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09 Jul 2018 20:50:32
My last post
Steve Bruce has just come out and spoken about our club and said it as it is sell sell sell now for all you people who follow our club knows when he came in we was in the doldrums facing relegation. In the face of it he inherited a squad built by RDM and Dr Tony. When that went tits up Steve Bruce had to get loan players in not the ones he wanted because we was stuck with FFP Fact. Now the poor bloke lost both his parents in a small space of time yet still turned up to train and also manage on match days that is a true leader in my eyes. We all wanted the truth what is happening and now our manager has had to say it not the person who has ruined our club again this speaks volumes of our manager. Certain people on here spout on and on day in day out about how much they hate him and his football but he had the best win action than any of our last 3 maybe more managers and we scored more goals last season than I can seem to remember them are FACTS. So before you all wish him bad luck this season and hopes he fails again just remember not only are you wishing him to fail but you are also hoping Villa fail that in itself is embarrassing. Enjoy your moaning and gloating because you are both a real embarrassment to all that is ASTON VILLA FOOTBALL CLUB!

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09 Jul 2018 21:37:45
Good post there mate.

09 Jul 2018 22:41:22
I agree Villadaz, bruce very nearly got us promoted whilst working with restrictions and if we had won that last match I think the same people would still be calling for change because of his style of football. For me he plays the football that wins you games at Championship level and with cash behind should we have gone up who knows what he may of achieved and what style he would have adopted.

But despite all the turmoil this summer and the inevitable pending departures, I still haven't given up on next season just yet because you just never know in football who is going to step up and become the next batch of star players UTV.

09 Jul 2018 22:46:49
Hope it's not your last post Villadaz, some of us do like reading your posts and find a lot of interest in the points you put forward, myself being one of those. UTV.

10 Jul 2018 02:16:18
2 things, come on daz, stop f**king about and say what you mean!, last post my arse, you can't skidaddle now fella, now the chips are down, this is when it all really starts, some fair weather supporters will always hoot up when things go sideways, but if your old enough to remember some of the divisions we've been in and fortunes of the past, this my friend is just a pregnant pause, we go again because that's who we are, and will always be, yeah the road is going to bumpy, and the results jumpy, but that's what will make it all the more sweeter when we rise again to the top, so don't give up daz, our best times are ahead of us, and secondly, on a personal note, i'll be glad when we get rid of kodjia, some players add to the feel good factor in a changing room, SOME DON'T, i know which one he belongs to, so the sooner he jogs on the better, i really think because of this squad unity will prevail, so whoever is there at the start of the season i don't care, as long as they give they're all (hutton style) that's all i ask-hearts and minds boys-UTV!



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