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08 Apr 2020 13:40:33
So footballers think they're being singled out. With Mourinho being the latest high profile idiot flouting government advice during the lockdown is it any wonder? I know the press follow these high profile people but is it too much to ask that they follow procedures and set an example to all? Football in general will not come out of this crisis with much, if any, credit:furloughing, player wages etc. I hope this is a wakeup call to the money men who run the game and we can see a return to when football was a working men's game not as Roy Keane succinctly put it "the prawn sandwich brigade " but I very much doubt it. The beautiful game is being dragged through the gutter big style and may never recover its prestige to the working class people who put it there in the first place. Stay safe everyone.

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08 Apr 2020 16:57:06
He thinks he’s the special one Moose, so the rules can’t possibly apply to him.

08 Apr 2020 17:19:18
GGrrrrrr, Please don`t start me off Moose.
Good post mate, and well said to you, GGrrrrrr.

Wife has just given me a bone, I should be alright now, Grr.

08 Apr 2020 17:44:13
Lol Dave I hope if the mrs walks you you're kept on a lead 😂😂.

08 Apr 2020 18:41:00



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