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26 Apr 2021 08:26:02
Hope your all keeping well, just back from a nice lemonade with a few brethren, and got told a few whispers emanating from the corridors of rumours, it would appear McGinn is not a happy bunny with deano due to where he is playing compared to where he was told he would play, apparently not impressed with how some other 'midfielders' are being allowed to play when clearly they don't deserve the chance, come the summer he'll weigh up his options, but deano's attitude isn't helping, I hope he stays because he's a top player, also heard Emmy is loving it with us but he is being advised that if he wants to be Argentinas' number 1 then he needs to play club european cup competition in Europe regularly, also at least 2 top prem. sides along with European sides may take a nudge in his direction, hope he stays too, other than the jack rumours it's just a case of seeing what sort of war chest we get.
Keep the faith!


1.) 26 Apr 2021 15:27:22
Sounds plausible to me particularly when you consider he plays further forward for Scotland and he has something like 9 goals in 14 appearances. I wonder whether moving him into the Barkley role and purchasing a real ball winning defensive midfielder might be the way to go next season or maybe even 2 if Luiz moves on.



22 Nov 2020 18:38:46
Just a quick point fellas, why can't you get it we'll always be vulnerable at the back because of deano's blinkered vision of target being his favoured option because of his getting forward, he's pants defensively with the concentration abilities of a goldfish, when he plays we always look disjointed, this won't change until he gets injured or is left out, so your wasting your time talking about any other players coming in, and again, can anyone tell me how a team that cost less than a tenth of ours outwitted deano's?

Graeme Potter saw how naive we are going forward in numbers and a simple ball over the top stuffed us! imagine what he could do with real money? and how come we don't seem to have credible plan b? -on the very bright side we have a game in hand which could take us to joint second, so happy days, but against teams like Brighton we should be 3 points better off, so forward with belief yes, but as for our tactical awareness, c minus-should do better.


1.) 24 Nov 2020 08:51:41
Maybe they should give you the job, a modern genius.



08 Sep 2020 08:09:29
G-day boys and girls, hope all is well, thanks for the comments (and sledging ), so now it looks like brewster and king are becoming our prime targets, worth the punt?, have to say yep, and having the squad dynamic more towards the young end is obviously the go, but I still think we need a seasoned, irritating, awkward striker with the smarts to buy us time, free kicks and the odd penalty or 2!, everyone will have their own idea but me I'd like to see ashley barnes wearing the colours, also maybe we're not spending as much as we could now so we have a bigger war chest for January?,

if true I'm not sure whether that shows us being prudent or a bit nervous of how we'll get on! -and on a side note, how you keeping Allyp, hope them blue lights in your rear view mirror still keep your dukes of hazard driving abilities in top working order guvnor! -and as for meeting up to get some tucker, only the awarding missing burger van will do!


1.) 08 Sep 2020 08:21:41
I don't think Ashley Barnes is the signing we need. I personally think he fits a very specific role in a very specific tactic at Burnley and we would not be able to offer him the same role and tactic.

2.) 08 Sep 2020 10:51:15
Fair comment lewisd21,but I'd still give him a go if we got him cheap enough-the crazy fool that I am! -who would you go for captain?

3.) 08 Sep 2020 13:33:08
I was excited about the idea of Wilson but that's now off the cards. King is a good player and maybe he will start scoring? I know he hasn't got the greatest goalscoring record at the moment though.

4.) 08 Sep 2020 14:01:26
I still don’t see how king is better than Wesley his scoring record is no better, and he’s not at the age where there’s scope for improvement.



05 Sep 2020 08:33:56
So, we have released a young Dutch forward called odutayo who's 19 and can play on the wings as well, apparently did well at 19 and 23 level and was well regarded? -but now we have released him and he's on trial at Sheffield Wednesday, but my mate told me that Brucey likes the look of him and will maybe make a move for him,

now maybe there are reasons behind the scenes we don't know about, but a ratio of 1 in 5 goals a games isn't too shabby for me, and the fact Brucey is circling tells me he must have something about him, so what's the point of the youth academy if you release them, how come deano isn't giving youth a chance,

and the answer is he has no interest in doing so, the academy has never really been paramount to us so what's the point, yeah sure we've recruited big again to 'make'it work but like some on here have said before, it never pulls it's wait and all we do is loan them out, maybe it'll change under new 'management' but if you listen to what some ex-youth team players say,

the most you can hope for is the pinnacle of the reserves, hardly inspiring, I just think we're missing a trick here and more to the point, not inspiring our next generation to be all they can be because they've no chance of progression, seems a bit dim, but there you go.


