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01 Jun 2022 00:32:03
Im struggling to understand the hype around the departure of Michael Beale, if as suggested he is the brains in terms of coaching, i'm sorry but i didn't see that much to think he will be missed. I didn't see a lot of difference between the Deano regime and Gerrard,of course time will tell.

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01 Jun 2022 06:04:07
The other way to look at it scot is that if he really was the brains of the operation like people say, where does that actually leave us if we get worse?

01 Jun 2022 17:49:30
Even if there is some truth to Beale being the more tactical of the two for example I think the stories referring to him as the brains are not just offensive to SG and the other members of his staff, but it’s just the typical any excuse to s*** on Villa and spread doom and gloom.
I have noticed it countless times over the years, but even more so since we were back in the premiership.
We are constantly linked to players but yet every single supposed knock back or bit of bad news is highlighted and exaggerated.
The amount of times for example I’ve read “such and such rejects Villa” when there wasn’t even ever a genius link to them to begin with!

01 Jun 2022 18:56:13
Lads, we are at the beginning of probably the most exciting window in the club's history but we lose our coach and some fans are worrying about relegation - We love an overreaction as a fan base! He's a good coach, he'll be replaced, end of story. Let's have some perspective.

01 Jun 2022 19:34:22
I don't believe that he's the only person who makes anything work but to be fair Gerrard himself has been quoted that in terms of getting ideas across in training and making the plan actually work that it was all Beale and he leaves him to it because he doesn't have the knowledge or experience to do it better. That in itself suggests there will be a drop off, even if by only a small margin.

01 Jun 2022 21:31:06
I'd recommend staying off Twitter BK, most of those are probably rival fans trying it on.
It's reasonable to discuss whether we'll achieve what we've been promised if we're missing a potentially key cog. If we're underachieving by that much then the owners would act long before relegation was a genuine worry especially when Fulham, Bournemouth and Forest are very unlikely to be a big threat to most teams, one of the weakest sets of promoted teams in recent history.

01 Jun 2022 22:48:47
I guess my point is we don't know what we'll be missing RK, or if we'll even be missing anything at all - Beale is a good coach by all accounts but good coaches come and go, I don't recall a club losing a coach and it having a massive impact on the their trajectory and I don't expect that to happen at Villa.

Agree that it's sometimes best to stay off Twitter but it's hard to ignore the extreme highs and extreme lows you witness these days - It's a really exciting time to be a Villa fan, there's a genuine chance to bring in some high calibre players, let's enjoy the summer and trust the Club, and Gerrard, will have the players ready for August. That's my 2 cents anyway!



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