramsey. When you consider there’s 3 of those starting, being 6th on the list at worst is perfect for his development.

5.) 23 Jan 2021 15:32:56
Great news, great price, looks like a great addition, what a great addition to our staff Lange is, coupled with shakephere our club done really well in terms of staff and of coarse players in, loving this season and the new lease of life within our club, well played to all involved, vtid 💪💪.

6.) 23 Jan 2021 15:56:20
Just reading an article about his transfer and it mentioned that we may have further dealings with Marseille in this window, looking through their squad there are a couple I wouldn’t mind having, I seen Leeds banter suggesting amavi is available, he would be a great addition instead of Taylor to compete with targett, see payet there also but if memory serves me right didn’t he have a bad attitude towards the end of his West Ham days, might just be usual news now BS but it wouldn’t surprise me as there is value to be had in France right now, AVB will be annoyed at the fee after embarrassing himself moaning about the first bid.

7.) 23 Jan 2021 16:23:10
Chris, we’ve got 9 midfield/ attacking midfield options. Luisa, McGinn, Nakamba, Barkley, Grealish, Trezeguet, Traore, El Ghazi plus Sanson.
Granted they can’t/ don’t all play in the same position but I doubt you would pick Ramsey ahead of any of them would you?
Ramsey isn’t quite in the same position. Hourihane would be behind Sanson if he’d stayed and you could then argue picking Ramsey ahead of Hourihane but maybe not ahead of Sanson. He won’t be competing for Luiz, Nakamba or McGinn position either. He certainly won’t get in ahead of the attacking options of Grealish, Barkley, Traore, ElGhazi and Trezeguet.
I like the kid but if he could get a decent loan move and game time should it be considered?
It was a question rather than a ‘must happen’.

8.) 23 Jan 2021 16:52:44
Ramsey is a centre mid mate, he’s in competition with Barkley, McGinn, Dougie, Sanson and Nakamba.

Out of them, on current usage he’s most likely fifth in that ranking. And considering 3 of them are going to start, he’s second choice sub behind Sanson, as he’s had significantly more play time recently than Nakamba. Best place for him to learn at the minute is here IMO, but I can see a decent Lon move to an attacking side where he is definitely going to start, would work well.

However trinity, I can promise you, El Ghazi, Trez or Traore won’t be playing centre mid for us anytime soon😂.

9.) 23 Jan 2021 17:12:27
Agree Chris, Ramsey usually comes on in place of Barkley or a winger, where of coarse jack moves out wide and Ramsey plays central, bookings are building up we will need him imo, like today he will probably start instead of maginn, if Barkley picks up another injury then we would be starting either sanson or Ramsey in his place leaving him and marvellous our only center midfield subs.

10.) 23 Jan 2021 17:18:17
Those 9 players you mention Trinity will be competing for 5 places in the team. That would leave 4 over then, let’s say Nakamba, Trezeguet, El Ghazi and Ramsey. There would definitely be room for all 4 of them to be on a bench of 9 along with say Heaton, Elmo, Hause, Guilbert and say Davis for example. Nakamba is the obvious DM cover, and so I think Ramsey would be more than capable of challenging Trez or El Ghazi for covering the 4 more attacking positions in the team. He has already shown that he is ready for the step up to the Premier League and Deano has said as much over the last few days.
I don’t think 4 players covering 5 positions is excessive and there are always going to be injuries, suspensions, fatigue and loss of form, so I think Ramsey will still get adequate opportunities despite the arrival of Sanson.
I apologize if it was Chris who you wanted to answer your post.

11.) 23 Jan 2021 18:31:01
Not at all Frenchy. I take the point.
As I say, I like the kid but how much game time is he going to get with us this year?
I honestly don’ think he’ll be on the bench ahead of any 2 of Trezeguet or Traore or ElGhazi or Barkley,
Keeping him is fine with me. As previously mentioned, it was a question?
Assume of the 5 positions we have Grealish, Barkley, El Ghazi, McGinn and Luiz starting that leaves 3 places on bench for cam/ am, Sanson, Trezeguet, Traore and Nakamba?
Assume all fit, where does Ramsey fit into that mix?

12.) 23 Jan 2021 18:40:24
Ramsey is comfortably ahead of Nakamba in the pecking order at the moment. Ideally you want two players for every position, with that we need 3 back up central midfielders, or 2 and one number 10. Ramsey can play both. Ramsey will see some game time tonight, won’t surprise me if he starts.

The wingers shouldn’t come into question when discussions Ramsey, whilst he probably can play out wide, I think he did for Doncaster on occasion, he is central for us, and Trez, El Ghazi and Traore are the designated wide men.

