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31 Aug 2019 17:45:46
As usual I have gone to the game today excited and looking forward to the match away games cost me a lot of money and I go to them all. Right from the start I knew this ref was dodgy he was booking players for no reason Palace we're getting away with murder and then right at the end when we do score he he chalks it off an books grelish its a joke jack was fouled twice. Why wasn't var consulted? I will tell you why because football is corrupt from the top down! Makes me not want to go again it was clearly a mistake and var never thought to correct it? Now the Travelling supporters like me have had there day taken away. Makes me sick! And what will happen to Kevin friend next week nothing he will referee Stoke v Leeds or something like that he should never ref Aston Villa again like Phil Dowd never reffed villa its not a mistake it's corrupt. The truth is we all spent hundreds of pounds going to the game today and the result was already made before the match! Asto Villa done nothing wrong I can't talk about the game because he didn't allow a fair match!

{Ed001's Note - VAR was consulted - that is what makes it even worse.}

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31 Aug 2019 18:25:10
It didn't say it was at the game it would usually come up no goal or something like that on the coach now reading about views and gary lineker said it wasnt consulted. I don't think it was because usually it says.

{Ed001's Note - the officials have said it was. But they also consulted it on the Tieleman's tackles in the Leicester game and when you see that you will be wondering why no red.}

31 Aug 2019 18:50:16
To me this game we all love is corrupt from the top down they pick a few games every week and make money off them. Somebody approaches the ref he gets paid to make sure that team loses then he makes money so do the gangsters and yhen that put it down to human error. We have a tv screen for him to look at and other refs an they still get it wrong that's not human error that's corrupt. Footballs not fun ever since sky took over there's to much money in it not to me currupt. Man City have a whole country backing them with corrupt money you can't compete. I stand by it makes me not want to go again its like fans don't matter anymore. Anyway stopping off for more beer #Blackcountrylions.

31 Aug 2019 19:27:26
The problem is that if a referee sees the incident then VAR can't overrule them as it was a subjective decision. The VAR can only advise what they saw but when the referee is so far off with their assessment it should still be overruled. Referees should not become untouchable. The standard in this country is becoming embarrassing, evidenced by the lack of any British referees at the last World Cup.

01 Sep 2019 11:46:39
Surely if the gangsters were paying refs and fixing matches they would arrange for the underdog to win and make more money?



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