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02 Sep 2020 23:16:52
Benteke is better than wilson an he loves villa according to a recent interview he was chuffed when we came back up or how about pukki?

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03 Sep 2020 06:42:30
Benteke would be half the price of Wilson as well, and unlike Wilson he would love to play for us.

03 Sep 2020 08:38:29
Benteke isn’t the same as he was before, not in ability, but attitude, just look at the Villa Palace game, got a serious attitude problem.

03 Sep 2020 08:38:37
Re: the Wilson and Watkins debate on whether they can be the 15-20 striker we need, I'll say this, players like that will cost a premium price something we're probably unable to do at the moment. Plus the "big boys" will always get 1st dibs, European football, higher wages etc.
But say we sign both Wilson and Watkins and for example perhaps Benrahma at, for arguments sake, £20m each. If that's you're front 3 and they can each average 10 goals each, tough as that may seem, then add that to Grealish and McGinn goal threat that to me would represent a healthy return and may just improve the points tally over a season.
Threats from all areas of the pitch rather than relying on 1 person to score the majority and if they have a bad game that threat is nullified.
Just a thought 👍.

03 Sep 2020 09:58:02
My sentiments exactly Moose great post.

03 Sep 2020 11:47:37
A very persuasive argument Moose, and if the asking price was 20 million each average, I think most of us would take that. However the reality of it is the bill would be nearer 75 million total and we need to strengthen in other area don’t we? For me Wesley could do at least as well as Wilson, so I’m struggling to see why we need to go for both Watkins and Wilson.
Also, if the 2 more strikers is the road they’re going down, I think there are better alternatives than Wilson for 20 million, 8 goals in 35 games is not overly impressive.

03 Sep 2020 12:35:26
Wesley will obviously take time to get up to speed after his injury Mark, the same can be said of Wilson, who when fit has always impressed when I've seen him play. That coupled with Frazer downing tools and Brooks being injured for most the season would certainly explain his lack of goals last year due to the supply line. I certainly wouldn't discount him out of hand as given full fitness and creative input from those around him could see a return to form, if the price is right.
As for Watkins, his ability to play both centrally and wide could give us more options with in game management, something that was decidedly lacking last season, plus Wilson and Watkins offer something we were in very short supply of last year. pace.
If that's the level we're at at the moment then so be it. Let's get them on board and see how they perform only then will we know if we've made the right calls.

03 Sep 2020 13:35:57
I agree fully, Moose. Maybe a little wishful thinking, but if deals are structured right, this is how I’d spend our reported £100m. Augmented with a few sales to cover the add-ons.
Cash £14m -> £16m
Watkins £22m -> £26m
Benrahma £18m -> £22m
Swift £6m -> £8m
Romero £8m
Grujic £16m -> £19m
Wilson £15m -> £18m

Like I say, maybe some of those prices aren’t achievable but don’t feel pie-in-the-sky to me, and we’re strengthened right across the board. IMHO!

03 Sep 2020 13:57:15
Hi Ant Cash, Cantwell, Brooks, King, Edouard. Romero.

03 Sep 2020 14:22:53
I’d love us to sign Edouard! Just seems to have gone very quiet.

03 Sep 2020 16:00:21
I would as well Ant, I am not sure obviously, but I think we could be missing a trick here.



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