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22 Mar 2021 06:38:01
It doesn't matter how good the season has been . it should continue to be so but dean Smith has been found wanting since Jack's injury. 6 games 1 win against very poor teams which suggests we are a one man team or dean Smith is clueless without 1 player .

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22 Mar 2021 09:42:52
There is no doubt that we improved this year in the first half of the season nobody is saying otherwise but since Christmas we have being plain awful, lazy, no ideas going forward, the system is clearly not working but smith changes nothing, says the same thing after every game, plays the same system for the following game. there is nothing at risk for the remainder of the season but he still refuses to take any risks, we are 1 of the worst teams to watch in the league and have being since Christmas, yes we made progress but we lost it all now we are gone back to last years form, why some people are not concerned is beyond me.
Villa Dave pointed out in January that elements of last year are creeping into our game and he got slated by a few for it, he was bang on and 2 months later nothing has changed and it don’t look like changing between here and may.
Whether I’m right or wrong it’s my opinion that the current system is not good enough and only 1 man can change that fact, the book stops with him. he said in the lead up to the game that every day is an education but he’s not learning anything for the last 10 games.

22 Mar 2021 12:30:13
Whack, a measured accurate response, most of us can see it. Smith is obviously stubborn, the players have changed for the worst because of him. He has the rest of the season to prove us wrong, if he can't do that then is he the right man to continue?

22 Mar 2021 15:56:33
Whacky, I agree totally mate, I think there are a few on here now that realise and can see the problems that have been creeping into our game for weeks.
That Spurs side last night are a bang average outfit, and yet they restricted us to having one shot on target, shocking.
We are now showing numerous faults in our game, and changes need to be made, and a different approach should be considered in preparation for next season.
Like I said before, I think it is in part a managerial fault, and also the players game management that is lacking.

23 Mar 2021 00:08:16
Hi dave good to see you back, I really wanted smith to be successful I really did but he looked lost for ideas once again on Sunday, I think he is a decent manager and will keep us in the league but I can’t see him bringing us any further than 9-12th anytime soon, he found a system that was working at the start of the season, we played some great football really pleasing on the eye, we questioned his lack of substitutions at that point when we were going well, would the players get burnt out in the second half of the season and they look to have done so, other teams have got wise to us and how we play so it’s up to dean to change it around and try different things, we can’t play any worse in fairness, we can say we don’t have the same strength and depth as spurs and this is true but surely we can match the likes of Newcastle and Sheffield when you consider all the injuries both those teams have had, our next game v Fulham is massive, if we don’t play well and don’t get a result we are in trouble, and I don’t mean for this season I mean in regards to our progression. we didn’t learn from last year only having 1 premier league quality striker and we are paying for it, I think we really missed out on benerahma, traore for me is not worth what we paid for him, even if we had got a loan of a striker till Wesley is fit it would of helped but instead we wasted money on a center mid that is no better than Conor or any of the other options we have. we can still turn it round and get results to finish the season in better form but if we don’t I can see this continuing into next season, this team can produce more than they have since Christmas we have all seen them do so and it’s up to dean to get it out of them, if he can’t we’ll then for me he’s not the future of this club.



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