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23 Mar 2022 21:00:04
I see Dortmund are interested in Chukwuemeka, what's the betting they sell Bellingham for big money in the summer, and replace him with Carney. You have to admire the business model they operate and wonder why some other clubs including ourselves don't follow suit

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23 Mar 2022 22:47:20
Buying young players and developing them to sell, didn’t we buy a bunch of young talented players in the last 2 seasons who are now worth much more if we were to sell them? If we did sell our best young players wouldn’t everyone be annoyed? Then there’s grealish sold for 100 million, I think our current structure is becoming quiet similar to dortmund.

24 Mar 2022 08:15:22
We are buying talented young players but the difference between what we do and what Dortmund do is that Dortmund play them we do not, therefore we won’t get a decent fee, so using Bellingham as the example I think Dortmund paid something like £20 million for him, if they sell him in the summer I would think they would get between £60 to £70 million at least that’s a massive profit if Chukwuemeka goes we will just get compensation and we will be lucky to get £5 million and in my opinion he will go on to be a top player with another side.

24 Mar 2022 11:12:46
The circumstances are vastly different for Dortmind than they are for Villa. They've spent years competing in the champions league and at the top end of their domestic league whilst we've been trying to claw our way back from second tier football and establish clearly the platform on which their young stars are being integrated is different.we're striking a balance between buying established players who can help move us up our domestic league whilst also investing in youth, which feels about right. We're playing the ones who make the mark and loaning out others for experience which also feels about right. Admittedly with nothing to play for now I'd like to see a few more minutes for some of the kids, but up until a month or so back we still had a small, optimistic hope of European qualification so I think we can be forgiven for not risking too many rookies up to this point.

24 Mar 2022 12:23:56
I think Dortmund have been operating this model for years even before they were regular competitors in the champions league. I agree that it’s important to get the balance right but other than Ramsey we haven’t really seen anyone get regular minutes.which given the build up some of these kids have been given ie amongst the best in Europe for there age I find a little surprising.

24 Mar 2022 17:00:13
Agree to some extent but it's all about context. The last few years our managers have either been trying to get promoted or avoid relegation - neither scenario lending its self to giving kids minutes when every point counts. This is the first season in a long time that we have and end of season run in with nothing on the line, which is probably why we haven't given them a chance (at least as much as we'd like to see).hopefully up to now.
On the Carney front, if he's not committed we're not going to give him a many minutes.personally I wouldn't even have him on the bench.

24 Mar 2022 17:51:46
I am not advocating starting 3 or 4 every game just 1 or 2 now and again to see if they can make the transition to premier league football with Chukwuemeka I guess it’s chicken and egg DBS, if I am a confident individual which he seems to be, and can see a pathway through to the first XI then I am more likely to be committed, however if I am being scouted by some of Europe’s top clubs and being promised first team football with a hefty pay rise which am I more likely to opt for? Particularly with the agent chucking in his unbiased twopenneth, and let’s not forget that unlike Ramsey he’s not one of our own so no real ties to the club

24 Mar 2022 23:47:16
I think our best youngsters are out on loan apart from Ramsey, we had a run of games where Chuck came on as a sub every week and done sod all so in my opinion he still has a lot to learn and we have better players who cost us a lot of money, dortmund paid 20 million for bellend which is probably about what Ramsey is currently worth, most of our squad cost less than that and we don’t have 20 million to risk on an unproven kid but the likes of dortmund do so it’s easier for them, sancho was meant to be the real deal but he’s no more than average and hasn’t worked at united at all, apart from the top 2 teams in Germany it’s not as strong as the premier league so it’s easier to give kids a chance regularly when your winning every week, we will see more of our youngsters in the coming years I’m sure of it. right now I’d sell Chuck for as much as we can get and put in a sell on clause.

24 Mar 2022 23:49:25
If chuck is that good then he'd play. Problem for him is Ramsey, Buendia, McGinn, Dougie and Sanson are all better and are still young. Says to me he doesn't back himself to get in the team.

25 Mar 2022 08:55:48
It will be interesting to see I think Chukwuemeka will be off for next to nothing, and in terms of sell on if he let's his contract expire we can forget any sell on clause. I get the point that the Bundesliga being an easier league and that is true, however the major difference between us and Dortmund is Dortmund don’t buy established stars like we are doing, so the pathway to the first team is easier and the kids are given an opportunity to develop over a number of games not just on cameo performances here and there. I am not saying we should be playing all the kids but as I said in previous posts if they are as good as is being touted I think more should be getting game time. I also worry about the financial aspects of all these big name stars supposedly coming in, apart from the issue in terms of hampering the development of younger players what happens if NSWE at some point in the future pull the plug a la Randy Lerner?

25 Mar 2022 21:26:10
Whack ever so classy coming on a forum calling youngsters bellend
I'm sure if he scores a vital goal for England you'll be cheering

25 Mar 2022 22:58:03
Lol not likely mate I’m Irish I’ll cheer when he misses a penalty ?? hardly the biggest insult he’s ever going to get and I’m quite surprised someone with avfc in their name is so fond of a bluenose?

25 Mar 2022 23:01:14
Lord, am I wrong in thinking that Chuck has 1 more year left on his contract? If so I’m sure we can command a few quid and favourable terms if he’s wanted so badly. I don’t like his attitude tbh, sooner the better he go’s, before he starts unsettling some of our other youngsters

26 Mar 2022 08:18:25
You are right Whack he does have a year left, but apparently if rumours are to be believed he will let his contract run down to enable him to negotiate a better deal.



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