1.) 05 Sep 2020 09:13:17
So after signing some of top talent in Europe and everyone very happy with where the youth academy is going and the effort being put into it, you are not happy on the basis that we have let go of someone whom up until today you and 99% of Villa fans have never heard of, with a record a lot worse than players such as Murphy, who has failed to make it. And to bring it all together, your backing this up with the opinion of a man who refused to play any youth players in his time at Villa, and proceeded to sign Hogan, Bree, Samba, Lansbury . the list goes on. Real talent spotter there.

If you want to be angry about something, or find your weekly topic to moan about, at least pick something with some substance.

2.) 05 Sep 2020 11:10:26
Odutayo only had a good record at U18. His form plummeted for the 23s which is why he was let go. If he couldn't step up to that level then he was never likely to make the first team at Prem level.

3.) 05 Sep 2020 12:29:48
I think the academy is moving on to better things to be honest mate that's why he's been let go.

4.) 05 Sep 2020 19:50:50
I do hope 2 or 3 of the younger lads do work their way through fairly soon. It can only be healthy for the club.

Vassilev aside, Kesler, Ramsey (Snr! ) and Barry appear to be particularly well thought of, whilst the new boy, Chrisene, is very highly regarded. Then there’s Chuckwuemeka, Philogene-Bidace, Bridge, Ramsey Jnr. There must be a good two to two and half dozen, all carrying good to high expectations with the coaching staff.

I agree with Chris and Naturalvillan, the youth set up appears to have certainly risen a few notes following a fairly heavy clear out and fresh recruitment run.

5.) 05 Sep 2020 21:14:45
I hope your all right about the academy, but odutayo apparently was turning out to be more of a number 10 but because we have other options he lost out, the fact he's been courted straight away after release and the fact Bruce is circling for me tells a story, I hope he does well and I just hope the academy earns it's keep now, and on a side note, callum Wilson is another Darren Anderton, let the bar codes have him.



01 Sep 2020 07:02:56
Any of you heard we might be looking at Solanke? don't know whether it's true.


1.) 01 Sep 2020 09:16:50
I sincerely hope not.

2.) 01 Sep 2020 16:11:52
In bound at the villa.

3.) 01 Sep 2020 19:28:20
Solanke has really struggled at Bournemouth and quickly became a bench warmer. Not one for us, at least not at this point in his career.

4.) 01 Sep 2020 22:44:23
Haven’t seen anything re: Solanke, but does seem there’s some substance to the links with Callum Wilson. If the price was right for him, and we get Benrahma and Watkins (🤞🏼), then that’s a good all round upgrade for our forward line.




