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12 Feb 2020 14:25:34
Did anyone see poch interview he says he misses prem and is waiting for job offer, now it mite sound harsh but if there's a chance we can get him and if he wants to come we should do he has proved when he was at Southampton he can get out of relegation scraps and he would make our players betters, I'm not calling for deanos head but you have to atleast make an approach for someone like we have the club history, supporters chairmen, we just need to sell the club right and have proper ambitious plans to attract a top manager like that, deanos an ok manager, but if we had a poch, Jose, benitez we would be safe easily if we had got Jose in the summer who was out of gave him free roam of the club to build it up it would of been ace, if we stay up and poch is still getable we should move deano out with a pay off and get him.

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12 Feb 2020 15:51:16
You can paint over it as much as you like 4eva, you are calling for Deano`s head.
You have just said it in your post mate, you have just used different words to say it.

12 Feb 2020 16:54:33
Deano 4eva. 4eva😃.

12 Feb 2020 17:31:26
Dave I just think we need a better manager that's all mate, deano is ok but that's it, where as a proven big name or prem manager would get the best out this bunch of players in my view, Everton got ancelloti so why couldn't we get a big name Everton were going no where b4 he came now there going to be going places with a proper world-class manager, big name players will now want to join everton with the manager they have now, I just think we could of moved deano out and brought a bigger name in while we had no games to play due to the break, westham, n Watford changed aswell, if we stay up I would move deano on, we need sum one too take the club to the nxt level if we stay up, I don't think deano is the right man to take us to nxt level but could be proved wrong, an come on who wouldn't want poch, benitez, allegri, even riykard, bigsam all better managers than deano and if they had the same budget deano had we'd be in a lot better position by a country mile, a club like villa should be able to attract big name managers, wolves did it when they were in the championship yes it may cost sum big bucks but u have to pay to get quality.

12 Feb 2020 17:50:22
I think if Deano keeps us up 4eva, he will be seen as a hero by the vast majority and probably by the owners too mate.
Probably rightly so, when you think where we were when he took the job on.

12 Feb 2020 18:06:35
Poch, is and always has been, lined up for man u. I wouldn't be surprised if he joins them towards the end of this season.



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