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22 Mar 2021 22:56:30
An answer to Chris and Daz, I am a regular poster, so to accuse me of only posting when we lose is a complete falsehood and doesn't reflect what I have to say. I support a football team and follow home and away and have had a season ticket for many many years. I have the right to comment on things as I see them. We are a club with ambition and have money. We have a manager who is extremely well paid has had money to build a squad. The squad he has assembled in my opion are in the main mediocre. At least six would not get in any premier league side above half way and that is being generous. We have a squad who in the main all earn well in the millions. In my working life my mantra was value for money and as a fan with emotional ties to my club I don't think we are getting value for money So Chris and Daz I respect your right to have your say, please let me have mine without the snide remarks. It's obvious we won't agree, but have your say and I will continue to have mine.

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23 Mar 2021 07:02:13
Doesn't work like that with some on here scotty mate people take it too heart football is about different views and opinions, everyone isn't going to think the same.

23 Mar 2021 07:59:13
There’s nothing stopping you having your say though as no one is stopping you from posting. maybe if you reply to peoples post when they reply to yours with a difference of opinion and debate with them, expand on your views and answer questions that get asked of your posts 🤷🏻‍♂️.

23 Mar 2021 09:25:33
But you don’t post when we win Scott, it’s been mentioned on here all season. Yet when we lose or even draw at time your the first on here throwing your toys out the pram.

You make quite extreme bold statements and when questioned with facts you just don’t respond.

You quote “facts” then when highlighted that what you’ve said isn’t fact you call people contradictory, but if your backing your points up with something that is quite easily proven false, no by opinions but actual fact, then people will pull you up on it.

You post as though you have all the answers and it is black and white, but I can’t fathom how you have the front to do it when you have consistently got things wrong, it’s there on record. You spent all last season telling us we were going down, yet here we are. You spent the last few months berating the manager for not playing Sanson, and he’s the answer so to speak. After his second start you say he needs to be sold. There’s two examples of the top of my head, but there’s plenty more. So you can see why people are baffled at your front to continually phrase things as though you are some messiah who has all the answers, when your answers in the past have been consistently proven wrong.

This may seem harsh because I’d bet in person you are a great fella, but you come across on here as basically everything wrong that football has become, a part of the new social media era. Very reactionary, you use any slight negative to go OTT and kick and scream. Any actual negative that we all can see and you want the manager sacked. Someone mentioned O’Neills villa team earlier, he was manager for 4 years, John Gregory 4 years, Brian Little 4 years, Saunders 8 years, yet a manager who has taken us from championship mid table to premier league, premier league survival, cup final and a potential top half finish, he needs sacking after two and half years? It absolutely reeks of this new modern football that has moved so far away from the game everyone fell in love with. Step out the bubble and see what other fans would think to us sacking Dean Smith.

As I say your most likely a decent bloke but I think from here it’s probably just easier if I don’t bite to your posts and vice versa, our morales and values on this, on backing up opinions etc seem miles apart. So I hope you and yours are fit and healthy in these mad times, and I hope you find some enjoyment in the remainder of the season👍.

23 Mar 2021 10:34:54
Superb post Chris.

24 Mar 2021 00:01:35



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