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11 Apr 2021 12:17:07
Great debate on Deano, and this summer our recruitment will be pivotal in deciding whether we take the next leap of faith so as to be thought of as a club challenging for Europe, or consolidate and stay in the top ten, and maybe the question should not be about Deano, but what Lange has in the pipeline, I think it's obvious Wesley will be sold, we have 4-5 players who have contracts running down or age/ injury issues, so before you even start looking at bringing in 'exciting' new talent to improve the squad, you have to decide do you go with British talent (with knowledge of the prem), or do you go with bringing in talent from abroad to get more bang for your buck to replace those leaving?, now once you've navigated that nightmare, you maybe send back Barclay (fingers crossed) and have to see what Jack will decide to do!, so that's 8 possible new players needed! -then you need at least 1 experienced striker, and whatever else we can get, so in essence, if Jack fannys' about this summer we in turn are left up in the air as well, in the meantime all the good talent will be nabbed by those around us! -in short, Deano has next to no chance of improving the clubs' chances of advancement next season due the more than likely 8-9 new players coming in! -so next season I think will be a bit like the first season, bedding in new players and hopefully avoiding big injury issues, so I see this Deano debate as burning bright for at least another season, so maybe if it's another bumpy ride it will it be down to Langes' recruitment abilities? so perhaps this is the season that will define Deano, working with possibility 9 new players, without your 'star' player anymore, and more than likely quite a number of the players brought in are not the ones you actually wanted, I have been a massive critic of Deano, as I'm sure you know, but after thinking about it, if Deano doesn't have the final say on the recruitment of players, then he's on a hiding to nothing with a target on his back while Mr. Lange will be the one that truly defines our next season, because if we have a mare of a start, guess who gets the dreaded vote of confidence! -So my brethren, to you all I say this, I feel next season is in the hands of Jack and Lange, one defines the other, Jack injured means he stays, and we have a trump card to attract players, Jack goes and then I feel it's a case of young talent and mercenaries, coming to us for the money, so Lange had better bring his A game for sure, and Deano, I think we need to give at least 10 games, if we have anything less than 15 points and are playing 'a la Sheffield United'esque', then I feel he'll go, I want Deano to succeed, he gets paid good money and knows the nature of the beast that's being a prem. manager now, so he steps up-Eureka!, if he doesn't, he's toast!
So let's see whether Lange earns his corn and does us all proud!
Hi how silver lining!


1.) 11 Apr 2021 17:21:29
I’ve heard that Wesley will be loaned out next season so that’s got to mean a striker is incoming, preferably a No9 and not a can play anywhere across the the front 3. I don’t think Jack will go and more likely he’ll sign a contract extension, he’s a big fish in our tiny little pond remember




23 Mar 2021 16:06:10
Nice to see the deano debate trundling along, for all of you who are saying that we've gone from mid-table in the championship to mid-table in the prem, your 100% right, but to me that's NOT as impressive as getting a club promoted with a small squad and very limited funds, we have been blessed with owners who poured money into the club;I'm more impressed we the likes of Sheffield United and Burnley, they've done it the hard way, yes Sheffield. United are going down because of lack of investment, as have Burnley in the past, but the difference for me is those clubs have an identity for being grafters who play for a manager they believed in, how many of our buys were more inclined to have joined us for the money rather than feeling an affinity with the club, don't misunderstand me, we're blessed to have had good, wealthy owners, so we don't really understand the other side of the coin (and why other teams hate us so much), but I think deano has done a good job, but to take a team to the next level the players have to buy into the managers' vision for the club, and I honestly believe deano has not got that belief at the club from the players, put it this way, since Kopp joined the scouse, they have attracted great players ranging from seasoned professionals to youth team wannabes, now they can't compete on salary, or on prestige with the likes of real Madrid or barca, or man cited, do what's the secret, simple, players want to come and play because it's Klopp, deano is not that type of manager, remember when Martin O'Neil came to us, players joined because of him, or when Ron Atkinson was manager, the players gave that extra 20% and so did the fans, BECAUSE everyone bought in to the cause, deano will more than likely do a good job for us, we'll be mid-table and maybe win a cup years to come, we'll buy young players with potential, develop and sell them at the right time, and everything will nice and safe, but if we want more, at some point you need to invest in a manager who excites and inspires you and the players, is deano that man? -and again just to say if he stays then good, but will I go to a game like an excited school kid to be entertained with passion, or will I go to watch us and come away thinking it was another okay game and knowing another mid-table finish will be nice again? -I know which I'd PREFER.


