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10 Jul 2022 20:40:05
I know it was against Walsall, but can't believe nobody got any thoughts on it .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever

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10 Jul 2022 23:10:04
So Luiz scored, who everyone seems to be hoping is on his way to Milan as did Ollie, who no one seems to be sure about, likewise Bailey. Also Seems El Gazi gave a good account of himself which will no doubt befuddle all his critics, and Cameron ‘let’s put him out on loan’ Archer scored. No wonder it’s all gone quiet ?

10 Jul 2022 23:48:57
It was against Walsall though menace, if we are going to challenge this year you would expect to beat them easily, I’m hoping we keep archer and Bailey and Ollie, sell the others you mentioned and buy soucek and that would be a hell of a window.

11 Jul 2022 11:43:42
Exactly Whack, most Villa fans aren't silly enough to draw too many conclusions from an early summer friendly against Walsall.
Totally agree Soucek is exactly the kind of player we need.if latest links are true it seem we'll have competition at left back and then look to sign two more, a midfielder and forward.which I suspect will be where most of the summer budget will be loaded on real quality to go straight into the starting 11, if available.
The question then becomes, what is a realistic expectation for the season? Personally I think City, Liverpool and Spurs will make up the top 3, can see Chelsea struggling a little but still competing with Arsenal for fourth, maybe with Utd under Ten Hag. Then you probably have Wolves, Leicester, West Ham and us competing at the next level. Maybe even Newcastle too. So realistically we're probably looking at 6th - 10th.unless one or two of the top 6 really have a mare and open it up. The question is will fans stick with the team and Gérard if we're 8th/9th by the time the world cup comes round.

11 Jul 2022 11:50:44
I agree it was only Walsall and if we are to Diana midfielder I would rather it was Gallagher to be honest but I also think we need a top notch centre forward.

11 Jul 2022 12:35:35
Gallagher or Soucek (or both) would be fantastic. The Soucek contract situation has been bouncing around for over a month now and the Al Geordies are also sniffing around. Hopefully the deafening silence means intensive behind-closed-doors negotiations are in full flow ? Another thought though. If, as above, you rate The Hammers on a par with Villa in terms of potential league position and ambition, why would Soucek leave unless the Board want to cash-in with 2 year’s left on his contract ?

11 Jul 2022 12:36:26
Should read sign a midfielder bloody hate autocorrect ?

11 Jul 2022 13:06:03
Menace, I'm 100% convinced we are deep in negotiations - Like a lot of Villa signings the LB has come out of nowhere, it's not a sexy signing but sensible and almost concluded by the time it leaks. i'd be amazed if we are in for Soucek, don't get me wrong he's a very good player and I'd love him at Villa I just think we are in for a player who will retain possession in midfield and that doesn't scream Soucek. I've a sneaky feeling it'll be Sangare and then a forward, wouldn't be surprised if it was a big loan to buy like we did with Coutinho.

11 Jul 2022 13:06:47
Hi Menace, hope you're well. I'll answer your question with another question first of all.why would Kamara or Carlos join us over other teams? I'd suggest the answer is that Gérard and our management team did a good job on convincing them that our project was an exciting one, we are a progressive club and that we offered a highly competitive salary. Is there any reason to think that approach wouldn't work with other players?

11 Jul 2022 19:46:30
Menace it sounds like he wants higher wages rather than champions league team, maybe we can offer him a better package than West Ham, maybe there’s not a chance in hell of him coming to us but better money is the only thing I can think of.

11 Jul 2022 21:59:52
Good discussion guys - thanks for chipping in. Hopefully a world-class mid-fielder will emerge from whatever is being done behind closed-doors

12 Jul 2022 16:25:56
How about Neves?



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