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07 Sep 2020 20:15:33
Just seen that Everton have signed rodriguez along with Alan and possibly dacoure, bit disheartening really when you consider the stature between ourselves and them is probably the same so my question is how are they signing players of that calibre and we're trying to sign championship players does it boil down to the pull of the manager?

I love Dean Smith and thinks he has done a great job but my concern is he can't attract the bigger better players where as the name and lure of Ancelotti gets the deals done.

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07 Sep 2020 20:35:54
I see where your coming from but Everton didn’t get relegated, probably in better ffp situation than us and have being a top 10 team for many a year, if we keep making progress we’ll get to where they are, if West Ham, Burnley Newcastle etc were getting guys like that I’d b worried but we’re not on par with Everton for quiet a while now,

07 Sep 2020 20:37:58
Both Allan and James specifically wanted to play for Ancelotti. Not just that he’s a big name manager, but him in particular. And pains me. but the club is not at the level of Everton, at least not yet. We need to consolidate in the Prem, and work to get back on terms with them. They underachieved last year, but signs are they could be dark horses for top 4 even (James is THAT good potentially) . although with Pickford in goal, perhaps not 🤣

If we get the four/ five players we need. whilst not yet superstars. maybe we’ll get players that can grow. Still really hope for Watkins and Edouard. genuinely think, with Grealish the creator, we’d do well with them pair.

07 Sep 2020 20:57:17
Smithy, I think you should read what Aka posted last night mate.
A very good read and will hopefully give you some understanding on our situation, I am happier after reading it.
See heading below:-
Birmingham live by James Rusht entitled " OPINION ON FFP concerns, deadline deals and big rumours: The truth of Aston Villa's transfer window".

07 Sep 2020 21:02:46
Well said Dave I think I will read it again.

07 Sep 2020 21:23:02
Where do I find that article guys? I don’t think we will buy 2 strikers if I’m honest I think we would do well to get 1 of those guys, getting both would b awesome, the thing that concerns me most is that we put a bid on Wilson first, does smith intend on going for OW at all or is it just paper talk? What u guys think?

07 Sep 2020 21:29:32
Cheers Aka.

07 Sep 2020 21:42:31
WA go into Birmingham Mail on line. Top right hand corner tap magnifying glass and type in ‘ OPINION ON FFP concerns“.
The article should be at the top of the list.

07 Sep 2020 21:52:46
Its in my post Whacky, at the bottom, its on Birmingham live.
Copy and paste the following mate.

"OPINION ON FFP concerns, deadline deals and big rumours: The truth of Aston Villa's transfer window".

07 Sep 2020 23:21:00
Very good article it talks a lot of sense, I remain confident we will make signings we will just have to wait and see who they are.



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