1.) 23 Mar 2021 16:53:43
I actually said before the season that I'd be delighted with a thoroughly boring mid table finish after the last season! It was sort of tongue in cheek but also true. Well imo we've had a very good season and for most of it we've been highly entertaining and exciting to watch. Admittedly now is not that time, but over the season in general we've been great. People have short memories. Smith has brought some very good players to the club (and some poor acquisitions too), and kept players like Grealish and Mcginn. Jack stayed exactly because of Smith's vision for the club, the very thing you suggest he can't achieve. I'm not accusing you specifically but I really feel far too many people think of managers of champions league clubs as some kind of 'level above' anyone else; some kind of herows, when in reality a lot of these managers have never achieved anything of great pride at a smaller club or without a tonne of money. As I said before, let's see how Mourinho does with a mid-table championship team. He might do well, but he'd have equal chance of doing bugger-all impressive imo. Smith has done well at every club he's ever managed yet he's not appreciated because he's never won a champions league or whatever. If you don't give managers a chance to show how good they are then how will they ever get the 'top' jobs? I believe in Smith and I think this summer we will see quite a mix up. Players leaving and some real quality joining. I don't love everything Smith does, mainly his stubborness in playing Wesley when imo he's been terrible for us, and making subs very late. But for what he's done for this club I'll allow him as many mistakes as he wants, providing he learns and improves as a result. I'm absolutely sick of this short-term, impatient sack-the-manager mindset. I don't think anyone could have got us into a better position than we are in now considering where we were 2 seasons ago. Did people think we'd be challenging for top 4 this year?! Deluded if so.

2.) 23 Mar 2021 17:31:56
Just to clarify. 1)'If you don't give managers a chance to show how good they are then how will they ever get the 'top' jobs? '. Reading that back sounds like I'm contradicting myself, but I know what I meant!

And 2) I know not all'top team' managers get an easy job because of who they are/ were as a player, but randomly picking 3 'top' managers like Mourinho, Pep, Anchelotti etc. They walked into the biggest clubs almost immediately. A year or 2 and then they walk straight into Barca, Juve and Porto. As a result they are seen as amazing managers but they've been so lucky to have that opportunity at such good clubs with amazing players and tonnes of money. Even people like Lampard and Gerrard have jumped into relatively big clubs with little prior experience. Smith has never had that luxury.

{Ed077's Note - Mourinho isnt an ex player. He did all sorts of works to pave his way into management. BUT I do agree being an ex player for the big clubs does help people get top jobs. Some sink while others swim when they get the gig.}

3.) 23 Mar 2021 18:52:44
Yes fair point Ed. I think Mourinho played 3rd tier or something, but you get my point, ex player or not.

4.) 23 Mar 2021 19:36:55
Good points Dave, like you say, let's see what happens over the summer, I just hope we bring in a knarly, wizened defender or midfielder who's actually a leader on the pitch and the dressing room, we have a soft centre so I think we need some steel, and how about an experienced striker to score those goals and teach Ollie the dark arts, but if we buy Berkeley then I want him out, because he brings nothing to the table for me, and the 35 million (alledgedly) we 'd save could go to maybe bringing in a coach who'll teach the lads the rarest of skills, you know, the one where you're able to keep possession for more than 2 passes at a time.

5.) 23 Mar 2021 23:35:43
I think everyone is frustrated by the current form with our new level of expectancy and players are clearly struggling for confidence at the moment, but I don't see how we have a 'soft centre' when we're one of the hardest teams to score against in the league?
Obviously we need improvements in our team but I'd say probably more in attack (arguably a top centre midfielder too) than anywhere else as its clearly been our lack of potency in the final third that's been costing us points.
We're building a very competitive team and setting solid foundations. I just think it's unrealistic to e pect it all to click into place this season, especially considering the journey the club has been on for the last 10 years.

6.) 24 Mar 2021 07:17:58
Agree DBS. The scale of improvement in our defending compared to last season is massive. Last season we were the second worse team for shipping goals, this season we are the third best team. Teams scored against us for fun last season, but even during our poor period this season, we have only conceded 14 goals in the 13 games since the Man City game when we resumed.
Wasn’t it Brian Clough’s motto to build from the back and get the rest right afterwards. I wouldn’t swap our goalkeeper and back four for any other in this league now.
I’m sure with the 2 or 3 quality additions in the Midfield and attacking departments, the team will be a much greater force to be reckoned with next season.
PATIENCE has always been the key word, unfortunately the level of expectation has always been far too excessive at our club. I just wish some people would take a step back and consider what we have achieved in the last 3 seasons, instead of focusing on what we haven’t.

