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19 Mar 2018 11:54:18
I am hurt that you think that villadaz. As I have said before I have a sense of humour.

There is a 13 point gap.

We have lost the last 2 games.

We have dropped to 4th.

We are still in a good place.

We will be in deep if we don’t get promoted.

We have got 3 points more now then at the of las season.

What more do I have to say? yes this is a good season for us.

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19 Mar 2018 14:40:04
Stop saying we and us when you admitted yesterday your a wolves fan you sad little freak.

19 Mar 2018 15:30:16
At what point did I say that ? refresh my memory.

19 Mar 2018 16:23:10
You said “wolves fans are loving this”, Ed said “so you loving this mr potato head” and you said “yes Ed bus shhh” or something, mate your a weird guy, you’ve gone to the length to make a separate account to banter another team who you wouldn’t have dreamt about since you’ve been a football fan, there is no real rivalry there other than the fact it’s close, your saw because we beat you 4-1 and your meant to be next years champions league winners. Go outside, take a breath, have a wash and realise it’s big brilliant world out there, in the real world.

19 Mar 2018 16:52:17
Now who’s the sad freak going back on old post to try and prove a point . Yes I did say but ssshhh because I am enjoying this season and where we are at the moment it’s a lot better than last season by far . And as I have said I am loving it, we all want the best for our team just because I have a different outlook to yours your going to shoot me down and call me names bad sport from a fellow fan! So question for you which season did you enjoy most this season so far or last? When your finished washing answer the question.

19 Mar 2018 17:04:58
I just read it the other day, I haven’t gone back to find anything, your lost mate, give your head a wobble.

19 Mar 2018 17:11:54
I have done what you asked me to do by wobbling my head . Can you answer my question. Which season have you enjoyed most this season so far or last? It’s not a hard one, or are you scared that I might have a point.

19 Mar 2018 19:22:07
A point about what? Your off your head. My favourite season was that one 3 or so years ago when your lot were in league one and couldn’t get 5000 for home games.

19 Mar 2018 20:17:49
My point being that this is a good season for us, and that I am loving it.

19 Mar 2018 21:22:43
You really do bite chris, your spending more time arguing with people than you spend talking about positive and meaningful points.

19 Mar 2018 22:07:33
Mr Potato Head I'm delighted that you were enjoying your season but can you please go on your own site this is for Villa fans.

19 Mar 2018 23:02:54
Will do mate enjoy the rest of your season to hope you get promoted i would much prefer a local team to go up . Chris it’s been interesting you really do bite but that’s passion for you . 😂 Mr Potato head overs and out.

{Ed033's Note - That's the last of Mr Potato head 01



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