13.) 23 Jan 2021 18:57:24
I think Ramsey is good enough to compete against any of the options on the bench in that scenario. He’s a young player who’s improving all the time and could very easily go up in the pecking order.
Admittedly there would in fact be 10 players competing for 5 places but I think it will be on rare occasions that all of them will be available. I would be surprised if there are many match days where Ramsey doesn’t feature at the very least on the bench.
I wonder how Ramsey would feel about it, if given the choice to fight for a first team place or to be loaned out to Championship side, If it was me I’d want to stay.

14.) 23 Jan 2021 19:13:58
Well Chris, he’s on the bench tonight I’m pleased to say but behind Nakamba who starts in place of suspended McGinn. When you have Sanson coming in it suddenly looks a bit busy in there doesn’t it.

15.) 23 Jan 2021 19:22:52
I really can’t see your worries trinity, in our last 8 league games he’s started one and been sub in 7 and came off the bench in 6 of those 7. He has a lot more minutes than Nakamba this season, the addition of Sanson makes things more competitive but going off the facts it only makes Nakambas position more vulnerable, not Ramsey’s.

16.) 24 Jan 2021 01:06:04
Agreed Chris, I don't understand how people think Ramsey is competing with Trezeguet, Traore etc for a starting place. It's like some people's understanding of football is based purely on Darren Bent's punditry.

17.) 24 Jan 2021 11:21:53
Its not that at all DB, the fact of the matter is, we don`t all see things the same, therefore ideas differ.
Nowt wrong with that mate.

18.) 24 Jan 2021 12:31:48
Wait a minute Dave, I’ve just realized with initials like that, this could be the Guvnor himself, although I didn’t know he had a middle name. If that’s the case then, maybe we should all bow down to his superior knowledge 😁.

19.) 25 Jan 2021 12:32:40
Absolutely no problem with differing ideas Villadave, but my comment was specifically about the suggestion that Ramsey was competing with the likes of Trezeguet and Traore for a starting place. That's not an 'idea', that's just inaccurate.
Anyway, nowt wrong with that either way as you rightly say!

20.) 25 Jan 2021 17:07:59
Consider this scenario, we need an attacking midfielder and our main men are injured, suspended or whatever and Deano was therefore left with a choice of Trez, El Ghazi, Traoré all of who have had experience of playing in that position at some point, or playing Ramsey. Is that not an example of where Ramsey could be competing with those players for a place in the team.

21.) 26 Jan 2021 11:40:50
Hi Mark, I'm not quite sure what your example is trying to suggest there? When you say attacking midfielder, I'm assuming you mean either the no.10 role or possibly no.8, and aren't talking about playing on the wing?
I can say with some confidence that Smith isn't going to pick any of our wide players ahead of Ramsey in a central position. How many times has he picked any of the players you mention centrally when he's had the option of Ramsey? None as far as I remember, which to me would indicate Smith doesn't see them competing for the same position. Yes there could always be an unusual scenario which changes things - if all our keeper got injured then Hause and Engels would be competing for the goalkeeper position. My point is just than given a usual match day, Ramsey is not competing with the wingers mentioned previously which is where all this started. If you or others see it differently, fair play to you. I just don't understand how you would come to that conclusion on the evidence of this season.
Good conversation though and nice to be talking about this stuff rather than who should be sacked and the club being a shambles eh!

22.) 26 Jan 2021 12:22:00
I hope you’re not putting me in the category of posters described in your last paragraph DBS. Since we’ve had NSWE as owners, I’ve only ever been positive for the future of our club.
Regarding Ramsey, I accept that it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see Ramsey playing out on the wings, but he is only 19, and therefore I think it’s far too early to say definitively where is best position will be. He is a very talented lad, and may well be capable of playing in more roles than we’ve seen up to now.

23.) 26 Jan 2021 12:47:14
Calm down Mark, I'm not putting you in any category and was just making a positive point, that its nice for us as Villa fans to have this sort of conversation as things are going well with the club rather than the usual debate about where it's all going wrong.
I haven't tried to make any point other than some of the comments on here suggesting that Ramsey will be competing with our wingers for a starting place seem strange.



17 Jan 2021 17:40:17
If photos doing the rounds are genuine, Morgan Sanson could be a done deal 🤞.


1.) 18 Jan 2021 18:30:46
Haven’t seen them mate, do tell?

2.) 18 Jan 2021 18:45:30
Apparently its been photoshopped Whack, his head, Barkley's body 😳.

3.) 18 Jan 2021 21:58:52
Kids are very quick with these things, saw one on Lingard in the changing room at Villa park the other day, looked almost perfect.

4.) 19 Jan 2021 00:28:15
Barkleys head on sansons body would be a decent transfer lol might spend less time out injured😂😂.



