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07 Jun 2021 23:07:20
Dave and Whakky, you've already pulled Viduka apart, but in case you want to embarrass "kly" about his leeds fans come from all four corners of the uk and are huge BS comments, some ammunition:

Leeds official total social media reach: 2.258 Million
Villa official total social media reach: 6.1 Million

Leeds Official Recognised Supporters Clubs UK: 35
Leeds Official Recognised Supporters Clubs ROW: 61
Leeds Official Recognised Supporters Clubs Total: 96

Villa Official Recognised Supporters Clubs UK: 39
Villa Official Recognised Supporters Clubs ROW: 69
Villa Official Recognised Supporters Clubs Total: 108

Attendances when last with crowds 2019/ 20:
Leeds average home support: 35,320
Villa average home support: 41,661
*both sides sold out every away allocation.

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08 Jun 2021 10:07:02
Nice stats Chris, can always rely on your to pull some interesting information out the bag 👌 poor viduka is so desperate to be better than us for some reason, I just don’t see how really unless they start winning stuff. I was surprised to see (well kinda surprised) how little time they spent in the top flight, less than half our total top flight seasons - 109 versus a measly 52😂😂😂 had a good giggle at that one.

08 Jun 2021 11:29:38
Problem is mate is there a one club city, all they see is Leeds, so they think the rest of the world thinks the same.

If you notice you’ve proved Viduka wrong several times and he just moved the goalposts in his next response. Quite entertaining from the outside.

You could end the debate by reminding him that Newcastle, Forest, Blackburn, Wolves, Everton, Sunderland, Sheff Wed have all won more than them. Oh and the Tesco carrier bags have won the same amount as them😂.

08 Jun 2021 13:43:44
Thanks for that Chris, as Whacky said great stats.
A bit behind today but will catch up at some point, a couple of them are really not bad, but the others are very bitter and hate the very air we breath.
Never known fans like it, they have even mentioned the war of the roses when having a pop at me.

08 Jun 2021 14:12:08
The funniest part is they keep basing major parts of their arguments around Generation Z, the digital natives and how attractive they are in that demographic. The biggest indicator of that demographic? Social media. So why if they are doing so well as they keep telling us with that demographic and how they’ve grown significantly with that support over the last few seasons, why do they have just over a third of our power in that area? If they are doing so well and that is such an indicator of how well they are doing, we must be absolutely smashing it! 😂

Add in the supports groups, match day numbers etc, they simply can’t compete🤷‍♂️.

08 Jun 2021 15:27:13
Spot on chris, 👍.

08 Jun 2021 17:32:42
At this point it’s probably best to leave it, the main one has just claimed they won the European Cup in 1975, I don’t think he’s all there at this point.

08 Jun 2021 17:42:50
Bayern Munich 2 Leeds United 0, were they stripped of the title because Leeds fans thought they should have had a penalty?



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