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13 May 2020 20:48:44
Hello everyone, I wanted to come back for one last post as I wanted to say my farewells, my thanks and clear the air.

Firstly, to ‘most’ members, and I hope you people know who I mean, even back when mendax was still here, I’d like to say thank you, we had good chats, debates, disagreements and laughs.

Secondly, to the editors, (especially ed01) I think the majority of you do a great job, I’m assuming this is a free service you provide, in your spare time, so although we have had many arguments, I’m in awe, and appreciate what you give, and do. Thank you.

Ok. I’d like to leave, explaining why I, like in my opinion most, are leaving, in a hope you could stop the flood. there is an undercurrent on this page from posters, that feeds on doom, gloom, and misery. That swallows every thread, every post and all discussions and becomes boring, exhausting, and extremely frustrating. Say something, give your opinion, once you’ve given, stop beating the drum.
There is also a feeling from a certain editor, to totally belittle people’s thoughts, to talk at them, and to shut threads down. The way this Ed speaks to people is embarrassing, and if I heard my children talk this way they would be reprimanded and taught how to talk to people. Most, if not all members on here, are grown ups. We should be spoken with, not at, and with respect.

I doubt this will be posted. but I hope so.
I’m truly sorry to be leaving, and wish everyone a happy future.

{Ed001's Note - take care mate, sorry to see you go. Unfortunately when a club is in trouble at the foot of the table it does tend to lead to a lot of doom and gloom! Hopefully see you back some day.}

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