04 Oct 2020 09:19:05
Possible cheap option left back cover-Barry Douglas leeds. Liked him when he was at wolves and was gutted when he went to Leeds for about 5 million, think at the time we missed a trick. Met him in the post office in sedgley. Apparently he's available too, surely an upgrade on Taylor 🤔.


1.) 04 Oct 2020 10:15:32
Definite upgrade on Taylor, but he starts for Leeds so can't see how he’d be available.

2.) 04 Oct 2020 11:07:04
I don’t think Douglas has been in any of Leeds premiership squads to date.

3.) 04 Oct 2020 11:36:48
Read it somewhere Chris and Dallas started ahead of him yesterday.

4.) 04 Oct 2020 12:00:41
According to the Mail, Watford are in advanced talks to sign Douglas.

5.) 04 Oct 2020 13:09:34
Good shout Moose, Mark we could still intervene and make an offer surely.

6.) 04 Oct 2020 13:23:44
It would certainly be worth asking the question, surely we've got to be a better option than Watford. Apparently he was quite settled in sedgley and was a bit shocked to be sold.

7.) 04 Oct 2020 13:28:06
I hate to say this but Wolves are getting an absolute cracker in Ait Nouri from Angers. On loan for the season with the option to buy. Why couldn’t we have got him on the same terms?
I’ve been really pleased with our dealings in this window but considering how weak we are in the left back position, I do feel that a great opportunity has been missed here.

8.) 04 Oct 2020 13:44:08
Don’t ask me why, I was thinking of Dallas when it clearly says Douglas😂.

9.) 04 Oct 2020 15:45:48
Speaking of Dallas, Sue Ellen shot JR 😳😁.




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19 Sep 2021 18:37:58
We have just learnt that Dave's funeral will be held on Monday 27th of September. I'm sure you'll all be sending your messages and raising a glass to him. Know also that his wife and family have taken great comfort in the outpouring from you all on the site.
Holte Enders in the sky.


1.) 19 Sep 2021 20:50:43
And the same goes to Leeds and Wolves posters, who have also expressed their respects and condolences. Brothers in arms.

2.) 19 Sep 2021 23:58:52
Cheers for that Moose, glad to hear that at least his wife is ok . You can bet Dave would have been excited by the win yesterday and especially the debut by Bailey. sad sad news .
Has anybody seen anything else from Old Bob, because he and his Wife where in bad health .
We will perhaps, if anyone is interested, arrange a meet and pint, before one of the future games . Would be great to put ugly mugs to the names HaHa
Thoughts with Daves family.

3.) 20 Sep 2021 07:52:40
I'll certainly be raising a glass on that day. Rip dave.

4.) 20 Sep 2021 11:48:20
All the best for next Monday will be thinking of VillaDave.

Pleased for VillaDave and all you guys that you won well the weekend.

From a genuine football banter friend RIP Dave.



18 Aug 2021 20:25:38
I think the football world has gone mad (der) .
100m for he who shall not be named, 150m? for Kane, Lukaku 97m, Sancho 73m, White 50m and JWP available for the same, Messi on 800k a week and Arsenal now about to pay upto 30m for a keeper with 2 successive relegations to his name. Surely this cannot last especially after the financial fallout of the worldwide C.V.?
It's almost like money is just a number bandied about nowadays, we do the same on here, me included, saying we should sign so and so, but when you take a step back and really think about it, it's scary.
A tipping point will surely be reached where it cannot be sustained much longer.
We've seen with the failed ESL debacle the bigger clubs desperately grasping for more of the financial pie and it will come about at some point under a different guise. Its time that ALL governing bodies banded together and made football an even playing field for all not just the wealthy and "elite".
Maybe then we may get the "working man's" game back where everyone has a chance but I doubt it.


1.) 18 Aug 2021 20:42:18
Not sure if you can remember Moose, but not so long ago I predicted that football would implode, if things do not change.
Those things will not change, and the world as it is now will lose all forms of entertainment as we know it.
Games like football that attract mass gatherings are not wanted anymore, and in time will cease to be.
Money will play a huge part in this, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
I will stop there, because it gets very deep.

2.) 18 Aug 2021 20:58:25
I remember it Dave and it's true. Audiences worldwide are now more likely to watch a game on the TV rather than go to an actual live event. I myself tend to watch games on the telly as it's not economically viable for me to go anymore, would love to, but you're probably talking £100 per match with travel, food and drink.
That plus the growing number of foreign fans, China etc mean that there's more demand for televised games and wanting to see the "big" teams.
It's a shame as the vibe you get from actually being there is indescribable and cannot be replicated on a screen.
We probably all thought that Sky was good for football but it's probably proved the catalyst that started all of this.
It's like a snake devouring it's own tail.

3.) 18 Aug 2021 21:03:06
My sources at VP have told me our transfer business got this window is now completed.

