24 Feb 2024 19:00:25
Great result, fully in control first half, played some great football . Big difference today was our passing . Very surprised by their two goals, but Villa weathered the storm and recovered well . Ollie is playing so well, his running is so strong, we where wondering why Chambers, was warming up for the whole of the first half .Hopefully it was just a way of managing Pau, hope he's not injured again . Got to give it Chambers, had hardly any football, but ever let us down .
Sky will be stumped tonight, after a week of building Man U up, I suppose they will find some excuse for it .
On to Luton, got to keep it going .UTV

1.) 25 Feb 2024
25 Feb 2024 00:17:33
Dave, totally agree, match of the day couldn't understand how a team in form could succumb from a team who were outplayed by villa last week. I can't understand how an average team can take six points off us in just over a month. We really need to stop sloppy errors and if we can do this, fourth place is ours.

2.) 25 Feb 2024
25 Feb 2024 02:18:57
It is frustrating Scot, even if we’d drawn those 2 games we would be out of sight by now, not to mention if we had of won, united have being really lucky since Christmas, I do take solace in the fact that we are still developing as a team, couple more additions and the experience of this seasons league and European campaign will really stand to us, Emery is a legend. did ye notice why Emery was having a pop at digne when he was still on the bench? Was it because he wasn’t paying attention to the game?

3.) 25 Feb 2024
25 Feb 2024 09:18:48
I read a good stat on Twitter (and I haven't spotchecked it so don't shoot the messenger) that when Villa beat Arsenal we went 8 points clear of United and since then United have been on a "resurgence" and Villa have hit a "rough patch" or "blip" - Yet, here we are, 8 points ahead of them still! For me United are in a false position, I've no idea how they won so many games, things can change of course but if we can get all 3 points against Luton and City beat United (as most would expect) then I find it very hard to see them leapfrogging us? We'd be 11 points clear with 11 games to play, given our goal difference United would need to win 4 more games that us during the last 11 matches! In other words, next weekend could be massive in the race for Top 4 or 5!