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29 Dec 2020 14:39:34
I see the old Liverpool full back/ centre back has called Jack an embarrassment and labelled him a diver however he doesn't appear to have an opinion on Salah and his theatrical performances in and around the 18 yard box. I am not saying Jack is a diver but If you as a pundit are going to call out divers then you need to call them all out and not be selective in terms of who you target.

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29 Dec 2020 15:40:20
It would have helped if I named him 🤣🤣 Steve Nicol is the offender.

29 Dec 2020 15:53:03
who are you talking about John, no name mate?

29 Dec 2020 17:30:00
Well the only way average Nichol ( even when he was at his peak), would have stopped Jack, is you guessed it, by fouling him. Jack has many qualities and one of them is drawing fouls out of defenders who just don’t know how to handle his vastly superior talents. Of course it would be embarrassing for them if they just admitted they weren’t good enough to stop him, so instead they accuse him of diving. If it really is all theatrics why isn’t he continually getting booked for it by the person who’s usually in the best position to pass judgment 🤔.

29 Dec 2020 19:04:38
Every football channel now employ ex top level referees to pass judgment and every one to a man say if a player stays on his feet he is unlikely to get a penalty even if it is stonewall, every forward is now coached to go down with the slightest touch, right or wrong its how it is. If opposition players are going to continually foul Jack he has to protect himself and in most cases going down is inevitable. Jack doesn't get booked for diving and gets more fouls than any other player, referees are in the spotlight and if they weren't being fair this would obvious to the PMOL and they would be on the naughty bench. These idiot so called pundits that whinge and complain about Jack are in a minority as many others are now waking up to just how good Jack is.

29 Dec 2020 20:50:07
That`s a great post Mark and spot on.
They would never admit he beat them with pure skill, excuses have to be used.

29 Dec 2020 20:51:54
Well said Scotty, bang on mate.



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