7.) 24 Mar 2021 09:27:30
Well said Mark.
I think a lot of us fans just wanted the season to carry on like we were in the Liverpool/ Arsenal games, but reality is we are an improving project. Going forward I would like to see cover at LB, youth brought in or otherwise, Guilbert back as RB cover, a goalscorer of the highest calibre and a CM of better quality.
I haven't mentioned any wingers as I would see Jack and Ollie wide of a quality CF ( Aguero) . Mid park needs a boss in there with Sanson, Luiz, Mcginn, Ramsey playing to his tune.
I'd like to see the bench filled with some experience and youth, ie Barry, Bidace, Chumba on a regular basis.
To go would be Trez, Taylor, Davis, Barkley, Hourihane,

8.) 24 Mar 2021 09:38:07
Forgot to say my midfield boss would be Arturo Vidal, Contact expires this summer with Barca. Why not aim high.

9.) 24 Mar 2021 10:18:52
My thoughts on our midfield are that we have the players, but we don't play the tactics to allow us to have control, time and possession in midfield. We seem to counter a lot when we pick up possession, mainly bypassing the centre of the pitch. It's all a bit rushed and sometimes looks like we're panicking. I'd love to see us take our time a bit more and not have just a defence and an attack.

10.) 24 Mar 2021 11:18:00
Dave - interesting perspective there but I'd disagree slightly in that I don't think we do have the players in midfield, at least not to push on to challenge for Europe. Obviously there's room for development and growth and Sanson might be that missing player when he beds in, but my gut instinct is that we'd need reinforcements to bring the level up to really dominate consistently and be able to both play through the lines and also counter. That said, I think an upgrade in the attacking third would take some of the pressure off the midfield who at the moment are finding the ball coming back too regularly or having to play backwards, at least when Grealish isn't there anyway.
Hopefully this summer will see some extra quality come in. personally I'd like to see Romeu from Southampton and Winks if he leaves Spurs. unless Lange can unearth a hidden gem.

11.) 24 Mar 2021 11:43:38
Sorry again Vidals contract at Inter.



21 Mar 2021 00:55:30
Ahoy fellow villains, been reading about how we could survive without jack, Jack this and Jack that, he's only 1 player who has on occasions been brilliant for us, but off the pitch he's a liability, the longer he stays the more frustrated he'll feel, and he does like to drink and drive, or 5!-the simple truth is its in everyones' best interests he goes for huge money;and yes he won't be easy to replace, but every team could say this, remember Steven Gerrard at Liverpool? -did they survive without him? -funnily enough with a good manager he's just a page in history, so let's just wish jack well, and wave him good luck and goodbye-and as for a player who could replace him, that's simple enough, he'd cost about 30-40 million, is just as skilfull, and I actually rate him a better player than jack potentially;his name is Ilias Chair from QPR, so pelters I expect, but as for Jack, his time with us is done.


1.) 21 Mar 2021 09:37:24
I think you have to accept that he may well leave in the summer however, his injury record over the past 3 seasons could be a concern for any would be suitors. Is anyone really going to pay the sort of money being banded about (£70, £80, £90m +) for someone who, let's face
it does miss quite a few games for what is reported as "unspecified" injuries.
I am not criticising Jack! Players get injured. But when he gets injured nobody knows what his injury is or how long he will be out. The club obviously know and they know how serious it is otherwise they wouldn't keep it so secret everytime.
Any club thinking of pursuing his signature would surely be nervous about spending the sort of money being talked about.
When fit he's world class no doubt
about it. He does have some baggage though.
And I'm hoping that will put clubs off.

2.) 21 Mar 2021 10:16:38
So we've got one if the best players in Europe (when fit) and you want to get rid. Haha. Where is the sense in that? Don't we want to go forward, you keep your best players and build around them. Or do we just become a selling club.

3.) 21 Mar 2021 10:49:23
Hi Johnny d,
Thats no way to talk about those luvly girls frum the midlands.
Hearts of gold, all of em.

4.) 21 Mar 2021 12:20:55
Ilias Chair better than Jack Grealish? Illias Chair cost 30 to 40 million?

That has got to be the worst attempt at a wind up I’ve ever seen😂.

5.) 21 Mar 2021 14:16:44
I though april fools day was 1st April?

6.) 21 Mar 2021 15:26:45
Even Larry Graysons chair wouldn't cost that much! Shut that door 🚪 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.



