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28 Sep 2019 17:31:27
We played good attacking football today, Burnley have a terrible away record and it showed, but guess what, all the 'could have-should have 'tosh that some on here are going to wax lyrical on here about in the next day or so means **** all, Burnley go home with a point, May not have deserved it, but they got it, so playing football our way may be very pleasing on the eye, but we're also naive, babies in the wood, how long will it take for people to realise we need to get mean and nasty, every team in the league knows their in with a chance against us because we're too open and STILL not fit enough for 90 minutes, AND still NO plan b, we don't know how to win a game with 20 minutes or so to go, and that will stuff us over a long, physically demanding season, we don't know when to step off the gas and let the ball do the work, it's not bloody rocket science, so please ladies and gentlemen, castigate me for digging them out again, but the table doesn't lie, big teams are on the horizon who'll batter us, this game should have been a confidence builder, yet again it wasn't, trezeguet comes on and what a surprise, he gets carded, he's not team orientated, what a waste, so what now, more rose tinted platitudes about waiting for it to click? Burnley are well drilled with every player knowing their job and where are they operate within, can we say the same, too soon to PANICK-ABSOLUTELY-BUT unless Deano starts thinking about a less open, cavalier style of football, then the clouds of doubt will begin to loom, and for **** sake, MAKE MINGS CAPTAIN AND HEATON VICE-CAPTAIN, let jack concentrate on his game alone.

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28 Sep 2019 17:47:45
If you were one of the Bruce Out brigade then you're a hypocrite, simple as.
Yes, there needs to be a slight change being in a division above but it was an individual issue that let us down again.
For all of Taylor's good defensive work this season I will be the first to say he was at fault for the second equaliser.
Talking about recent form/ records is always nonsense. It's always the performance on the day. Burnley are one of the best teams away from home in the league due to their organisation. We ran them ragged for a half but players like Mcginn wear themselves out too easily sometimes.
Smith has said from day one that he wants them to take their rest while in possession but the players seem to rush around in desperation at that point which isn't what is being coached unless you think Deano is just a liar.
Burnley were overly physical at times which stopped us getting any momentum in that second half and if Targett wasn't made of China we may have been able to mix up the midfield more to regain control.

28 Sep 2019 19:05:30
I agree rk, I would just add to that by saying I think Davis needs a run out now just to make Wesley aware his place is not nailed on.
Other than that I think you are on the money mate.

28 Sep 2019 19:46:43
Thanks Dave. Its a difficult choice up top, Wesley I think is more likely to find the back of the net but Davis is more consistent with his hold up play.
Wesley didn't get much chance today, even most of the long balls were heading towards El Ghazi and Grealish rather than the big man.

28 Sep 2019 20:15:32



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