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31 May 2018 18:50:15
There does seem to be a divide between Villa fans over Steve Bruce. I'm not going to keep slating the manager, you all know what I think about him and we all know what Villa Daz and a few others think of him. what I do want to talk about is style of play Bruces style is direct and get crosses into the box. nothing wrong with that if you buy players to fit that style.

Lewis grabban and Hogan aren't exactly target men which makes me wonder what goes through his mind buying players because we don't exactly play through balls like liverpool for them to run on to. his style I would say you need a target man and fast wingers ones that are good at crossing.

Another thing we buy players on permanent contracts and we don't play them eg bree lansbury hogan bjarnson and there's more than that but not going to name them all now. Bruce has brought these players, but he decides not to play them and play the loan players his got so is he then saying by that the players he brought aren't good enough or is he not the one buying the players.

I am trying to think why you would pay all this money on these players and not play them? Bruce has got a great record in the championship which is to his credit so his style must work, allthough its not great to watch. Has football moved on since all them promotions years ago, I mean when I grew up everybody played 4 4 2. now its 4 5 1 turning into a 4 3 3, has football changed I think it has.

Moving on from Bruce, if we do sell players and some of the youth aren't good enough we know from selling young and downing and delph, if you don't replace them with the same class we are in trouble. Yes I want to give youth a chance but I have seen the under 23s and out of it all honestly only two or 3 can cut it.

we need to buy younger players but they will cost money. in the same respect I don't want old players past there best. I saw Villa fans fighting at wembley/ friends arguing with one another all over players and Bruce. we lose together we win together yes me and Villadaz disagree, but fighting is not the answer. we need to improve big style because when we are all together nobody can stop us.

By the looks of it, this summer is going to be very busy. let's stop wasting money and put a salary cap on players; say nobody over 30k a week and buy players who are not coming to the end of there career. We all want the best for our club we all love it!

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31 May 2018 20:21:59
Something we can agree on WTW in house fighting is embarrassing to say the least. Frustrations can boil over and that is understandable but to spit on another fan is unacceptable and I'm afraid I would have gave the dirt bag a dig also like 90%of people would have. Onto Bruce listen Bruce has his beliefs and he got us from 13th to 4th would you have took that from that position I know I did his style of play is dour I'm not going to deny that a fresh approach is needed. Do I think Bruce is the right man still? The answer to that is a big Yes simply because the players love him and that speaks volumes to me.

31 May 2018 20:48:54
2 good post guys. This is a crucial summer for us and we need to stand together on and off the terraces. Another season in the championship might not be a bad thing. Wait before you all grab your pitch folks let me explain if we had gone up my guess is we would have wasted our budget buying the players on loan and while I know they did well let's no forget that was at championship level and we would have not enjoyed another relegation fight. Now if we can get rid of a few dead wood and build a better core of players when we go up next season hopefully we will be in a better position to kick on. If you look at what's left in the championship apart from somebody doing another Cardiff of Fulham I don't see why we can't run away with it. The teams that are coming down will soon see this league is a battle and I think they will run into the same problems we did.

01 Jun 2018 09:43:09
We are all singing from the same hymn sheet, wasted money on players that don't play. Reluctance to changing the style of play, paying players far too much. The list goes on and on.

As stated we play Hogan or Grabban but fair to give them the supply that they need but when they got the supply, guess what, they sometimes scored.

Our style was defend and then defend some more, then attack and then defend.
At Wembley when we genuinely went forward Fulham were pushed back and we were unlucky.
Can SB change his game? He might try but will always go back. He was a defender and sees a defenders game plan.
Had he been a midfield player he would look at playing in the middle of the park.
The Dr has a decision to make and the sooner the better.

01 Jun 2018 09:55:36
Missed the last bit off,
"Do we park the bus or do we drive the bus? "
If we drive it we know where we are going.
WTW reckons 4.3.3 is the new style but that was played when I was kicking a ball, late 50's early 60's.

Football hasn't changed.



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