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06 Dec 2020 13:52:19
Again out partying in London.
Jack is starting to take the pi.!
Very soon he will become despised by all supporters of other clubs. let's not be silly and say that's ok we still love him.
Clubs may want to buy him and his value will fall.
I hear the shouts that's ok we will keep him.
He drags AVFC into disrepute and should be boll. ed by the manager and owners. He has a responsibility to the club the players and us the fans.
Jack is a talent which is heaven sent but he is only mortal.
C'mon Jack you are too good to be so foolish. Remember some of the stars of years gone by who fell from grace.

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06 Dec 2020 14:22:33
Exact details are yet to come out yet TOV but apparently went for a meal in London with Barkley for his birthday, arrived at 3 and left about 7.45 according to rumours. Different tier system in London but even so shouldn't be travelling across county lines. Rules are ridiculous tho for tier 2, before we went into tier 3 I could travel and work all day with my mate but couldn't sit at the same table in a pub so didn't even bother going out.
Even so doesn't excuse flouting the rules. Brilliant with a football, brain dead between the ears.

06 Dec 2020 15:28:25
If we're offered north of 100 million (miracles can happen) then the time has come to sell greenish while we can, remember he's still good mates with the poison dwarf, I think that says it all, there's something about his character that he's drawn to that type of lifestyle, so for the good of the club, he has to go, if we're honest we all expect him to leave in the summer anyways, so if we can sell in January and keep him till the summer, that for me would the ideal situation, then deano can go and buy his dreamboat rashica!

06 Dec 2020 15:33:50
Travelled from a tier 2 hour to a tier 2 area for a meal. Breaking the rules yes but unfortunately your going to see more and more of this, not just footballs, every man.

I don’t think the government couldn’t have handled this worse, people are starting to think for themselves and seeing that those in charge have no clue what their doing and seemingly have different rules to adhere to.

06 Dec 2020 17:30:53
Dont lay blame at the door of the goverment.
The situation has never been seen before and strange as it might sound making retrospective comments are a waste of time.
If in doubt don't do it!
People have spread the virus, not goverment
No goverment in the world has handled the situation any better. They may not have spent the money that we have and they have not supported people indidually or business wise like we have.
Its people spreading this virus
I live in an area that was one of the safest in the country, minimal C.V.s, at the start of lockdown.
At the end of lockdown I now live in tier 3 due to people deciding to move out of their high risk areas to spend a few days, weeks by the coast. This is regardless of instructions.
Any one that breaks the rules should be sent to work in a hospital where people are dying.
If in the slightest doubt don't do it.

06 Dec 2020 18:35:03
Well said Oldvillan, exactly the same here mate, spot on.

06 Dec 2020 19:42:57
It’s exactly the reason you have just said old villain, why people are going to start to take the piss. Tier one areas going into lockdown come out at tier 3, that doesn’t add up.

London tier 2?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, far from it, but people are starting to think for themselves, more and more by the day.

Unfortunately though, if the government came out and told us what hours we were allowed to wipe our arse, some would listen and try to find reason within it.

06 Dec 2020 19:52:58
Also just to add, there are governments around the world that have absolutely smashed their handling of the Virus, we had the biggest benefit of being an island. Unfortunately an island run by incompetence.

07 Dec 2020 12:32:24
Chris, Somethings don't need explaining.
There certainly seems that there is a political split in the do's and donts. Looking at maps indication seems to be that government supporters have done as directed whilst the rest have resisted.
There is no conspiracy, only the thoughts of people who will do anything to cause grief and make themselves look smart.

Tier 1 to tier 3 doesn't add up. WHY?

It adds up when you live in proximetey to London, (tier 2.)
At the start of lockdown 2, masses moved out of London to their holiday park homes by the sea. Approx 5000 to the area that I live that was one of the safest places in the UK.
Then 4 weeks later we are in tier 3.
Is this coincidence?
We don't think so. Standing in queues at safe distances we hear them telling others that they decided to leave London to have a nicer time.
People disobeying directions are spreading the virus. Not an incompetant government.
Asked live on TV "Why have you not done as so/ so suggested" the PM replied "the suggestions were after the event" the PM then asked why do these critics not put their ideas forward to work together.
Then there was silence.

Stay alive to be alive. If in doubt don't do it.

07 Dec 2020 13:37:59
While in theory you explanation makes sense, add in the numbers and it’s just not the case. Do your own research, not what your being told, go to the uk dashboard and look at the numbers for London through lockdown, it says it all. It’s a farce.

Even without the numbers aka the facts surely you don’t believe that thousands of people (which is most likely a falsehood) moving out of an area of population nine million plus, yes nine million plus, reduced the numbers enough in a month, to warrant dropping them to tier 2? Seriously?

Go and look at London, go and look at the underground for god sake. The WHO have said publicly on multiple occasions, before the implementation of said safety measures (at the time) that they have not advised different aspects of it, or have advised otherwise. How would it be humanly possible for them to say before restrictions are in place that they have said quite the opposite?

Do you not remember eat out to help out?

This has nothing to do with politics, it is to do with an inept government who have made wrong moves at every turn, costing thousands of lives, that has been shown up by governments around the world who listened to advice, managed the situation and saved lives.



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