4.) 18 Aug 2021 21:29:56
Very true Moose, its a crying shame.

5.) 18 Aug 2021 21:55:13
Great news, kingy has spoken, new transfers now guaranteed 😂.

6.) 18 Aug 2021 22:03:34
Well Kingy, my sauces think your sauces are wrong mate. 😂😂
We reckon one possibly two more additions.

7.) 18 Aug 2021 22:42:25
Always found Heinz are the most reliable sauces Dave, those Tesco’s own brand ones have always been a bit dodgy 😂 SHEGFY.

8.) 19 Aug 2021 07:28:00
Hail the Kingy 🙌🏻




11 Aug 2021 17:49:56
Listened to a little bit of Deano's press conference and he speaks in glowing terms of he who shall not be named. Class is something that money will never buy, well done sir ðŸ




09 Aug 2021 20:18:41
Seeing as he who shall not be named has been "unveiled "yet again, does this mean we've got £200m for him? 🤔.


1.) 09 Aug 2021 21:40:53
Maybe some of those Manchester blue followers missed it first time round 😉SHEGFY.

2.) 09 Aug 2021 21:40:53
Maybe some of those Manchester blue followers missed it first time round 😉SHEGFY.

3.) 09 Aug 2021 22:16:05
Mark, so good they posted it twice HaHa 👍😷.

4.) 09 Aug 2021 22:27:52
Might go for the hat trick Dave 😁.

5.) 10 Aug 2021 00:10:10
Nice one Mon Brave. DESOG 😂.

6.) 10 Aug 2021 13:58:09



06 Aug 2021 21:00:50
PSG looking the likely destination for Messi. Could this be the final straw for Mbappe? Final year of his contract so should be able to pick him up for less than we got paid for you know who. After all nobody saw the Ings signing coming 🤔


1.) 07 Aug 2021 07:15:22
I doubt it Moose, Deschamps said he wouldn’t pick him for the French team if he wasn’t playing for a top 6 team 😉.

2.) 07 Aug 2021 07:43:47
Even more reason to get this done. He's got to of heard of the Villa project and the Star is reporting its inevitable that he'll leave. Large is playing an absolute blinder here and nobody will see it coming. Champions league here we come.




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19 Aug 2021 13:13:57
He's involved in a club alright Chris but it involves someone called Bubba, a shower and a bar of soap.




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17 Aug 2021 06:02:23
That would be Childs Play.




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16 Aug 2021 18:02:23
Moms 1st born?




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10 Aug 2021 18:55:02
I like El Ghazi, he's got all the necessary skillset to be a top player but, like most wide men, consistency is sometimes missing. Like the fact he's manned up and ditched the gloves plus he's a goal threat. That being said, if we get someone in who's an upgrade it makes sense why his stock is relatively high. And he's great at penalties. Useful as a squad option and I think he'll start Saturday. I guess, along with losing you know who, it shows there's no sentiment in football anymore. Personally I'd be sad to see him go as I feel he's still got more to offer.




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07 Aug 2021 10:26:14
I'm hoping that those front 4 will be extremely interchangeable and offer us more flexibility with formations and also keep the opposition guessing.





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20 Sep 2021 20:55:05
Very well said flackie and very poignant, we all feel the same for his loss. It's sometimes difficult to put into words but you've spoken from the heart and I'm sure if he's looking down he'll be smiling.
Gone but never forgotten.




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12 Sep 2021 09:32:56
Football becomes insignificant at moments like this. A true gentleman and another Holte Ender in the sky. A sad loss and thoughts and prayers go out to his family. A friend I never met but had the pleasure of conversing with over the last few years.
RIP Dave you'll be missed but I'm sure he's arguing everything Villa with the Big Man upstairs ?.




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19 Aug 2021 19:41:33
What if you're drowning? 🤔




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18 Aug 2021 20:58:25
I remember it Dave and it's true. Audiences worldwide are now more likely to watch a game on the TV rather than go to an actual live event. I myself tend to watch games on the telly as it's not economically viable for me to go anymore, would love to, but you're probably talking £100 per match with travel, food and drink.
That plus the growing number of foreign fans, China etc mean that there's more demand for televised games and wanting to see the "big" teams.
It's a shame as the vibe you get from actually being there is indescribable and cannot be replicated on a screen.
We probably all thought that Sky was good for football but it's probably proved the catalyst that started all of this.
It's like a snake devouring it's own tail.




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12 Aug 2021 13:15:06
I think the majority on here are excited for the new season, like a kid on a cocktail of blue smarties and skittles 😁 it may take a few games for things to click with the new signings but, on the whole, we have a much improved squad and TEAM, not the he who shall not be named FC. Bring it on! 💪