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18 Feb 2020 16:13:06
Danny Drinkwater shouldn't start another Villa game if we want to stay up and defensively we are an absolute embarrassment to concede 50 goals already is a joke.

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18 Feb 2020 17:00:27
Yeah yeah yeah.

18 Feb 2020 18:47:31
I'm not sure Raj should be mocked Dave, Nearly everyone who watched Sundays game agrees that Drinkwater is not up to the task. Defensively we are very very poor, just look at the stats, we may not be "a joke" defensively, however we are one of the worst in the league on nearly all of the stats.

You and Daz seem to be far more positive than the many on here.
I have often used the term "blind faith"and "claret and blue goggles" to describe those who don't appear to see what many others see. It's right to want the best for our club and contrary to what the glass half full brigade promote, we are a very average side that have failed to deliver what all of us hoped for. So guys please listen to the views of the frustrated fans me included that looked forward to this season with hope and promise, I personally think we have failed and have been let down based on the money invested.

In terms of team players and management decisions, I always remember the clichéd phrase, the definition of stupidity " doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" I think we are guilty of that.

18 Feb 2020 19:19:43
Scotty, it was not meant a mocking stunt mate, and I apologise to
Raj and anyone else I might have offended.
It was meant more as a yawn yawn comment, meaning we have heard it all before.
Just fed up of all the negativity, bloody hell let's back our Manager and team.
Most players can become very average in a struggling side, and I think that is part of it.

18 Feb 2020 19:45:38
Dave i'm sure apologies are not required, staying the obvious we are all frustrated and like in any walk of life we are entitled to "get things off our chest". No one deliberately plays poorly or tries to make mistakes. We are fighting for our lives for survival and most of us, I know I am, are kicking every ball and ok i have said many times these players are paid a " kings ransom" and are not delivering what many of us fans expect. We are entitled to our say and probably don't always articulate what exactly what we mean.

18 Feb 2020 19:57:40
You know if everybody gets behind the manager and the team it may just make the difference between staying up or going down. Seriously did anyone really expect anything other than a relegation scrap at the beginning of the season. If we stay up, we build a little bit more next season and so on. We are a work in progress, still a long way off the finished article, we all know that.
I think we should reserve judgment to the end of the season and it’s not over yet, and we are definitely not down yet either.

18 Feb 2020 20:09:58
Scotty I'm going to use Sheff U and Leeds in this post Sheff U 1st. As a club like them they have been in the wilderness far too long in my opinion for years they have struggled yet still had a fanbase that backed their club and lived within their means not over spending and clever management meaning their chairman and directors gave their manager enough money to spend bit not over spending growing a team that has played together for a few good seasons adding when and where needed. Now they are reaping the benefits of good management and in house spending, This is how a club should be run.2nd Leeds for far too long this huge club has struggled because of like us bad mistakes from the management and from the people above. Now having a good couple of seasons and having a decent manager at the helm will come up this season. Again their fanbase stuck by their team and managers. Leeds as I said are a huge club and indeed will thrive in the PL next season because they had to struggle like Sheff U did and had to wait patiently for their time. I guess what I'm trying to say is we was mismanaged for years and we got promoted before our time IMO and the owners but hey we are here so let's not dwell on all the bad things that went on in our club let's embrace the fact we are here for the time being let's back Deano and get behind the team because I'm sure 38 thousand fans singing Deanos name on Sunday can't be wrong can they?

18 Feb 2020 21:20:51
None of us are saying it's been a great season but we are where we were expected to be. If you honestly thought we'd be top half then you were the one with the tinted glasses.

On the money point, that horse has been flogged to the point you can no longer tell it's a horse. Can't buy 10 world class players for that total.
I'll also reiterate my point that in any job your phrase is moot. Practice makes perfect is a far better saying. Constantly changing something because it didn't work once is more detrimental.

Deano changed to 3 at the back and on the whole we've been creating chances and scoring goals. Without full on parking the bus and creating nothing going the other way how can we defend better? That also requires the ability for 10 men behind the ball to actually stop the ball ending up in the back of the net which I doubt would work.

18 Feb 2020 21:03:40
Two very good posts, Mark short and concise, Daz lengthy and detailed
Both saying the same thing.

18 Feb 2020 21:16:26
Daz i was one of the 38000, I just can't bare the thought of championship football next year.

18 Feb 2020 21:52:00
Like your thinking rk, well said mate.

18 Feb 2020 22:11:45
You know what scotty if we do we do we you will still go as will many others but I reiterate at least we have a club to support. Things could be a lot lot worse mate.



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