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08 Aug 2020 16:15:25
So Terry didn't get the Bournemouth job.
Will he now stay at Villa Park?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any decision being made just yet.}

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08 Aug 2020 20:36:07
Good villa need him, i think Newcastle will have better result with king and brooks, than the villa with the brentford 2 imo.

09 Aug 2020 12:28:43
Agree with you villajk, as usual we'll get the two numptys' in from Brentford with all their 'potential', and totally miss out on getting in good players with premiership experience! -remember boys and girls deano was singing the praises of Maupay saying he'd be 'great 'in the prem., and as usual he was proved to be very optimistic, if we spend 50 million on benarama and watkins deano will prove again how naive he is, get in pontius Jansson to help lead our defence, and buy players with premier league experience when it comes to strikers or midfielders, deano is a great guy but out of his depth, and just a little example for those of you who will defend him on this, he was the one who insisted on bringing drinkwater in on big money from Burnley on loan, he wanted him that much he didn't care he was overweight and definitely not anywhere near match fit, he contributed nothing but that shrewd coach deano insisted on extending the loan when we went into lock down, and how good was drinkwater for us after football came back, he was a pile of plop, so if you are willing to hang your Hat on deano miraculously transforming us into a great team 'with our own style' then your not too far off certifiable! -for the love of common sense thank him and get rid of him, he's out of his depth.

09 Aug 2020 13:24:02
Classof82 agree completely,

09 Aug 2020 13:32:42
As it turned out, he didn’t need to involve Drinkwater after the restart, he was however there in case any of the first choices got injured. Drinkwater was admittedly a disappointment but I think that was down to the individual, who should have made more of an effort to address his weight and fitness issues, it’s not like he’s a player with no ability.
Deano kept us in the Premier league against the odds, with a squad of average ability most of whom were not the players he wanted. Yet there were clear signs of improvement towards the end of the season, particularly defensively.
This was Deano’s first season in the Premier league and despite not being spectacular, his remit was to keep us in the Premier league, and he achieved that. He will have learnt a huge amount and now that Craig Shakespeare has joined the coaching staff, I honestly believe we will push on from here.
As for the Brentford pair, they have both been outstanding this season and just because they’ve only played in the Championship doesn’t mean they won’t succeed in the Premier league. There are many players who have successfully made the transition, James Maddison and Daniel James are 2 examples. I can remember people saying there was no way Maddison was worth 30 million from Norwich, what’s he worth now?

09 Aug 2020 15:31:01
Has maupay not had a good season? If the Brentford pair are “numptys” why are so many clubs after them? I wonder.

09 Aug 2020 17:48:03
Markdavfrance - you make some good points there mark, but here's the thing, drinkwater was arrested for drink-driving while at Burnley and his attitude stank, so much so Dyche wouldn't play him in the end, and that was no secret.

AND STILL deano insisted on him, you might as well have named him Charles nzogbia, yes Craig Shakespeare is a shrewd addition, and more chance than not, could replace him, now as for the 2 Brentford boys, yes they have skills and we're great in the championship, but here's the thing, when it came to it, and they were at Wembley.

I watched the game and their previous 5 games and neither stood out, yes watkins was scoring well, but he was their main target man, and he did miss quite a few sitters in the games he scored in, his ratio wasn't all that, and benerahma would be invisible for at least half a game at a time, you can say that at Wembley that's because of Fulham.

but for me they both are missing that extra 10% benerahma is inconsistent and watkins hasn't got the physicality, and for £50 million the risk is too great, and for defensively, if your telling me any other premiership manager would go 30 odd games of a season with a sieve of a defence (allowing for injuries) then I'd say that manager is in the wrong job, who doesn't know that all great teams are built from the back first! - that's kindergarden stuff.

we're trying to attract top players who see our vision, would you be impressed with a manager who ignores his assistant managers' advice every game? don't flatter deano with the idea that he 'figured it out' tosh, EVERYONE knows we only stayed up because yes, Norwich were dire, Bournemouth had injuries galore and the biggest piece of luck in the world, Watford bottling it and sacking Pearson, after he had performed miracles from January.

THAT'S the only reason we stayed up, Watford imploding, so please, please, don't credit deano with any masterstrokes, and tell me, he talks of having 'our own style of play', can you tell me what it is, because last season it seemed to be a style where we couldn't keep a lead, couldn't beat 10 men on occasions, and couldn't motivate all these players with 'potential' to win 2 games in a row, yeah, great manager, champions league here we come!

09 Aug 2020 18:28:14
82, thé reason we stayed up is because we took 8 points from our last 4 games, which I think was pretty damn good achievement actually.
You say you saw the last 5 Brentford games, I think you must have missed the 3-1 second leg win over Swansea because it was widely acknowledged that both Benrahma and Watkins were outstanding. They finished 3rd in the Championship largely due to the performances of these 2 players. I don’t think any player gets it right all the time, you only have to look at our own Jack Grealish who under performed in many of the games after the restart.
Frankly, I wouldn’t blame either of them if they didn’t want to come to the Villa knowing there are supporters like yourself who write them off, before they’ve even kicked a ball.

09 Aug 2020 20:59:55
Liverpool only won the league because the other nineteen teams weren’t good enough. Klopp is a fraud and Salah, Mane and co are all useless.

09 Aug 2020 21:57:04
markdavfrance - I'm giving an opinion on an opinion site which you obviously disagree with, but for 50 million plus minimum, I don't think they're worth it, let's be honest, the only way they'll come is on mega money in fees and wages, I think it's right to question spending half our transfer kitty on 2 players unproven, to accommodate watkins where does that leave Wesley? benerahma plays where? false number 9 or attacking midfield?,

all I'm saying is yeah it may be great buying more attacking players, but maybe it would wiser this summer to solidify our backline and defensive midfield as a matter of top priority, AND then look at the at taking side of the game, but that's just 1 opinion, so if we get them in from Brentford then fantastic, and I want whoever comes in to be screaming success, but I just think it's a lot of dough (if it happens) ;especially with the spectre of FFP looming on the horizon, we have a young squad, history shows you also need experience in the blend as well, but each to their own.

10 Aug 2020 11:21:40
Why do you want the two from Brentford if you think there a pair of numptys 82?



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