17 May 2021 20:45:53
I read an interesting article from Ashley Preece re our approach come this transfer window. Apparently we will look to bring in 6-7 players However we won't be spending £40 million here, £50 million there, the approach will be data analytics led. We will also look at the Euro's to see if we can find any rough diamonds to pick up on the cheap. Maybe there will be more names coming in that we aren't overly familiar with.
With that in mind I see we are being linked with a winger from Bordeaux I think, Mehdi Zerkane I must confess I know nothing about him does anyone on here? markdavfrance are you aware of this guy? .

1.) 17 May 2021
17 May 2021 21:00:17
Can’t find the arrivals mate you got a link?

2.) 17 May 2021
17 May 2021 21:00:25

3.) 17 May 2021
17 May 2021 21:17:30
1 goal and 1 assist this season in a poor league, couldn’t see him being a runner tbh, that said I know nothing about him.

4.) 17 May 2021
17 May 2021 21:31:24
Chris, it’s on Birmingham live. I picked it up through Newsnow.

5.) 18 May 2021
17 May 2021 23:14:57
I'd be surprised if we were looking for diamonds in the rough after Smith's comments regarding exciting signings - We will absolutely be using data driven analytics as a scouting tool given the restructuring of the backroom staff recently but I can't see us looking at potential rather than proven talent this summer. For me this window will be about adding guaranteed talent to our ranks.

6.) 18 May 2021
18 May 2021 08:25:30
BK I think the article was saying that it’s going to be a mixed approach some established stars but what I took from the article was not to expect every signing to be established names costing £40-50 million at a time.

7.) 18 May 2021
18 May 2021 12:06:27
Makes sense John, if we can find some Mahrez or Kante-esque gems for low value then that would be fantastic, especially in non priority areas like CB and LB. I'd be very disappointed if we are not looking at established names for key areas though, we need to add genuine quality to this 11 as it's been distinctly lacking in 2021 so far.

8.) 18 May 2021
18 May 2021 16:54:53
We might be unearthing one of the hidden gems Ashley Preece was talking about, a 25 year old left back from Stade de Reims Ghislain Konan.

9.) 20 May 2021
20 May 2021 18:22:16
I knew nothing of Zerkane before we were linked. but what I’ve heard since is that this could be an exciting one to fit our system and develop. Pressures defenders from an advanced wide position, and a decent tackler. Like a better version of Trez. Not got the attacking numbers yet (1 goal, 1assist) . but young and has potential. Mackenzie signed his compatriot Mahrez; it’s an exciting link.

A theory I’ve seen is that we will maybe sign 2 or 3 first team ready players. potential starters. and in truth that’s probably all we need with Bert going into his second season and Sanson stepping up. Wesley also like a new signing if he recovers. We need to replace Barkley, because although he faded after his injury and C.V. he was a big part of our best XI at the start of the season. So a player of that level - who can hopefully stay fit - is a must. Preferably, a player that is more interchangeable with Jack (I. e. can play left or central) . I really hope that it’s de Arrascaeta, but we shall see. Then, with Trez injured and in truth. not really good enough. we need someone to push Traore to start on the right. And lastly, we need a top quality DM.

With those 2/ 3 signed for big money, then the depth should come from young (ish) players with potential. We should be in for high end Championship prospects like Olise and Cabango. ‘Rough diamonds’ as you say; like the links to Mumin, Konan and Zerkane. Shopping in France could make sense with the TV deal collapse and there are so many talented prospects to consider.

The irony is. it’s the same approach that Paddy O’Reilly pursued ahead of a disastrous relegation season. But we weren’t stable, and didn’t have a solid first team foundation to bed those players into having lost our stats (Benteke, Delph) . The players that were signed though. most have gone on to have excellent careers so they were being identified well. Veretout, Adana Traore, Amavi, Idrissa Gueye. perhaps not Tony Moon 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Wherss Ed the club is at now, such an approach. coupled with the academy investment. bodes really well.

{Ed002's Note - Mehdi Zerkane (RW) Aston Villa and Norwich have both agreed to pay the asking price.}