21 Jun 2021 16:16:05
This Julian Alvarez of River Plate who we're being linked with looks the business, shades of Coutihno about him


1.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:13:36
Yeah seen the same report Ally, it sounds pretty genuine as well.
Only 21, and is very well thought of, let's wait and see.

2.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:31:40
Agent Martinez on the case again? 🤔 while he's at it see if he can get their No10 interested, he looks OK from his YouTube highlights 😁.

3.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 18:36:36
What the Messi ah surely not even Agent M could pull that one off 🤔.

4.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 18:41:00
I think we should take a punt on the kid, last time we had a sniff of buying someone from River Plate was Falcao for £2M, but Heskey for £3M instead was a much better deal 🙄


5.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 18:43:25
There's a few top players been pulled off over the years-usually makes the front pages 😁.

6.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 19:53:50
Ive seen an article saying JWP is keen on moving to us, great news if true.

7.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 19:55:45
😂😂😂 Moose


8.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 20:36:36
They only slight downside is Alverez is another player favouring the right flank. Ideally, I would prefer someone for the other wing.

Despite El Ghazi’s goal return last season, I remain unconvinced. His contributions are too sporadic for a first team performer in a side aspiring to be a top third regular year in, year out.

9.) 22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021 05:04:55
Alvarez is apparently very adept at playing centre forward as well, so could be a good replacement/ competition for Ollie, who used to be a winger himself.
And yes, very witty Moosey boy, as we’ve come to expect 😁.

10.) 22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021 11:14:54
Transfermarkt lists his main position on the right, but the reports I’ve read suggest he prefers a more central role, a second striker type. Looks an excellent prospect and with a fair South American contingent at the club, I’m sure he’d settle. Let’s hope!

11.) 22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021 19:44:44
Edd, what are the rules and regulations regarding foreign players in the Prem especially 3 from the same country?

{Ed002's Note - There are no specific rules - they need a Work Permit.}

12.) 22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021 20:34:40
Thank you Ed.

13.) 23 Jun 2021
23 Jun 2021 06:06:25
Perhaps less likely, but Traore has a fair record playing through the centre. He is a player that can pull off the exquisite at times, but lacks a bit of consistency.

14.) 23 Jun 2021
23 Jun 2021 06:31:41
I just checked back on Alvarez, as I had also seen reference to him playing through the centre as an option. At only 5’7’’, I think it would more likely that role would be as a second striker/ no. 10, rather than centre forward.