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Formula 1: Belgium Talking Points

02 Sep 2019 18:15:11
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Belgium Talking Points

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03 Sep 2019 10:32:18
I agree with kenn some of you are on drugs. Lol

Lets see how we are doing in another 10 games. So far we can make good excuses on why we did not draw or win certain games so far. let's hope we were not saying the same things after another 10 games that means players are not learning from there mistakes and we still getting really bad referee decisions.

And Dean Smith is not going to give up on the way he plays football after 4 games. let's get behind him because none you were moaning when we went on a 10 game winning streak.


03 Sep 2019 17:04:33
That was in championship and we were expected to go up mate, this is the prem u don't get time on the ball like in championship you have to be solid, not give ball away and be at it for 90 odd mineutes.

04 Sep 2019 10:45:43
How was we expected to go up 4 Eva? Because we wasn’t

Prior to going on a 10 match winning run we was in 12 place in the league . And still hung over from the drab 💩that Steve Bruce was playing

Dean Smiths philosophy is one that plays passing football from the back . We have 13 new players, have only played four games in the near league In the world and the vast majority of our team have not experienced the pace of the premier league!

After four games we have 3 points only 3 points from 8th place! we was not at the races on Saturday but only lost 1-0 having been down to 10 men for over 30 minutes .

How about we just enjoy being back In The premier league as opposed to every fecker moaning!

04 Sep 2019 14:39:30
I detect you are a tad p-s-ed off kenn, they will do your head in mate.
I have tried to contain my responses to such garbage with a bit of humour, my Grandchildren provide me with it, because I think its the only level these guys can understand.

04 Sep 2019 14:50:28
Lol. I can't believe how people have already lost faith in Dean Smith and the team. 😂😂


04 Sep 2019 15:40:52
I’m not surprised tbh Tindy, some never change.

04 Sep 2019 20:46:05
It’s been a hard few weeks work wise Dave. Maybe I’m being affected by the fact I am unable to tell the company director he is a complete and utter Buffoon with the business acumen of the ill fated John Towers who decided to ruin Rover 😂😂

Being serious, I’m a simply football fan, a realist and a supporter of Aston Villa Football Club.

What I’m not Is some fantasist, who writes absolute garbage posts and does not live in this world . i'm also not a hanger on to 1982 (I was 4). On the flip side I did play against Withe’s son Steve on numerous occasions. he wasn’t as good as his dad 👍🤪

What does frustrate me greatly is posters on here continually slating players and coaching staff for performances and team selections. It’s beyond a joke, especially after 4 games.

You think because you pay to watch the team you have a god given right to be so critical at every given opportunity

Some of you need to get a grip, imagine being at work and your customers or your bosses continually slating your performances work wise . Would this make you work harder or better of course it wouldn’t .

I’m a great believer in positivity breeds positivity, so get behind the team.

05 Sep 2019 16:24:50
We do sing off a very similar hymn sheet Ken.

05 Sep 2019 21:13:28
Does that hymn sheet start

“Every week we follow” Dave? 🤪😍.

05 Sep 2019 22:47:25
Sorry mate, you have lost me! its the mead.

06 Sep 2019 10:40:43
Every week we follow
The blue in claret and blue
We even conquered Europe in 1982

I was being ironic Dave as I’m not a hanger on to 1982 😂😂😂 apologies it’s my 💩humour.

06 Sep 2019 11:40:19
Pmsl even I ya e lost my mind

The boys in Claret and Blue even 😂👍.

06 Sep 2019 13:28:13
Got it, sorry kenn, its that bloody age thing again.



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