05 May 2021 11:50:20
The plot re Chukwuemeka thickens, apparently he wants to leave in the summer because the club has apparently reneged on certain promises that were made to him. If that is the case I would assume it relates to opportunities with the first team, and if that's true, and he is as good as people say then it's poor from the club and doesn't bode well for the other youngsters coming through.

1.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 13:01:06
This was in football insider. who also promoted the story about Bayern leading the chase. Their ‘source’ is non-specific and it feels this is a lot of hot air to me. He’s not long signed his contract; someone wants to buy him they’re looking at paying out £25-30m+ based on Bellingham’s transfer and the inevitable comparisons they’ve been made between the two players. Bayern feels like a lazy link too. just because Bellingham moved to Dortmund? Bayern already have Musiala, and Rhein coming through too. Makes little sense.

The allegation of broken promises also feels a stretch given he’s been with the first team squad, and in the match day travelling squad. The lad has been on the bench twice, and seen JJ given an opportunity. What else could he realistically expect? He’s in a great place at Villa to fulfil his potential, and hopefully he’s getting good advice to that effect.

2.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 13:32:45
Chukwumeka will not be signing for Aston Villa 😉😁.

3.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 13:52:10
Hope your right Ant but if he is as good as people say he only has to look at Bellingham as to what can happen if given a chance, playing for the noses one year and then in the Champions League and for England the next, as you say the key thing is who is advising him but if the club have given him certain assurances which haven’t been lived up and he has lost confidence in management then who knows he may very well look to pastures new.

4.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 16:01:40
Hi John,
It would appear that he has the same malaise re management that some of us have.
In the mid 50's a lad from Dudley was sent away from VP because he was a very big lad, and he was!
Played for England after a couple of years. Played for Man Utd.
His name Duncan Edwards.
Great loss after the Munich air crash in 1958.

5.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 13:36:02
Moose will not be posting on Villa Transfer Rumours.


6.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 15:48:07