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17 Aug 2020 10:25:56
Villa linked to ramsdale of Bournemouth. Good goalkeeper, definate improvement on what we already have.

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17 Aug 2020 11:26:27
Is a goalkeeper really a priority given we have limited funds and have problems out wide and up front? Personally I don’t think so not at £18.5 million anyway. If we are targeting a keeper I would rather go for Ben Foster much cheaper and a better keeper to boot.

17 Aug 2020 12:23:25
It does seem a lot John, but for me a quality keeper is so important, it permeates confidence throughout the whole side. There is no doubting Ramsdale’s ability and he comes across as a very confident young lad. Heaton is 34 and is perhaps approaching the twilight of his career. I like Foster I must admit, but he is getting on a bit too. My feeling on Nyland and Steer is that neither are going to be quite what’s required if we are going to push on. On reflection I think we have to think long term and I think Ramsdale would fit the bill. The money we could get for Nyland, Steer and Kalinic wouldn’t cover the fee for Ramsdale but it could effectively reduce it considerably.

17 Aug 2020 12:38:20
Mark I don’t doubt his ability my concern is taking that sum out of our original budget of £100 million doesn’t leave a lot for 2 widemen and a quality centre forward not to mention a full back and centre back which also appear to be on the agenda I hope we are not shopping at Aldi again!

17 Aug 2020 13:17:04
John, It will ultimately come down to what the management/ owners consider to be the priorities for the club. I don’t think it will really make much difference what the likes of us consider to be the priorities. It would be nice to think that supporters views are valued and considered, but supporters views are always so variable, so I would doubt they make much difference.
It’s fun to discuss / debate all the same and I’m glad we don’t all think the same or this site would get extremely boring mate.

17 Aug 2020 13:25:53
i would go for ben foster, look to strength were we need, and we all know were that is, even if we have different opinions.

17 Aug 2020 13:57:39
Mark you are absolutely right it will come down to what the management team deem our priorities to be but everything coming out from Villa suggests we need 2 widemen and a striker. For me after spending on 2 quality widemen I wouldn’t want to sign Ramsdale if that meant we had to sign someone like Obafemi to lead the line i don’t think my heart could stand it😁. I would much rather us sign someone like Ihenacho/ Abraham/ Origi and make do with a cheaper keeper option or even make do with Nyland until Heaton is fully fit but as you say the Villa hierarchy might see it differently.

17 Aug 2020 14:02:54
I get the impression it’s nearly a done deal that he’s going to Sheffield United and that we don’t really have much chance of hijacking the deal.
If however 100 million is the amount available for players, (big if ) this is an example of what could be achieved bearing in mind the recent update on the Benrahma price; GK. Ramsdale 18.5m.
RB. Cash. 10m.
LB. Henry. 10m.
RW. Buendia 20m.
LW. Benrahma 15m.
S. Watkins 25m.
This is just an example, but would people consider this to be a good transfer window.

17 Aug 2020 16:32:45
pretty bad, Cash.
LB. Henry.
RW. Buendia
LW. Benrahma .
S. Watkins only Buendia with half a season of prem, jack would leave.

17 Aug 2020 16:34:18
Mark, I can’t see us getting either Cash or Benrahama for £10 or £15 million respectively we are likely to be involved in an auction and I think Cash more likely £15 million and Benrahama £25 million. For me I would try to sign Ihenacho for £25 million Benrahma for £25 million and Sarr for £30million I would use the remaining £20 million to try to sign Stones but I think he is more likely to go to a bigger club than us. I would also try to get Ryan Sessegnon on loan from Spurs with an option to buy for me personally that would represent a good window. All the above is predicated on Jack staying.

17 Aug 2020 17:02:28
John, I like your preferences but it always comes down to price, and which club the players prefer.
Apparently Liverpool and Wolves are interested in Sarr and Watford want 40 million. Couldn’t honestly see him choosing us ahead of Liverpool or Wolves.
I’m not sure Villa would be top of Stones’ list either.
It’s one thing meeting the asking prices, it’s another persuading the players and their agents that Villa is the best option for them.



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