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22 Feb 2021 13:37:42
Been thinking would it be worth trying a diamond in midfield? Sanson and McGinn in front of Luiz with Ramsey as the tip? Then play Watkins and Traore as a 2 with the option of drifting wide creating space for the midfield runners?
This would mean only a slight tweak to personnel and positions and would definitely give us more impetus in midfield which we'll need against Leeds. Nakamba obviously waiting in the wings if Luiz is off his game with an earlier than the usual 65-70 minute substitution.

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22 Feb 2021 13:59:44
Definitely Moose, our Midfield has been stagnant for several games now and needs changing. Your suggestion would give us a lot more energy and something different for Mr. Bielsa to think about.

22 Feb 2021 14:19:11
Moose, like the idea, whether it would work or not, would only be known if it is tried. This is the whole point of the vast majority of recent posts. It would be really sad if Deano's popularity and respect is eroded because he is too stubborn to make the changes that to most of us are so obvious. Just because we had made so much progress should not mean that we should accept the good without commenting and criticising on the not so good. I have said it in the past, fans voices and certainly those when they are in the majority are definitely listened to. The owners, and rightly so will and should back Deano, however if it should come to the point where there is a lot of discontent amongst genuine fans, the owners will be listening. Hopefully this will not happen but these people haven't got where they are by making easy choices, success is built on making the right descions not making popular decisions. I think Deano should reflect on this.

As a footnote I just wonder if our sporting director made the Sansom purchase without Deano's full support, this could explain his reluctance to start him, most of us will have seen enough in his cameo performances that he should have already been given 90 minutes to at least show what he can do and certainly when so many players are off form. Deano is not helping himself with his current decisions.

22 Feb 2021 14:42:34
Re Sanson I believe we brought him 6 months early due to the great deal we got so was probably not in this season's plans. Therefore it may be just a case of finding a place for him but with recent midfield performances that shouldn't be far off. Also unlike recent purchases (1st season back) we have time to fully integrate him instead of throwing him in at the deep end. On top of this you also have Deano's loyalty to his current incumbents.

22 Feb 2021 14:44:27
On paper that sounds well worth a try. Width is usually the biggest issue with a diamond, but as Watkins has played as a winger for most his career, and Traore is a winger, neither should have a problem drifting into the wider areas and letting the other one stay central.

Should also solve our midfield worries, because with at least 3 in there at some point we have to become harder to pass straight through for god sake!

Good point Scott around Sanson potentially not being a Smith signing, would explain a lot. Although I would suggest surely some self awareness has to come in here when you talk about changes that “to most of us are obvious”, remember we are giving our opinion away for free online and he’s getting paid millions of pounds for his, there’s a reason for that. I’m not saying his right, but when he’s not changing things week after week and we can all see it hasn’t been good enough by any stretch, surely you have to think that a manager who has worked his way up the leagues, never been sacked, went from strength to strength and worked minor miracles with us, must have at least some reason other than just stubbornness, for keeping the side the same despite performances, after watching them day in day out in training, and knowing the players personally - something we don’t have the luxury of.

I agree with you, in my opinion, things need changing, and for me, Ramsey should be starting at the weekend in place of Barkley, and potentially Nakamba in place of Mcginn. But I don’t have all the benefits in building that decision that Smith does. In the championship and last season, Smith changed personnel as and when needed, which worked to his advantage, this season he hasn’t, which suggests to me something else is at play here.

22 Feb 2021 17:13:06
As well as considering the midfield if Cash isn’t fit I worry that Harrison will do the same to Elmo that Barnes did, I am afraid Elmo hasn’t got it at premiership level anymore.

22 Feb 2021 19:29:15
Elmo will be under serious pressure against Leeds, Matty was bombarded down that side in the first game, I’m not sure if a diamond will work with Leeds I think we need more width to be honest, if jack is not fit this would be my line up.

Elmo konsa mings target
Trez luiz Ramsey traore

22 Feb 2021 20:03:10
The idea behind the diamond Whack is that McGinn would cover the left side and Sanson the right when defending essentially making it a midfield 3 with Ramsey filling in where needed also either Watkins or Traore could drop back basically flooding the midfield or both press high and try to cut off the out ball from the back.

22 Feb 2021 20:30:28
I would go with Kaine Kessler even if he gets skinned by Harrison it would be no different if Elmo played the advantage that gives us is that we blood a youngster and gives us an early view as to whether Kessler has the ability to step up.

23 Feb 2021 09:31:44
Suggested this for the Leicester game. I doubt Deano will change anything mate.

22 Feb 2021 23:57:26
Then Doug is in there on his own and we are getting overrun at the moment with 2 guys in there, I see what your saying though, in theory it might work, it’s the press that will make the difference cause at the min we have none we just let them have time and space, I hope I’m wrong but I expect nothing more than our guys to defend most of the match, standing off inviting pressure, have less than 40% possession, have a handful of shots and get beat by 2 or more goals, I think marcello will skin Deano tactically, dean will make some changes midway through the second half changing like for like and expect it to change the run of the game, everyone can feel free to slate me after the game if I’m wrong but I’ve seen nothing in the last month to make me think we will compete against Leeds, thankfully we have some easier games after that and hopefully we can pick up a few wins.

23 Feb 2021 09:53:35
Ed do u know what happened the comment I posted here? Did it not pass the review stage?

{Ed001's Note - I found it, new editor had locked up some posts by mistake. Sorry about that. I will have Ed666 whip him extra hard tonight, though he will only enjoy it, which is why he lives in 666's basement in the first place.}

23 Feb 2021 10:04:28
Lives in a basement? Likes getting whipped? Is he a Birmingham city fan lol😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - could well be, it might be embarrassment that makes him claim to be a Man Utd fan....} Become a Patron!

23 Feb 2021 10:15:59
666 must be a devil to live with 😁
His name’s not Damien by any chance is it?

{Ed001's Note - no, but he does have a son called Damien....} Become a Patron!

23 Feb 2021 10:23:59
Scary, I wouldn’t want to be the nanny.

{Ed001's Note - that's a shame as he is looking for a nanny now. Not for Damien though, for himself.} Become a Patron!

23 Feb 2021 17:23:42
I must have deleted it by mistake Whackattack, nothing offensive or harmful. Sorry guys for the extra hassle caused:)

{Ed001's Note - it wasn't deletion, don't worry. It just got locked up, it happens sometimes.}

23 Feb 2021 20:39:55
No problem mate, you guys do a fine job👍

I hope I live to regret everything I wrote but am genuinely worried after recent performances.



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