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15 Aug 2017 21:56:55
Bring back sherwood.
Passion, entertainment, attacking and fan favourite.
Bruce, I hold my hands up. You had time, you had money, but both have now gone.

A nice guy, but you don't fit.

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15 Aug 2017 22:20:22
Atleast sherwood tried something different when we was losing and seemed to get a reaction from the players, bet he'd get hogan firing.

15 Aug 2017 22:23:39
I second that flackie!
Bring back Tim 🙌🏻.

15 Aug 2017 22:29:00
What could Tim have done with the Des millions? He certainly had passion and man motivation! Something so amiss at the moment and can't see how Steve Bruce and staff can stop the rot of the last 5yrs! VTID.

15 Aug 2017 22:53:49
I'm with you. At least we had ago and he wants to come to villa.
Only other would be big Sam for me doesn't play great footy but he gets the wins.

15 Aug 2017 23:03:19
Not Sherwood. seriously the man is braindead. We need to stay away from the so called proper football men.

I would prefer a fresh approach at our club. I am sick of hearing how you can't play good football and get out of this league because that is a load of bollocks.

15 Aug 2017 23:50:32
welldone Flackie you have my respect takes a big man to say he was wrong. I am just sorry i was right. I am on me way back from Reading the fans turned tonight. And OMG Flackie for once me and you are on the same page we wouldn't ever argue if Sherwood come back because I want the same as you mate I loved him so much passion was great football I enjoyed. Flackie all tho we disagree sometimes we both want Villa to win and do well.

16 Aug 2017 00:25:59
Look at the managers who have recently proved successful in the championship. Newcastle Huddersfield now Wolves Fulham. Foreign managers with ambition and attacking ideas. Maybe the time has come to ditch the home grown dinosaurs and go for a more outward looking approach.

16 Aug 2017 13:58:59
Just to clarify a fact, I am not saying I was wrong!
My problem wasn't/ isn't your opinion, my problem was the fact you swamped this whole forum with it, on every thread, comment and post.

I sadly wanted Bruce to succeed, and I have no satisfaction in saying he isn't.

To now say I told you so is laughable, but within character.

We can not, and obviously do not all agree. But to constantly post that your opinion is the correct one, to then throw made up stats, facts and blulsiht to try and prove it is comical.
When that doesn't work to then say you have more right to an opinion as you go home and away is childish.
To then claim a victory, and demand an apology is obnoxious.
So no, I don't say I was wrong, in fact the opposite, Bruce deserved a chance, I gave it.
Can you honestly say you did?

So thank you, I accept YOUR apology.

16 Aug 2017 17:46:13
Well said flackie wtw always seems high on his own importance!



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