25 Feb 2021 19:35:54
So it seems Jack is looking at a 2 month lay-off, bizarre as it sounds, this may be the acid test that will define the team and it's mentality, players will now have to step up and make things happen, just as Trez did last year, will Barkeley finally stop playing like a tit in a trance and focus for more than 10 minutes at a time? -this is where Sanson could show just how good he is, Nakamba might be given a chance to shine because Jack is not coming on to save the day, Mcginn might be played up the pitch and Deano may be forced out of his comfort zone, nothing is stopping us from trying new formulas except ourselves, with enough points already in the bag why not? -and I think it's time to bench Dougie, because I think he'll be off in the summer, so let's move on, why can't we experiment as others have said before on here? -try some academy players, otherwise what's the point in having one in the first place?


1.) 25 Feb 2021 20:48:47
Exactly what I have said in the last couple of days 82, we should now turn a negative into a positive, and rotate the the squad.
in reality we know it will not happen, but it does help alleviate some of the stresses that our team heap on us, if we can vent our frustrations on forums like this.

2.) 25 Feb 2021 21:44:20
You're right Dave, sadly not going to happen.

3.) 25 Feb 2021 22:14:29
Yeah, does your bloody head in Scotty.
I worry that we pussy foot around problems, rather than remove the bad part and put a new one in.
Surely that`s how everything works isn`t it.

4.) 26 Feb 2021 00:18:29
Personally I don’t think city will come in for Doug as I don’t think he’s good enough to get near that city team. I would like to see nakamba getting a few starts, 4-1-4-1 formation with him in CDM. a change of formation is a must if jack is out for a spell imo.

5.) 26 Feb 2021 11:59:57
Dougie wouldn't make the bench at man city, 100% he will be a villa player after June, sources close to man city have already said this on numerous occasions, unfortunately the way he is performing i'm not sure it matters either way.



22 Feb 2021 10:23:06
Morning brethren, been reading the thread started by Scott and it's great to see everyone chipping in, nice to see Chris as usual trying to suggest Scotty has a hidden agenda again!, but he doesn't Chris, he has every right to ask questions when your team go from one end of the scale to the other, some could say Chris you exhibiting signs of passive aggressiveness, and rightly you'd have a scream up to say your only sharing a different point of view in favour of the overall picture of only our 2nd season back in the premiership, and rightly so for your point of view fella, but it stands we seem to be retreating back into old habits;and I would say maybe a couple of things need to be addressed which may rectify this, firstly the make up of the team has one fundamental imbalance for me, we have NO leader in midfield, and with only 1 striker, definitely no leader up front, every great team have a heir achy of leaders In defence, midfield and up front, apart from Mings no-one else springs to mind, that shows a deeper problem for me, the players have a herd mentality, I watched them as they came out onto the pitch, some looked to be 'visualizing'-to coin the Americanism this method entails, Ross Berkeley looked lost, I didn't see any positivity there, and remember Leicester had played in Europe on Thursday, they looked like they where playing at home, that's the difference, MENTALITY;Deano is a good COACH, but he's NOT a great manager, the difference is obvious, just the same as pep is the best coach in the world, but for me, Klopp is the best man-manager, as in he gets players to play way above expectations and that's why even though they don't pay as much, he attracts players to Liverpool because of HIM, Deano is no Klopp, and the fact (a part from the defence which JT oversees, and Shakey as well) that no-one from midfield stepped up, so that and one more thing, all great teams also have something else in common, youth, players in their prime, and more importantly EXPERIENCED players who've been through the good and the bad, and know when to giddey-up the tempo, and when to put their foot on the ball to slow it down, all great teams go through the gears, we have just ONE, please don't anyone say we haven't been found out now, because we have, look at Watkins up front, a revelation up front this season, the test next season is can he repeat it, defenders have learned how to play against him, who can he turn to, I suggested we needed an experienced striker in January to lighten the load, but more importantly continue his education but Deano unwisely didn't, so if you listen to Deano we'll have Wesley back next season, what will Watkins learn from him pray tell? -this summer we need to recruit players with leadership quality and experience, but I don't think that will happen, I don't think Deano likes players who speak their minds, and that's why I predict Emiliano will be with us for no more than a season, maybe 2,if Deano is in charge, he's a winner who wants to be his country's no.1 keeper, and he's prepared to speak out when he sees something wrong, AND that for me will be a problem for Deano;he doesn't like leaders, he likes followers-i'm sure I'll get pelters but let me be clear, Deano is a great coach, and that's fine at smaller clubs where expectations are a good cup run and buying players cheap, to eventually sell on for the good of the club, but when your in the top tier, it's about relationships and managing expectations, big owners willing to give you telephone numbers to buy players you could only dream of a few years ago, Deano needs to step up and embrace the simple facts, in the championship you play 38 games plus all the cup games, the season is normally 2 games a week, so you expect to lose, but consistency is what teams strive for, in the Premiership you play normally once a week, so less games, however winning is all that matters, that's what your judged on, and that's the simple question, can Deano adapt to this new mentality, so far this season you could say absolutely, or did we hit our peak at the start of the season and we've gradually gone off the boil, whatever you think, at the end of the season-wherever we finish, the one fundamental question is will Deano take us to the next level, and most importantly, no matter who leaves, will we attract players because they buy into Deano's dream, or because we'll pay them big bucks to come to us? time will tell.


