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14 Feb 2021 14:31:43
Just watched yesterday's game again (sad I know) however it does take some of the emotion away, not kicking every ball live. I have also read and analysed the Media comments . Mcginn, Barkley and Traore were all poor (not on their own I know) however these have been poor for a number of games. Mcginn stats recorded 17 occasions when he gave the ball away, Barkley and Traore were also habitual offenders. One thing I noticed watching it again was all three were targeted as soon as they got the ball suggesting that Brighton had identified this weakness. If you looked at the Brighton players they were all comfortable on the ball. So we can now expect Jack to be closely man marked and Mcginn Barkley and Traore hurried in to make mistakes without the ability to compose themselves in ball retention. This has two elements to it, one are they not good enough and two are they being coached correctly, I certainly didn't see much tactical nouse last night. Villa Dave has been banging the drum about how poor we have been and likened it to last season. Deano needs to change things in midfield immediately or I can't see us playing the football we all enjoyed until we were found out. We have enough points to allow us to change things for the better and give Sansom and Ramsey a run to show what they can do. Our defence is pretty sound and considering the pressure they endured against Arsenal Southampton and Brighton there is a sound foundation to build things in the future.

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14 Feb 2021 14:54:57
Good post Scotty, I am glad you have got the stomach to watch it again mate, once was enough for me.
Something has to change mate, and your post offers a lot more than that fact alone.
I love Deano, and the crew, but making changes seems to be a serious part of his game, that is sadly missing.

14 Feb 2021 15:02:22
Poor, yet they get selected game after game after game.
Deano clearly doesn’t believe in a system of rotation, and if our midfield was functioning effectively, I’d be more than happy to go along with that policy. However it clearly isn’t and hasn’t been now for several games, and therefore I agree with you Scotty. I would add Nakamba to your shortlist, who on the few occasions he has been used, has hardly put a foot wrong.

14 Feb 2021 15:21:36
The players who've come in when needed, Hause, Nakamba and El Ghazi have all performed above and beyond what we expected from them and their reward is being dropped. If it was for someone who really makes a difference and is a game changer I could understand that but not for someone who strolls around like they're going for a nice walk. And yes I'm talking about Barkley. I'll be brutally honest I don't like his attitude, it stinks. He may have all the talent in the world but the will certainly isn't there.
I don't like lazy players, from my playing days, through management and as a supporter. I'd rather have a player who puts a shift in while they're on the pitch than carry someone who may do 1 decent thing in a game.
Seeing somebody putting their heart into a game also has a positive effect on the players around you as does someone not caring have a negative effect. Especially if they're picked week after week.

14 Feb 2021 15:36:46
I couldn’t agree more with you Moose, very well put mate.

14 Feb 2021 15:43:02
I said how I felt last week about Barkley, and it has not changed.
He is not a club man, and he will upset what we have, Including Jack.
Get rid ASAP.

14 Feb 2021 16:41:16
Barkley is a jt man, he'll back him all day long, but deano has the final say. He has said he likes settled teams but even he must see there needs to be some rotation. For me mcginn is a bencher as is barkley and traore. Against Leicester I would bring in sanson, trez and Ramsey to go with luiz Jack and ollie.

14 Feb 2021 16:41:59
Agree Dave, however I just hope we haven't singed some stupid contract that either says he plays if fit alternatively we have financial implications if we don't play him. If he starts against Leicester I think we will know the answer.

14 Feb 2021 17:01:55
Can't see us signing Barkley on a permanent deal lads, he looked good initially but just hasn't been the same player since his return from injury. No desire or workrate. And for the 40M Chelsea reportedly want, there are much better options out there.

Jack is better on the left but we can play in the 10 if we had a player who could roate with him throughout the game. A player I've always liked is Dwight McNeil, could rotate nicely with Jack on the left as he has the ability to play more central if needed. Target, McNeill and Grealish on the left could be special!



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