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24 Feb 2021 16:50:14
Hi guys hope you are all well.
I am only posting this because I am a bit concerned the way things have gone t#ts up.
So before I start getting slated, remember I am not a doom and gloom supporter, I am a realist, and I say what I see and feel, I know most of you are the same, so I am not on my own.
There is something I have to to say, because like it or not we are already speculating who we should be looking at and who we are being linked to, proving we are in need of better talent, and hopefully a different approach to each game.
Unfortunately it is what it is, so Deano will have to make do with what he has at his disposal, that includes all professional players of all age groups at the club, so options are available to him.
With the bottom three teams performing so bad, I think it would be fair to say, another win should alleviate any fears we might have about our own fate, and secure our place in the Premiership.
It might sound stupid to some, but I still think we will finish nearer the bottom than the top, having said that, the season on a whole has been a vast improvement on last season, and we are in a much better place at the moment. My reasoning for that, is we had a period where all our players had a purple patch at the same time, that coupled with some new faces, and a slightly different game plan, and the rub of the green, all this indicated we were punching a bit above our weight.
Because of the poor form of some players, and the unfortunate injuries to others, we now find ourselves in a very different situation, so I am hoping to see some changes made this weekend, because if we don`t solve some of the problems we have all identified, I am sure we will be thanking our lucky stars that we had the great start to the season we did.
We cannot have another performance like our last 4/ 5 games against Leeds, if we do I think we will get trounced, every player is quick and direct, after that game our remaining fixtures are looking far more daunting than they did 5 weeks ago.
With the players we have been using, and the form they are showing, I am really struggling to put a team on paper that might do us proud.
One more point, could anyone say with any certainty, that Deano would make a substitution early in a game, if it was obvious there was a problem area, and not injury forced, we have all seen this happen, and the answer is no.
This rapid decline in form started when Jack was in the side, but now without him it will only compound the problems we are displaying, we should make a positive out of a negative here, and grab hold of this opportunity to experiment a bit, and try some new ideas, if we have any that is? .
For me, the only real option is to drop McGinn, Barkley, Luiz, El Ghazi, and Elmo, and to use some fresh blood, Ramsey, Sanson, Davis, Kesler, Revan, Bidace to name a few.
One thing is for sure, something different has to be done, I fully expect it won`t be.

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24 Feb 2021 18:26:15
Revan is out on loan mate👍.

24 Feb 2021 18:55:12
Only Dominic, not his younger sibling Seb, probably not quite ready to challenge Targett for the left back slot yet though 😂.

24 Feb 2021 19:27:28
Yea, probably not mark😂.

24 Feb 2021 19:48:09
Dave my friend,
I hope you and yours are well and avoiding everybody out there.
Regards your post I have to agree totally.
For a long time we have looked fragile and I posted that the defence was more like school girls.
They have no ownership of the ball, no pattern of moving out and a total reliance on Martinez.
I see very little style or coaching in the team and that must be laid at the feet of the management group.
Jack is exceptional but if we continue as we are then let's get ready to wave goodbye to Jack.
His loyalty to AVFC must be testing him and when a top 4 side come calling, well.
You know my next call. We are now desperate for the pitch leader, a bit like JT was when he played.
Its not impossible that we recover when Jack gets back but should we be relying on our talsiman.
There are a lot of good footballers on the pitch but like a jigsaw. Until the final piece is fitted the job ain't finished.
If you look at Sheff Utd last year / this year you can see us mirroring their situation. Safe now then disaster next season.
Even with the options at Deanos door, it looks dire, and I only hope that NSWE have agreed a HUGE budget for the summer as the current squad has a short sell by date.
I am desperate for some indication that we can turn the corner.
We have the best keeper in the prem. One of the best C/ H in the prem. The best creator in the prem. Some of the best defensive midfield players in the prem.
But we have nobody to bring them together on matchday.

24 Feb 2021 19:48:21
Sorry for going flippant Dave.
I agree with the points you make, and I agree Deano won’t agree with what we agree about 😂
He’s the boss and who knows this may be just a blip and the same 11 he keeps selecting, and playing the same way, might suddenly snap out of it and click, starting Saturday against Leeds, and continuing right through to the end of the season.
To be honest if he continues with the same strategy and we finish mid table I’d be more than happy with that.
However if it backfires, the slump in form continues, and we finish 2 or 3 places above the relegation zone, I definitely wouldn’t be happy, and I think most Villa fans, if they’re honest, would feel the same. It’s particularly deflating if you finish low in the table, playing poorly throughout the second half of the season. If that happens it doesn’t exactly spread optimism throughout the fan base for the next season.
If Deano’s approach works, he’ll deservedly take the plaudits, if it doesn’t then his position will be under scrutiny.

24 Feb 2021 20:35:45
I think Deano just needs to freshen things up a little and try and regain some impetus so our great start to the season doesn't fizzle out, with the remit that if you come in and play well then you keep the shirt, unlike with Nakamba, Hause and El Ghazi earlier in the year.
I understand he remains loyal to his favourites, for want of a better word, but they're not repaying that loyalty with performances to match lately for whatever reason.
Maybe its just the players thinking, no matter how they play, they'll still be picked? Only the players themselves will know.
Maybe it's time for him to stop being the players friend (or so it may seem) and develop a ruthless streak and not be afraid to make the big calls. This may in turn lead to some of the "names " being put out and maybe even look for a way out (worst case scenario) but it may just be the kick up the backside they need and turn what has been a successful season so far back around.
However, I'll be surprised if he doesn't start Barkley, for one, Saturday as his mom has been doing his stats and they look impressive " my Rossy has been working his socks off" which he showed us against Leicester when he took his boots off 😁.

24 Feb 2021 22:07:03
Thank you guys for your input.
Hi Oldvillan, we are both good mate thank you, hope you and your dearest are over your setback.
I know we seem to be treading old ground all the time but it is concerning, and I think we are in for a tough ride until may.
As usual I agree with you guys, perhaps if we went to church we could all sing of the same hymn sheet 😁
I am finished on the subject now, and I am hoping for some signs our manager is learning from this.
Stay safe all.



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