1.) 22 Feb 2021 11:10:14
That is the longest post I’ve seen on here, I’ve read the first 5 lines, and in that you are talking out your rear.

I didn’t understand Scott’s points, so asked a few questions, politely, I order to understand better Scott’s point of view. He answered, I now have a better understanding at where he’s coming from and what he’s getting at, an why. End of conversation.

It doesn’t need you talking rubbish attempting to stir the pot when people are just trying to understand one another.

I assume the rest of the post follows the same dribble so I’ll give it a miss👍.

2.) 22 Feb 2021 12:54:17
You just proved my point Chris-cheers champ!

3.) 22 Feb 2021 13:16:57
You’ve jumped in speaking about something you know nothing about attempting to stir the pot.

What sort of discussion site is it when you don’t want people to ask questions you plonker.

4.) 23 Feb 2021 11:39:41
How can you respond if you have only read a 10th of his post?




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24 Sep 2020 10:49:17
Don't you boys fancy drinkwater for another season? I'm shocked!




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24 Sep 2020 10:47:48
Haven't you heard walkies, he's coming back for 1 more season, but only if his vertigo doesn't flare up again.




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14 Sep 2020 10:32:24
Have a look at tea ore skills on youtube, and what strikes me is how selfish he is, ups all about him, I can't wait to see minds explaining the concept of team player to him!




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12 Sep 2020 20:04:01
Great, that'll be 5 goalkeepers on the books, hopefully we've got 1 or 2 going out the door.




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10 Sep 2020 14:36:33
Troy deeney-well, we all love a pantomime villian (extra points surely for word association, come on! ) don't we!





Classof82's banter replies


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23 Mar 2021 19:36:55
Good points Dave, like you say, let's see what happens over the summer, I just hope we bring in a knarly, wizened defender or midfielder who's actually a leader on the pitch and the dressing room, we have a soft centre so I think we need some steel, and how about an experienced striker to score those goals and teach Ollie the dark arts, but if we buy Berkeley then I want him out, because he brings nothing to the table for me, and the 35 million (alledgedly) we 'd save could go to maybe bringing in a coach who'll teach the lads the rarest of skills, you know, the one where you're able to keep possession for more than 2 passes at a time.




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22 Feb 2021 12:54:17
You just proved my point Chris-cheers champ!




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21 Feb 2021 11:46:23
BK1982-YOU just reminded me of Harvey Barnes, oh man I forgot he's in top form at the moment, I guess we play our joker and secret agent Albrighton slips a 'mickey' into their lucozade bottles! -failing that let Rodgers see himself in a full length mirror, he'll be there for hours admiring himself and miss the game!




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30 Dec 2020 20:03:20
Maybe because financially their hurting because of C.V., give them Davis on loan and get the deal done, we need a seasoned striker up front.




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27 Dec 2020 09:32:36
Apparently Osayi Samuel could be off to Crystal Palace if the rumours are right, his mate Eze being there and let's be honest, he's almost guaranteed first team football, cheap deal for Palace as well, wish we did sign him Villa John; good shout.