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20 Jul 2018 15:22:49
So the EFL have already accepted the financial transaction to the club from the two investors, now how much do they both own? Hypothetically if they invested the same as dr t between them or just over that making them majority share holders between them leaving room to buy the rest of the shares off dr t at a later date. My question is would this cover the FFP or would we need to generate money from somewhere else say naming rights to villa park? Would this balance the FFP of the investment doesn't?

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20 Jul 2018 17:51:57
They will need to sponsor the stadium or something to sort ffp. They could have 100 billion and it still don't count to ffp.

20 Jul 2018 14:53:19
If and it's a questionable if we stabilise our financial position I think it would be an ideal opportunity to sweep with a new broom. We came up short last season with the most expensive squad and wage bill. I can't for one minute think the football will be any different, so as the squad had been weakened we would be foolish to stick with the status quo.

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20 Jul 2018 14:54:30
Egyptian and American then.

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20 Jul 2018 15:25:58
What I do like is that sawiris lives in London and will be hopefully more hands on, .
These 2 are seriously minted but I'm not bothered about that really,
As long as they invest properly and take on the right people to run the club I'm happy enough,
Just hope we can keep grealish but it looks like he will have to go regardless of money invested,

20 Jul 2018 14:39:24
So we can keep the lights on lads :-)

Anybody know how this impacts us from a squad perspective?

Also, please, please replace Bruce!

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20 Jul 2018 13:59:27
Thats a good point bob, i can think of 3, gallardo, dean smith, psv manager vanbronchurst, then there's 2 maybe worth a punt terry, an henry both got all badges so why not.

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20 Jul 2018 13:34:11
Just putting out a idea of mine,
We are by all accounts hoping to be sold to a middle East consortium,
This is not a rummor I'm saying just a talking point,
3 years ago a billionaire Hasan Abdullah ismaik tried to buy Everton and arsenal but fell through,
He part owns 1860 Munich and he is wanting to buy into a premiership or championship club in England!
Just a thought I wonder?

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20 Jul 2018 12:49:22
If you were new ownwers would you stick or twist with bruce, i'd twist we need a younger coach with attacking, fast paced footy, bruce is a nice bloke but we won't progress under him.

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20 Jul 2018 13:00:53

I would like a younger coach but who?
That's the million dollar question,
I would start from scratch and bring in proven football people in all area's,
If they do that is anybody's guess,
Just want this owner out the club and hopefully get things right this time.

20 Jul 2018 14:50:25
Mainbob, surely Bruce is as proven as you can get in the championship? His track record speaks for itself getting teams out the league, I think it's a arse of backing Bruce to get up and then move on once we get there, he had plenty to do behind the scenes when he first got here and has sorted that out and if it hasn't been for injuries namely to grealish early in the season we would be in the Orem by now.

Review Of The Day 20th July 2018

20 Jul 2018 07:10:15
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20 Jul 2018 01:06:07
If a takeover of the club is in progress and indeed in an advanced stage as reported, would I be right in assuming that during that take over period no players would be likely to be purchased or sold? If you were to be buying a house for instance how could you agree on a price if pieces of it were being constantly removed or added. You would expect a buyer to agree on a price to purchase based on how the club now stands, so I'm thinking that Jack or indeed anyone won't be going anywhere at least until the the sale goes through, any thoughts?

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20 Jul 2018 10:33:44
Correct as I've been saying for weeks now.

20 Jul 2018 12:15:28
Thats correct.

20 Jul 2018 12:30:05
Unless the agreed price is taking in to account for the sale of said goods leaving i. e. Grealish, Chester and kodjia. Effectively it's like saying you can buy the house furnished for £100k or £90k unfurnished.

19 Jul 2018 17:53:44
I don't care if we get a mega rich owner or not,
All I want is a owner who employs football people to run the club and brings in a young progressive manager who plays the game how fans want to see,
We need to get it right for once,
But I am talking about Aston Villa?

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