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04 Sep 2020 14:03:03
This manager is not good enough to manage our great club.

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04 Sep 2020 14:47:11
That’s rubbish look at what he has achieved in 2 years in case you need reminding a cup final, promotion and survival in the premier what more realistically are you looking for?
If you want to replace him who do you suggest? and for gods sake let’s be realistic so none of the Poch, Benitez, Conte nonsense.

04 Sep 2020 15:13:45
I think objectively speaking, Dean has worked wonders. Took over with us bottom half of the championship. Took a few games to find his feet before getting Jack back and Mings in, but ten wins on the spin and he’s taken us up. That looked impossible at Christmas. Then the brief is to stay up. We did. And got to a cup final!

I admit I was starting to worry he’d lost his way before the break, but after the restart we were much, much better. If we had a finisher - even a fit Wesley - for the run in, I genuinely believe with all the sitters missed we’d have beaten Everton, Newcastle, a point off Chelsea. Missing big chances ain’t the manager’s fault. He sorted the defence, we still made chances.

04 Sep 2020 17:32:07
Wot he done, he spent 150 mil on crap, and is going to waste Another 100plus mil aswell, get all your heads out the clouds he's not a prem manager, we got lucky last season by ghost goal face it, I want better, Sean dyche, benitez, wilder, blanc who is out of work would all take villa to nxt level which mid table or top10, with Smith in charge we will be a relegation team, while he's in charge, with ambition we could get a big name manager Everton did with ancelloti so why can't villa, you get what you pay, and we're paying a championship manager.

04 Sep 2020 17:34:45
If this is the best we can hope for then its not good, he hasn't achieved anything really apart from winning play offs which is good if people think staying in division every year is a good achievement then we're in trouble, this club used to be pushing for top 4,and had 5th 6 place finishes, I know it's about steady steps, you build by signing class players not second rate n players from championship who haven't played in the prem, its not like there Messi who could play in any league is it.

04 Sep 2020 17:49:14
Never heard from anyone as bitter as you Jonny.
Villa have had many managers in the past who were a lot worst than DS.
Personally I think he has done a good job since he bacame manager and met all the targets set him by the owners.

04 Sep 2020 18:18:20
Aka I am with you 100 % ours days of competing for the top 6 are beyond us temporarily. At the moment we are making steady progress, let’s not forget if it wasn’t for our current owners we were in danger of going out of business and that was only two years ago, so to expect us to go from championship mediocrity to competing at the top end of the premiership with new owners and new management is totally unrealistic. Some of our fans need a touch of realism I’m afraid.

04 Sep 2020 18:40:55
With your grammar Jonny you sound just like Villa4eva but under a different name?

04 Sep 2020 23:40:30
That’s quiet a mouthful Johnny, a bit harsh though, most villa fans would of taken survival at the start of last season after what happened Fulham the year before, to say he spent 140 million on crap is way off, Luiz turning into a great player, konsa and mings pretty decent pair at CB, trez kept us up with his goals, plus got us to a cup final, heaton was a good buy, Wesley was only getting going before injury, marvellous is ok for cover for luiz, guilbert and matt target would b unfair to say they are crap imo, we got robbed by VAR how many times? That freak goal in the West Ham game how often would that ever happen, look at the games against Liverpool arsenal and spurs where we almost had the win, if we played those games at the end of the season after having the bit of experience we would of held on for the points is my bet, players needed a chance to settle, DS only finding his feet in the PL, we played Man City in a cup final and we were in it with them till the end we hit the post in final few mins if I remember correct, all in all I think we had a decent first season back when u take into consideration our young inexperienced team, manager, injuries and VAR shouts, future looks promising we have to work our way up the table, these class players you talk of have their pick of who they play for, and as for managers Everton had Carlo and were still crap, get behind the team the management and the rest of the loyal fans out there, we don’t need that negativity in our club, I’m sure if you had the skills to manage or run a club you wouldn’t have time to b on here moaning cause we don’t buy the players you think we should get in, vtid 💪🇮🇪.

05 Sep 2020 07:23:17
Well said Wack.

05 Sep 2020 10:51:50
I am villa4eva lost my password and couldn't remember it daz 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

05 Sep 2020 18:11:38
Whack attack, they have a world class manager, look at the players Everton are bringing in because of ancelotti, all iam saying you bring in a top manager you get top players, you bring in championship manager who has no pull if we're trying to sign a top he ain't going to come, where if we had a benitez, blanc, gallardo, poch, allegri we would be able to sign good players, by having a manager of that standing would entice players to our club.

05 Sep 2020 23:11:05
I get your point about big name manager bringing big name players in but we just came up from the championship none of those managers are going to touch us, and big name players are going to look elsewhere until we’ve established ourselves in the PL again, Everton have being a steady top half club for a long time and in pretty good financial shape I’m guessing, wilder didn’t need the big names to finish just outside Europe places he had a championship team but what he did have was time with his team, Nino done it the year before with wolves and they added a few top players and look at them now, dean had half a season in the championship and got us promoted when we were way down the league, he had the time during the lockdown to work with players and he done a heck of a job turning it around, he was under serious pressure to keep us up from the start of the season, the tabloids didn’t help, every time u read an article it compared us to Fulham for the influx of players, even now you read the news now stories most of them start with “how most of the players we bought last year didn’t work out” so now we need to buy more players, then we will go and get some more guys in and then they will all say it’s like last year all over again it’s such BS all looking for us to click and read trying to make themselves look like they know what they are talking about, maginn, grealish, luiz, mings, konsa, cash, trez, all have the potential to b as good as any players outside the top 4 teams, add a couple to it over the next window or 2 and there we have a pretty solid PL team, personally I’d love benrahma and a 15-20 goal striker I think that’s all we need maybe upgrade a few of our subs, establish ourselves, move up the table a bit and then the bigger names will come, it ain’t going to happen over night, I can see Sheffield getting a rude awakening this year if they don’t spend some big bucks teams will b on to them this year.

06 Sep 2020 00:48:31
I’d like to see Romero come in aswel, can’t bank on Heaton being right his injury seems to have complications we need to prepare for the worst and have a really good second keeper, we used 4 of them last season it cost us, nyland is a liability, whoever starts in goal could b there till Christmas the way injuries are going.



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